Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
3/23/2000 - 9/14/2020George was the King of our household. He is the mighty orange.Kiersten KernSeabrook, TexasSeptember 15, 2020
7/12/2008 - 8/26/2020Our Baby BellaMichael and Margaret LazzaroPittsford, New YorkSeptember 15, 2020
9/4/2004Our sweet Oreo , we miss you so much already and can’t believe you’re an angel now! We will love you forever!Linda SofolaridesLindenhurst, New YorkSeptember 15, 2020
2/1/2007 - 9/14/2020Samson "Sammy" was the most loyal and loving dog I could ever ask for. I rescued him in October 2017 when he was about 8 months old. He was my shadow and I miss him so much. I am so grateful to have had him in my life for the past 13 years, I know that is a long time for a larger dog. He was healthy his whole life and I am so lucky that he found me to be his person. I miss him so much.Carin WeidnerCollegeville, PennsylvaniaSeptember 15, 2020
3/30/2009 - 9/11/2020Sparky was the most gentle, sweet dog . The whole family feels lost not having her with us. All the cats would just cuddle up to her and loved laying with her. Sparky had a very traumatic start. She was found living under a bridge and rescuers took two weeks before she trusted them to help her. She always remained cautious and shy, but loved to play and interact with TV dog shows trying to share her toys through the screen. We worked with her until she developed enough confidence to master agility courses and enjoyed swimming. I was highly honored she learned to trust me and show affection. She was very loyal and protective barking at the USPS carrier right up to her last day. Sparky was diagnosed with bladder cancer July 2019. Her system was so sensitive she could not tolerate any of the medications but I was able to keep her on CBD oil. The last couple of weeks she was having more difficulty passing urine and had bleeding from the tumor. When she stopped eating I knew it was time to help her pass. I couldn’t bear to see her suffer. I know she is in Heaven with family now.JoAnne DiStefanoHummelstown, PennsylvaniaSeptember 15, 2020
6/16/2007 - 9/13/2020It's so incredibly difficult to put into words how much Loki meant to me. He was the most amazing, most loyal, goofiest boy I've ever known. Loki came into my life at a time when I really needed a friend, and he was the best friend I could have ever had. He loved his family so much - me, Hector, my parents and sister and their dogs Wiley and Stella, his kitty brothers Vlad, Puck, and Boots, and his baby brother Mortimer. He was so gentle with the kitties, he cherished his toys, and loved chewing on bones and antlers. Up until the end, he still enjoyed his nightly walks around our neighborhood and his daily car rides (and sometimes a stop to get an ice cream treat!). Every single day for the past 12.5 years he brought immense joy to my life and the lives of people around him. He will always hold a huge piece of my heart, and I will miss him forever.

Enjoy Valhalla, my Loki bear. I hope you're chasing all the bunnies with Grizzly and Ladybug.
Heidi BennettsWinter Springs, FloridaSeptember 15, 2020
Max Rivera
9/11/2007 - 9/11/2020It is with a heavy heart we had to say goodbye to our fur baby/son, Max this afternoon. To say we are completely and utterly heart broken doesn’t suffice. This was the hardest decision we have ever had to make. To know that he is no longer in pain and earned his wings at home surrounded by his family with more love than ever, helps bring us some comfort.

Maximilian Rivera “Max” was born 9/11/2007 and was one of the best gifts we’ve ever received! He was rescued from a shelter and instantly gained a mom, papa and sister! He was so much more than a “pet” he was the son and brother to Jolie we never had!

He was diagnosed with Oral Squamous cell carcinoma back in early February, which the outcome would be fatal. We were warned we wouldn’t have long with him typically 2-3 months at most.... however our strong handsome boy not only did he beat their clock but he made it through to celebrate all of our birthdays, anniversaries, enjoyed a couple family adventures, enjoyed the outdoors each morning and even made it to Jolie’s first year in highs school. Finally making it to his very own Birthday. He gave us the most incredible 13 years!!

Most people can agree 2020 has not been the stellar year we thought it would be, but I am going to try and see a silver lining. Due to COVID my job was transitioned to working from home, which in hind sight, realize it afforded me countless more hours and minutes of quality time with our Max. Jolie opted for virtual school which allowed her to spend everyday snuggled up next to her study buddy. Sam now had to share his snuggle buddy! To say he will be missed is an understatement. The void in our hearts and home will be felt for a while, but will try to fill them with all the memories and love we had for only him!

It has been a difficult week for us watching him steadily and rapidly decline as well as make the arrangements. I am trying my best to keep it together but it’s been emotionally taxing for all of us.

We Love you Max and know you are in a place of peace and in no more pain!
Until we meet again,

- Mommy loves you, my handsome boy!
Bethany RiveraOrlando, FloridaSeptember 15, 2020
8/6/2006 - 9/13/2020Yesterday, heaven gained the most beautiful angel. For the last 13 years, you were my protector, my shadow, and by far, my best friend. You celebrated all life's greatest moments with us and stood by my side through all the dark days. I have said time and time again that you were my savior. You showed me strength, loyalty, and unconditional love. It was now my turn to save you. You are free of pain and free to rest peacefully. There is a piece of my heart that will never be whole again, but will remain with you until we are reunited across the rainbow bridge. Never doubt how much you were loved by all on this Earth, baby girl! I couldn't have done life without you. Run free, sweet Reesie Bear. You deserve every single pleasure under the sun. I love you more than I could ever say and am forever grateful for all the years we had together!!Stephanie HayesKnoxville, TennesseeSeptember 14, 2020
11/12/2007 - 9/7/2020Toto was the sweetest, most relaxed dog but was a grumpy old man at the same time. He loved going out to the barn to see the horses and run around. He wasn’t supposed to live past 4 but made it all the way to 12. He was a fighter and best friend. We miss you Toto and will always love you. Go run free with Binx, Chica, Chino, Ozzy and Logan.Chantae SmithFt. Lauderdale, FloridaSeptember 14, 2020
Sweet Pea
4/22/2005 - 9/13/2020You are so dear to us - we miss you and today is so strange and empty. My heart hurts and I keep dissolving into tears, but I am relieved you are at peace. I hope your transition was as gentle as it looked. I am beyond grateful we had Dr. Sierra to help you and us with this impactful and inevitable event. I will remember you always and think often of your deep, knowing, loving eyes. Good-bye my darling girl.Kelly TatoneDelmont, PennsylvaniaSeptember 14, 2020