Pet Memorials
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10/26/1995 - 5/15/2014Alvin, my beautiful boy. You shared my life for over 18 years and I will miss you forever. I know it was your time and you're over the Rainbow Bridge with your sister Sadie. I love you so much and was so blessed to have you in my life.Andrea GalefAtlanta, GeorgiaMay 16, 2014
11/9/2003 - 5/12/2014Celina was the sweetest, gentlest little girl and will be sorely missed forever.Bruce SavinoGreat Valley, New YorkMay 14, 2014
5/10/2014Mau you suffered too long with cancer. I'm sorry for that. You didn't deserve to feel an ounce of pain or discomfort. You were the sweetest most loving kitty ever! I love you baby cat forever and always.Nichole IzquierdoDelray Beach, FloridaMay 14, 2014
1/1/2000 - 5/13/2014Today I laid to rest my baby, my sweetie, my girl, my Angel.

She has been my one constant for the last 14 years, during which I have seen her grow from a rambunctious six month old pup who loved to eat my shoes and escape the backyard back in Salinas all the while causing trouble with her “sister”, to a caring pack mother who cared for three Dachshunds and one crazy neurotic Welsh Corgi mix, to my friend and pal while I was going through some of the rougher (and better) periods in life.

She has given me so much joy those years. Which is why it is so hard for me to say goodbye today.

A little less than a year ago, she was diagnosed with nasal cancer but that did not stop her from living the life she wanted and deserved, giving me and the people around her the joy of her presence. Even if she could only breathe out of one nostril. No, that didn’t stop her nor did the arthritis in her legs that often made her look like Bambi on ice when she tried to get up. In fact, it probably hurt me more to see this than it bothered her. As long as there was food to be had after all that effort – which there always was. In hindsight that probably had something to do with her being a wee bit overweight.
Nope, none of this stopped her although it did slow her down some.

I think she wanted to proof our vet wrong when he tried to predict the remaining length of her quality of life, and she succeeded.

In the end, it was none of these things (although maybe indirectly) – it was that she was just so tired after caring for me for fourteen long but good years. I think if I had let her, she would have held on a little longer but it became apparent over the last few days that it was time for her to go to sleep one last time while laying out in the sun (which she loved).

I love you, Angel and I will miss you more than words can describe.
Ramon van DijkWake Forest, North CarolinaMay 14, 2014
5/1/2000 - 5/5/2014Bailey, you grew up with 4 kids, the last one knew no other dog, but you, Bailey. You were truly golden. You loved walks, squirrels, stuffed animals, rib eye steaks, Darryl, Carling Derrick, and Cieera. And you hated being ignored by family members working at home on the phone or on the computer.

And you loved laying on everyone's feet, so you knew when they got up to leave the room--so you could go with them.

You are missed already.. The house is empty without you. :-(
Melanie BoutinGainesville, FloridaMay 14, 2014
6/1/2001 - 5/9/2014Our beautiful Mama Bear....For 13 years you made us smile everyday. Words will never be able to describe how much we love you and how much joy you brought to our lives. We already miss you to pieces and wish we could have had you longer. No amount of time would have ever been enough. I will forever see you in my dreams and smile everyday because of the love and happiness you brought to our lives. Thank you for being perfect in every way. We miss you Mama. -Love Mommy and Daddy.Rebel WinstonSeatte, hometown Dallas, WashingtonMay 13, 2014
10/13/2014 - 5/12/2014"A-Woo-Woo-Woo" Ripley Pup, We love you too.Amy VincelliPalm Harbor, FloridaMay 13, 2014
Lil Bit
10/2/2001 - 4/29/2014I know that you are playing with Danger, Harley, D.O.G, Tyfay, Alfie, Medussa, and Crazee Cat. Being the young girl when I found you. Miss you so much but glad you are in a better place.Robbin StoweTampa, FloridaMay 13, 2014
10/11/1999 - 5/10/2014I remember the little things about Roxy such as coming home to a warm greeting everyday, hearing her tags clink together as she walked through the house or always knowing that no matter what you did or how your day was, she would be there.Suzanne MayberrySt Johns, FloridaMay 13, 2014
8/7/2014 - 5/6/2014Champ !! I miss you. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought about you and the joy and trials you bought me daily. I named you "Champ" because..that's what you were. You smart, friendly and a guardian !! I know I can never replace you and I won't try. You're sister Coco is here to carry on. Maybe one day I will get another male German Shepherd but they will never be like you. Love Poppa DanDaniel HokeUpper Marlboro, MarylandMay 13, 2014