Pet Memorials
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1/28/2000 - 5/22/2015Lucy was the best thing that ever happened to us. She was constantly by my side watching every move I made with her big beautiful brown eyes. She was a reddish-colored golden retriever. My husband travelled a great deal and our children are grown, so Lucy and I were joined at the hip and the heart. She didn't like to take walks, but rather run at the speed of lightening. Asking her if she wanted to go to the park was the most wonderful question ever. She'd walk with a tennis ball in her mouth and then run out to catch it, flying through through the air. When she got to be about 10, she could no longer run or do stairs. We took walks around the blocks and stopped at a nearby church to pray on the steps. Lucy made us laugh so much. She was the heart of our home, moving with us five times in her life, two of them long distance. Her signature was that she would walk between peoples' seemed to be her way of hugging. As I am a pianist, she learned very early on to sing....she had both rhythm and pitch! I taught piano and she would sing along with some of the students' pieces to their sheer delight. She was terrified of thunderstorms and we often spent the night in the closet under the stairs. We furnished it with comforters, pillows, toys, and ran a fan into an opening in the wall. These are some of my happiest memories, as well as listening to her beautiful snoring as she slept. She loved everyone she met. Our heart hurts so badly and We can't wait to see her again in heaven!julie SmithWinter Park, FloridaMay 27, 2015
5/18/2015DeeDee loved everyone who came into our home. Whom ever came to the front door was greeted promptly and she loved to run out on the front porch to do so. She welcomed visitors with her big meow and made sure that everyone had the opportunity to pet her. When she came home, it was in the arms of my son Alex, who was in the fourth grade. Our house was busy that day with Grandparents visiting and DeeDee hid in the laundry room for days in a corner behind the washer and dryer. Once we coaxed her out, she never went back. Nobody put DeeDee in the corner!

Her fur was a beautiful reddish hue and she had the most beautiful fluffy tail, both of which made her look “foxy”. Her face was framed with a bright white chin and two beautiful green eyes that sparkled. Long white whiskers tickled when she rubbed her face against mine. Her signature was a smudge of brown around her mouth, which resembled slightly crooked lipstick. Her nose was wide and long, making her face almost lioness-like.

She was a busy kitty, since she had a young boy to raise! She attended all of his birthday parties and listened patiently while he learned the guitar and clarinet. Her hearing had diminished as she became older, attributed to the volume of his guitar amps. Her meow became much louder and she would let you know when she walked into the room. His pillow was hers, and every night she slept with him, snuggled close. Her Alex would have friends sleep over, as most young children and teens do, and every morning when the kids awoke, DeeDee would be in the midst of the mess of sleeping bags and boys. She had been known to leave a furball or two as presents for some of the guests.

We called DeeDee our “Momma Cat” because she seemed to have a nurturing spirit. When our beloved Louie became ill, she stayed close and bathed him until the very end. When our frisky little Socrates came, she tolerated his rambunctious ways without batting an eye. When our little girl Dolly came, a lesson in manners was dealt, showing Dolly how to behave like a lady. She could be counted on to show great patience when any and all of them pushed and shoved to the food bowl. She could throw a quick pop with the paw when they got too frisky.

As her young man matured and left for college, DeeDee retained the bedroom they grew up in, but she grew more and more attached to Dad.

She always appeared to say good morning to Dad when he woke at 3 am and in the evening when he came home. She could count on a “Dad Ride” which meant she hugged his neck like a little bear and propped herself on his shoulder. Some days she would “ride” around the yard while they took inventory of the plants and flowers, other days she would get a ride to the den where she sat with Dad on the ottoman they shared. She would sit patiently, but most nights after Dad was seated comfortably, she walked the “Dad Bridge” (his legs) up to snuggle on his chest.

She spent time outside on the screened patio hunting lizards and laying by the pool. Her favorite activity was walking around the front of the house to smell the flowers. She was our special girl and the only kitty allowed outside in the front yard. She grew to enjoy lounging in the garage on the golf cart. We never knew why she would want to go out there, since some days it was very warm. We would only let her stay out for a few minutes on those days. Perhaps it was to get away from her two brothers and sister…who never were allowed outside. One day we decided to take her for a ride on the golf cart and she loved it. Most kitties would have been jumpy or nervous, not our DeeDee! She sat in Mom’s lap and enjoyed the cool breeze of the early evening air, as if she had been riding all her life.

Although Mom didn’t approve, Alex and Dad spoiled her by giving her treats from our dinner table. Chicken was her favorite and she knew she could count on one of her guys to provide a taste. Even when Mom made her wait outside until after dinner, she would get a special treat from Dad’s plate when Mom wasn’t looking.

She depended on Mom to take care of her beautiful fur, and spent time letting Mom brush her until she was silky. She seemed to love Mom, but it was her Alex and Dad that she adored. Mom was the caretaker, but they were the ones who were the highlight of her days.

