Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/14/2005 - 3/22/2020Yesterday, we said goodbye to our sweet girl Sophie. She was truly a great loyal companion and will always be a part of our heart and memories. It was a beautiful weekend day and she was ready, it was peaceful and sweet. I've had many dogs in my life, but never has one touched my heart and soul like this one. When we asked google to search for her pictures, it literally pulled up every pic, sure enough there she was. That's how she was, a quiet presence and always by our side through every event. We will miss her stubborn ways and Fantastic personality! We will miss our nightly sleeps being disturbed at 1 am for a potty break, or the need to be covered because she was cold. We will miss coming home to a silly girl who would grab a stuffed animal to muffle her own excitement and run circles around you with it. She loved people and not many dogs, the only dog she truly ever tolerated was my son's little Chihuahua Roscoe. That was of course, because she was better than just a her mind, she was THE dog. She has shared and been there through many lows in my life and many highs, she loved the beach, in her younger years loved hiking, loved boating and just like me ..the water not so much. Rest in peace my dear friend, hope to see you again.Kathleen EngmanAuburn, WashingtonMarch 24, 2020
3/23/2020In memory of our sweet Marley (marley moose as we called him) . We had to say goodbye to you yesterday morning and needless to say this has been one of the hardest things to go through . I woke up this morning looking for you on the floor next to me .. ( old habit that is going to be hard to break ) . Our family misses you terribly .. I wish more than anything we could just keep you forever .. or that I could go back to the day I adopted you and start over again.. thank you for loving us and giving us so much joy these last 11 years . You will never be forgotten and there is a piece of my heart that I will never get back .. but I’m glad you took it . Love you sweet boyKelsy JeanYelm, WashingtonMarch 24, 2020
Sammy (baby Girl)
6/6/2006 - 3/17/2020Today is only 1 week since I lost my baby girl Sammy. I am still crying and not sleeping. I feel so lost without her by my side where she always sat. I know she was suffering but I wasn't ready to let her go. Sammy is in no pain now I just couldn't watch her suffer anymore. I will miss my baby girl until we meet again.

Love you so much Sammy
Always in my heart and mind
Diana HammonsJacksonville, FloridaMarch 24, 2020
6/2/2004 - 3/22/2020It’s been 2 days since we laid our sweet boy to rest. While I know our family is feeling his absence, we all know that he is now living pain free and running without fences. We love and miss you, baby.Tori SaylorBellevue, PennsylvaniaMarch 24, 2020
1/5/2005 - 3/20/2020Anyone who had the privilege to meet Phineas would tell you he was truly one-of-a-kind. He had a big personality and was not afraid to show it. Phineas was not friendly and was disgusted by all who came to visit, but to us, he was a snuggly lover. Nothing gave him more happiness than having our family home so he could curl up on our lap. The void he has left will never be filled, but we rest assured that he is no longer suffering.Sarah WoofterNaples, FloridaMarch 24, 2020
3/8/2020 - 3/21/2020Gretel is the BEST. DOG. EVER. No bark, no bite, ALL love. All she ever wanted was hugs, treats, and belly rubs. She was never the dog to play fetch or learn many tricks but she made up for that with her unbelievably sweet personality. She loved her mommy and followed her everywhere. She loved to try and get daddy’s attention whenever he was busy. She was good at making us sisters feel better when we were sad, and could always make all of us laugh with her goofy ways. She loved being outside, especially in the snow. She would always do this thing when we let her out where she would run and nose dive straight into the ground and then roll over and wiggle on her back until everyone came over for belly rubs. Potty time was always a family fun trip, she would wait for everyone to run to the door like it was the most fun thing on the planet. She had the prettiest fur and the biggest paws and it seemed as though she knew how gorgeous she was. She used to pose for pictures and would even look into the wind for dramatic effect and cross her paws like royalty. She loved when people would ooh and ah at her. She’d get so excited whenever someone made those noises whether it was about her or not (sweet princess thought anything cute had to be her). She was a true angel and she will always be the best dog ever!! We love you Gretel❤️Olivia MagueWaxhaw, North CarolinaMarch 24, 2020
2/14/2004 - 3/15/2020Nettie was the BEST! Always up for a walk, a game of fetch, or “hide and seek”. She was a friendly girl who spent our walks looking for others to join with. She was known for long walks and visits at “Fair Acres”. After she became deaf, she still understood “intention”. She was an angel on Earth, and we will miss her always.Kim and Rich CalhounMedia, PennsylvaniaMarch 23, 2020
1/4/2007 - 3/21/2020Words can't express the loss I feel without you here... Our family said goodbye to our beautiful Henry on Saturday. He was by far the most amazing creature I've ever encountered. He went by several names and was loved by many. Henry, Hendry (in your best Good Fellas voice), Hank, Stinky Dog, Threshold Dog, Potato, My Guardian Angel, My Shadow. He carried me through some of the darkest, most difficult times in my life. Always there, silent, stoic. His only request was a scoop of food and a scratch on the head. He loved his family unconditionally. Our home feels quieter, empty. My heart aches for more time with him, one more squeeze, one more snuggle. He was mine, and I was his.Jessica CronauerDowningtown, PennsylvaniaMarch 23, 2020
10/15/2006 - 3/22/2020Sadie you came to us as a surprise, you certainly took our hearts, so gentle,playful and such a energetic girl. We found your fun time swimming in the pool for hours on end having to get you to stop by taking away your favorite purple ball. Always ready for treats, and being mischievous with your brothers, they miss you already as do we. Much fun swimming, see your buddy Coco at the Rainbow Bridge. Protector of our house.Rebecca StaffordTAMPA, FloridaMarch 23, 2020
7/21/2012 - 3/14/2020It's been a week since Bella went on to greener pastures! I know she is up in heaven free of pain and able to run and play like she used to! We all adjusting to our new normal including her sister. Had to be the hardest process of watching her fade as the cancer took it's toll! She was so brave, braver then me. We were lucky to have her as part of our family and to have been part of her life! We love you so very much and miss you so very much my lummpy loo!Hilary LynchVillage of Golf, FloridaMarch 23, 2020