Pet Memorials
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12/17/2015 - 7/31/2015My sweet Ghandi has held my heart in his big fuzzy paws for the past 11 years. He was a tiny little guy that looked much larger than he actually was. He only weighed 10 pounds, but his long silky hair and bushy tail made him look much larger. We're pretty sure that he was part Maine Coon - the big cat with the little meow and a gentle nature. Ghandi was my shadow. He wasn't demanding for affection, but he wanted to be where he could see what I was doing. When I went off to work he'd go to bed and come out to sit at the table and watch me when I came home for lunch. At night he'd cuddle up to me and take those big fluffy paws and wrap them around my finger as we both drifted off to sleep. When he developed congestive heart failure just two weeks ago I had no idea that our time together would be cut short so quickly. Our beloved veterinarian started him on a regiment of medications, but he rapidly declined. On the night of the Blue Moon Dr. Katie came to our house late in the evening to end his suffering. My heart is broken, but I am so grateful to her for her love, compassion, gentleness. My newest little angel is now waiting for me to join him again one day.Dottie YarbroughJacksonville, FloridaAugust 3, 2015
Charleston "charlie" reuther
5/28/2002 - 7/19/2015Our beautiful big golden cat was the sweetest, dearest and most intelligent pet. Once his easy going nature was evident, his given name Charleston was shortened to Charlie. At a gorgeous 23 lbs, he was a long and muscular boy. He was a real "presence" at all times, talking a blue streak to his parents, his sister sibling, and always on the telephone. He taught us to understand what he was saying, and taught us to love him with all our hearts. Charlie also "worked" for a living. He put us all to bed in the evening, watched the house when we were out, put his toys away each day, entertained company and converted many "dog people" into cat lovers. Hyperthyroidism took our boy much too soon, and life will never be as joyous. Connie Cannady DVM made his exit from this life comfortable and without fear using tenderness and skill, but he leaves a void that can't be filled.Galen ReutherFlat Rock, North CarolinaAugust 2, 2015
7/12/2015We lost Cooper on Sunday, July 12. He was my constant companion for about fourteen years coming to me after what seemed to be a difficult first 3 years of life. He taught me that there is nothing better than being right here right now with the ones you love, that one shouldn’t save the best for last and life is too short to hold a grudge. He never met a snack (and some not-really-snacks) that he wasn’t willing to try and of those, there were very few that weren’t the best thing ever. He thought camping and being in the woods were overrated. He loved his walks, his beds and the landing on the stairs and patiently put up with all my human nonsense. I was very lucky, and it was a honor, to be his dog-mom and I will always miss him. Rest in peace my sweet sweet boy.Carmen CookSeattle, WashingtonAugust 2, 2015
12/10/2002 - 7/31/2015Chloe was my girl, we called her "Pretty Girl". She loved to go for walks and to get her treats in the morning and after dinner. She had the longest tail the whole neighborhood recognized. She was sweet and calm and wonderful with her two two-legged brothers. She was my first born, I always said. We cared for her and she blessed our family in return. She had a safe, warm, and loving home. She will be forever in our thoughts and hearts. We LOVE you girl!Sara JonesSeminole, FloridaAugust 1, 2015
3/25/2004 - 7/25/2015To my Zeus~
On a stormy day, as you took your last breath the clouds parted and the sun came shining through. through my tears and grief… I almost missed it! But as We looked up there it was. We knew that it was you letting us know that it was ok to let you go...
When you came to us at 6 weeks old, a sweet little pudge ball, you were such a mischief maker! But We adored you at first sight. Over the years you earned the nickname "Zeus The Bull" with your never ending escape artist shenanigans. if you could not move it you would plow or eat through it! Whether you were chewing a hole in the chain-link fence on the dog run just to lay down outside of it, or eating through a wall, there was no containing you or that giant stubborn streak you had that told us "there's no way you are going to keep me contained if I don't want it"! Funny how you never wandered off, you just wanted to let me know you were truly the one in control of the situation. Even though you were stubborn, and tuff enough to scare every other dog and came across your path you settled right in with Zeke and Kaya to become A cherished member of our family. And when 1 year later we adopted our great Dane Aja I saw your instant love and connection to her that seemed to soften you. What a great 10 years the two of you had together among our pack. Your bond was undeniable. So it was not surprising that only seven weeks after losing her, we also lost you. Your grief for her hung on you like our seemingly ever-present Summer storm clouds. We are not sad knowing that you two are now together, keeping watch over the rest of your pack. you will both be forever in our hearts..💞
Angela & Darin ZuccaroNew Port Richey, FloridaJuly 30, 2015
4/7/2006 - 7/21/2015This week is the first week of things that will no longer be: a huge soul in a tiny, but sturdy body; an unrivaled passion for life especially the culinary realm; protecting her family from all those beasts on television who are ready to pounce at any given moment; soulful brown eyes that bore into you; ever present and loyal companionship; great neighborhood walks leaving no bush unsniffed; the ability to fit into any nook or cranny next to a beloved human on a couch; the softest black ears that would produce a meditative result when rubbed; a love of humans, both her own and others encountered; nails clicking on hardwood floors on route to food; stoicism, bravery and persistence; eating deer poop in Taos, New Mexico; braving the raw nature of Baja; inhabiting my closet waiting for her humans to return; tail wagging even only out of her sight for minutes; her solarium spots; snuggling in bed; rides to the post office with my trusted sidekick.