We were so lucky to have our girl come into our lives. Looking back, she was with us for at least 12 years, but she will stay in our hearts forever!
Audrey KelleyJacksonville, FloridaMay 27, 2015
12/25/2000 - 5/25/2015Ravissante ("Ravi") is french for charming or lovely. Ravi certainly lived up to her full name. She always showed her unconditional love for us, her fellow friends, our nieces and nephews, and everyone who got to know her. We selfishly wanted more than our 14 years with her, but we know that she is finally resting comfortably. Now she can stand without pain and is running, swimming, tearing apart an unlimited pile of "tire biter" toys and enjoying her place in heaven. It will take some time for us to stop hearing her or expecting to see her around the house but Ravi will be in our hearts and our memories forever. We love you Ravi!John and Helene FGreat Falls, VirginiaMay 27, 2015
5/20/2000 - 5/23/2015Peaches passed away peacefully and quietly at home in her favorite spot on our bed. She instinctively told me that she was tired and had enough of the pain medicine and that her tumor was getting worse. I agreed that we both were tired and that although we loved each other very much I had to let her go. This was the hardest thing I have had to do but necessary to release her from her pain. She needed to be free.
Bob and I have been blessed and grateful that we shared 15 years with this smart, sassy, funny poodle. She will remain in our hearts forever.
Debra and Bob LambertiFt Lauderdale, FloridaMay 26, 2015
6/15/2001 - 5/22/2015Having a hard time with this right now... Winston was my first dog and not ever having children, this is like the loss of a child to me.. He was the most handsome Golden Retriever I have ever seen. I miss him sooo much... As the tears roll down my face, I have to just say that he is now in heaven and no longer in pain....Jodi KendhammerJacksonville, FloridaMay 25, 2015
5/21/2015There are no words to express how grateful we are to Dr Sandra for the love and compassion she showed us and our beloved Zeta, thank you thank you from our hearts and soul for how wonderful you were!!!Vanessa KovalcikWestwood, New JerseyMay 25, 2015
6/17/2001 - 5/24/2015Jessie words can not express the loss we feel right now, even though it has only been a day since you left us we miss you more with each passing hour. Mommy wants to hold you one more time. We see you in the window and hear you laying down at night, we hear you in the wind chimes and we feel you when we look at the toys you left with us. Our loss is only matched by the joy from the first day we got you through 14 years of unconditional love. You are the the best and most beautiful. Until we see you again you will hold a special place in our hearts.Kim PoineauFairfax, VirginiaMay 25, 2015
8/1/2000 - 5/22/2015Mick spent five years in a no-kill shelter waiting for someone to give him a chance. He was considered unadoptable because of his fear of strangers. We adopted him at seven years old and he was with us for eight wonderful, loving years. He was smart, affectionate, loved our other two dogs, made sure our home was safe and filled our lives with joy. He has left a huge hole in our hearts and home. Helping him pass was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make, especially since he was so stoic about the pain he must have been experiencing during the last few weeks. Lap of Love was truly wonderful in helping me through my pain of releasing Mick from his pain. They were compassionate and so gentle with Mick even though he was afraid of them. True professionals engaged in their "calling" in life.Joyce TabelingPalm Harbor, FloridaMay 24, 2015
2/25/2004 - 5/9/2015Johnson was the neighborhood flip-flop thief as a pup. When his owner died, we adopted him. He had been a barn dog, sleeping outside and under the porch. But, when he came to live with us, he slept on a king-sized pillow-top mattress. He liked to be chased. He was very protective, especially of his Daddy. He loved to eat Frosty Paws ice cream. He was a wonderful traveler and enjoyed many trips, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, where he swam in a lake. Johnson enjoyed two walks each day and would often look up to make sure we were still coming alongside him. He occasionally made an escape out the side door, but following a brief visit to his canine friends in the neighborhood, he'd return home promptly. Johnson had so many great personality traits, it's hard to remember them all, but we will never forget this deep devotion to us. We miss him terribly and hope to see him again someday.Keith Taylorwillow Spring, North CarolinaMay 23, 2015
12/22/1997 - 5/17/2015Oh, how I miss you my dear baby, Holly. From the time I first saw your picture on the Triangle Beagle Rescue website, despite how pitiful you looked, I knew you would be my baby. The rescue brought you to us that very same evening, and you were my baby from then on and still are. You brought joy, laughter and love to our home, and it's very quiet now that you're no longer here with us. I know you're at the Rainbow Bridge waiting with all of your brothers and sisters, cousins, etc. I miss you with all my heart. Your companionship, devotion and, most importantly, your love are very much missed. Your tiny body always betrayed the spirited soul and huge heart inside. I mourn your loss, but at the same time, I feel very blessed and honored to be your mom. Run in the wind, roll in the grass, let your spirit soar and always remember that I love you with my whole heart. Till we meet again, sweet baby...Janet NorthingDurham, North CarolinaMay 23, 2015