Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/1/2013 - 12/13/2013Dear Babe,
Although we didn't meet you until you were 9 and already a little gray and slow, no dog has ever blossomed more and given and received so much love from her family. We miss you, we cherish your memory and we are grateful for the trust you showed us when other humans had let you down. Sleep well love!!
Nancy PutnamHighland park, IllinoisDecember 14, 2013
5/29/2002 - 12/12/2013Penny, you were such an incredible dog. You filled our home with love and happiness, so many beautiful memories that we will always cherish. I know you are finally at rest and no longer suffering, and for this I am grateful because all i could ever want is for you to be at peace. We will never forget you and always love you from the bottom of hearts.Bryanna FernandezPembroke Pines, FloridaDecember 14, 2013
1/1/2000 - 11/29/2013Scusi was the kind of sweet tempered dog that even our non-dog loving friends wanted to take home.she blessed us with 10-1/2 years of her almost 14. She came to us a slow, overweight, retired breeder and blossomed into one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.
You will be terribly missed, my dear old friend.
Beth and Dick HughesRowley, MassachusettsDecember 14, 2013
11/6/1997 - 12/13/2013Jasmine, you were the best cat that anyone could have ever asked for. We spent 16 great years together.
May you now get to play with your brothers in the pet sky.
I miss you already.
Nicola ThomasLincoln, MassachusettsDecember 14, 2013
8/12/2000 - 12/9/2013My Zoe girl was the most loyal, loving dog that I was ever blessed to know and share her life with, my heart is heavy and there is a void in my life I feel is missing and may never be filled again. She was my constant companion in the car, while I showered at my feet whole I worked on my computer even as I cleaned house she was there at every turn. I miss her morning kisses the most and her excitement when we would go bye bye or time for nite nite.Laura McElmuryClearwater, FloridaDecember 13, 2013
7/14/1995 - 12/10/2013Our sweet boy Cousteau brought nothing but genuine love, light and joy to our lives, enriching every day for more than 18 glorious years. We shall ever hold dear in our hearts the countless priceless memories we made together, your heart of gold, your courage and tenderness, and the soothing sound of your indelible, lovable purr -- until we meet again.Elizabeth & Peter MichenerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaDecember 12, 2013
8/18/2006 - 11/16/2013Ty was an amazing boy. He understood me like a human - maybe better than most humans. I have had many dogs and will have many more but I feel confident that me and Ty had a once in a lifetime connection. He was my doggie soul mate. I miss him so much. RIP sweet baby boy.Kristy YoungNew Braunfels, TexasDecember 12, 2013
7/1/2001 - 11/12/2013My Graci-Bear was my first dog who was my dog. She slept with me every night, she howled when my parents told her I was coming home from college, and she was the sweetest angel I've ever met. I miss her every day, and I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with her.Kelsey CraigElon, North CarolinaDecember 12, 2013
8/25/1998 - 12/10/2013Lucky was an amazing dog. So loving and a part of our family for 15 wonderful years!!!Debbie HustinsTyngsboro, MassachusettsDecember 11, 2013
2/23/2003 - 12/5/2013Our lives changed when Bentley adopted us. Little did he know that he had become a member of a family that was going to spoil him and love him like crazy. Little did we know that he spoiled us and loved us like we could never have imagined. Bentley was our Wire Fox Terrier, he was my loyal companion, my shadow. Bentley was sweet, loving and a very happy boy.
He was always there for us, and just always wanted to be with us. He was such a handsome boy, as I often told him.
Last Thursday.......our lives changed again, only this time our hearts are not filled.....they are broken.
We miss you Boozh Bear, we miss your presence at home, we miss the kisses, we miss hearing the tapping of your nails as you walk across the floor.......we miss you so very much! You were so loved my baby, and so were we. You will always be with us, and always part of this family - forever. LOVE YOU BENTLEY WILLIAM
As I would tell you every night ~ sweet dreams Bent, love you, see you in the morning.....
Mommy, Auggie & Nana GTown of Tonawanda, New YorkDecember 10, 2013