You left paw prints on our hearts and we are heartbroken but ever so grateful to have shared our familial journey with you, Nicole. Until we meet again - save a spot for us.

Dana Bonda
Tom and Jackson Wiley
Dana BondaLos Feliz, CaliforniaJuly 30, 2015
7/25/2015My Fritzie Man,
Forever will you be in my heart. You lived such a long, awesome, and spoiled life. You were loved by so many. I will miss you keeping me warm at night while making sure to smack Dad with your tail to keep him on his side of the bed. I will miss your voice...what a grouchy meow you had! I will miss our morning conversations as I got ready for work. I will miss looking behind me to see you there. Never did you leave my side.
You, your sister, and your brother saw me through so many life events that it's hard to imagine you will not be here to see more. But now you are all together in heaven and I can rest a little easier knowing that the crew is back together.

You were my angel on earth.

I'm so thankful to my mother who came without question to show support to me during my time of need. Thank you for the hours of listening to me ramble coming to terms with my decision.

To my incredible husband...I am so grateful for your understanding of my love for our furry children and how you share those feelings with me. He was blessed to have an awesome Dad here on earth in you. Thank you for loving him as your own.

And to my Dad up in heaven....Fritz is with you now....take care of him....
Amanda ConyersUmatilla, FloridaJuly 29, 2015
5/8/2006 - 7/27/2015Scarlett we miss you so much, you were our baby girl. You were always ready to take a walk or just go for a car ride. You were my best friend and confidant always listening with a willing ear and lots of kisses when I was feeling down. You gave your daddy and I the best 9 years of our lives. I know that we will see you again at the rainbow bridge.Jodi GomezLancaster, PennsylvaniaJuly 29, 2015
7/24/2015Life is an unbroken cycle of rebirth and release. I know this out of common sense but I also know because I had to kiss goodbye my 18 year old dog, Angel aka Angel Pie. She had a lot of spunk and charisma for all those years. There wasn’t a piece of food she wouldn’t eat or a bird or rabbit she wouldn’t go after. Since day one she showed me love and affection.
We were both always at the same speed: getting stoked for dinner or stroked the wrong way by a noise from upstairs. She always sensed when there was a problem, and not because of obvious things. She would follow me on days that I was sad and my body sick, she would lick my tears, and she would wait by my side until she felt a calm once again. She understood what I couldn't and somehow took on the role of a parent, sibling and best friend; all under one roof and within one beating heart.
This loss that I’m feeling is a horrible feeling. It hurts so much. Tissues have become blocks of concrete but the good memories fill in over all the blemishes of pain and suffering.
It's going to be hard to come home knowing her wagging tail won't greet me at the door or her kisses are going to make things better.
She was my best friend, companion and a wonderful dog. Thank you to 'Lap of Love' for making Angel so comfortable and at peace. I am grateful that Joshua, Carl, Reagan, and her adopted sister Vevina was here to say goodbye.
To my Angle Pie,
I miss you and my heart is aching for you. You can and will never be replaced.
Peter MelendezPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 28, 2015
10/8/1997 - 7/24/2015To my beautiful Monkey boy,
Tears swell up in my eyes as I try to write this and my heart is heavy and full of sadness now that you are gone from my touch... I am utterly grateful to GOD for blessing me with your love, joy and companionship for 18 beautiful years. I cannot put into words how much I am going to miss the comforting sound of your purring and your beautiful vocal meow. Thank you for being my best friend, and for giving me unconditional love through so many difficult life circumstances.

I will keep you within my heart and never forget you. I love you always and forever my sweet precious monkey boy. Until we are reunited again in GOD's glorious kingdom...Rest in loving peace my sweet angel
Denise BourneWest Hollywood, CaliforniaJuly 28, 2015