Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/14/1999 - 4/30/2015Max you have only been gone for 3 days and you are so missed. The house is very quite without you. You were with us for 15 1/2 wonderful years. You brought us much love and joy everyday of our lives. I miss you being at the window when I get home and you always being by my side. Your brother Otis looks for you everywhere. I always knew how special you were to us and never wanted it to come to an end. My dear Max, we miss you and will love you forever. Although you couldn't hear our words the last couple of years, I hope you know you were so loved by us all and will never be forgotten. XoXo

Love, Your Mommy, Daddy, Otis, and Teejay
Erin PrescottBoca Raton, FloridaMay 3, 2015
3/16/2004 - 4/27/2015Max was a very loyal dog who was alway eager to please. We are so blessed to have had him for 11 years!!! We love and miss him very much, and cannot wait to see him again one day in Heaven. He will always be in our hearts and will always be the best doggie in the world. <3Mark WatsonAltamonte Springs, FloridaMay 3, 2015
3/30/1998 - 4/25/2015Dear Teddy, We love and miss you enormously. We were all together for seventeen years; a very long time. We will always treasure your companionship and love. Love you always. Mom and PopFred and Claudia MurphyKingstowne, VirginiaMay 2, 2015
5/1/2000 - 5/27/2015Little Jomo,
It has been 5 days since your passing, and we miss you so much. We love you, little man. You do not realize the impact that you have left on me and mommy. We loved you from the first day we met you and will continue so for the rest of our lives. I hope that we made a difference in your life. We realize that your life started off rough, but when that rescue delivered you to us, mommy and I made a promise to make your remaining life as fulfilling as possible. We loved taking you on vacations and feeding you your favorite foods. Jomo, we love you, and you will always have a place in our hearts.

Love you,
Daddy, Mommy, Luke and Ava
Arlington, VirginiaMay 2, 2015
Bryson Rae
2/8/2015 - 4/30/2015Bryson Rae you are now over the rainbow bridge with your cousin Maggie Mae... You were loved by so many people... Your family will miss you tons! It feels so empty at home without you and I think of you every single day. Xoxoxoxo You were an awesome dog. ❤️Jennifer CloseMullica Hill, New JerseyMay 2, 2015
9/1/2001 - 5/2/2015My gray tabby cat, Booger was helped by Dr Kendra Healy to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer & it progressed rapidly.
Booger came into my husband & my life 14 years ago. He certainly lived up to his name, but also he was a very loving cat. He had a million dollar personality & was a big talker.
He will be missed by his people & his little calico sister--Sweet Putty.
Sara ChamberlaiNorth Middletown, KentuckyMay 2, 2015
1/22/2012 - 6/11/2014Ender was the finest companion a girl could ask for in this life. He loved rawhides, belly rubs, rough housing, making people laugh, long walks, and protecting his family. We traveled three different states together since he came to me at the tender age of three months. Though we were only given two years together, not a single day went by that didn't give me more joy I ever thought possible. Rest well in Valhalla, my dear pup.Hannah McInnisUnion, MissouriMay 1, 2015
3/6/2003 - 4/23/2015Madonna- We fell in love the first day we met. You were always so charismatic. Though Pam and I always worked opposite shifts you were always there by our sides to make sure we were never alone. I miss you meeting me at the door every morning when I got off work and you running out the back door and barking at me when I left at night. The house seems so empty without you. You're in heaven now with your body back to new. When Pam and I get there hopefully we'll have sprinters legs so we can run and play together forever.Steve and Pam ConnerVacaville, CaliforniaMay 1, 2015
1/16/2001 - 4/30/2015I miss you, Sadie, and always will. You were a beautiful, kind and loving soul and provided me such faithful and loving companionship for over ten years.Cheryl RossiRidley Park, PennsylvaniaMay 1, 2015
4/30/2015you only ever have one mustn't ever forget that, even when you can't see your ShadowMichelle SebastianWashington, District of ColumbiaMay 1, 2015