Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/1/2005 - 9/13/2014Your needs were very simple--some catnip, a few pets, and a lap. You were brave and strong. You were serene. For the most part, you were patient with us. The little growls and huffs of frustration were forgiven (and loved). You are missed, Monkey girl.Deletha HardinTampa, FloridaSeptember 16, 2014
9/14/2014This is Fiona, our wonderful rescued black lab who lived with us for the last two years of her life. She loved naps and food and being petted, and she always had a smile and a wag for everyone. We miss you, in peace.Maija SalinsTucker, GeorgiaSeptember 16, 2014
3/3/2002 - 9/11/2014I already wrote a memorial for Boo, but I didn't include a photo. I just wanted everyone to see Boo because she meant so much to me.Esther LewisRiverside, CaliforniaSeptember 15, 2014
1/13/2014 - 9/12/2014To my Darling little man Schmokie... the first time I saw you at the shelter I knew you were meant to be with me. I thought we would have more time together, but it wasn’t to be; September 12th was a heartbreaking day for me. But as your best friend and mommy I couldn’t let you continue to struggle. So, I set out my (your) favorite robe and your little pillow. You laid down and got comfortable, you seemed to understand that there was help on the way. And so it was; Dr. Eric arrived, I am so grateful to you and Lap of Love that you helped me show Schmokie this final act of kindness. My little man departed this world with dignity and comfort and knowing how much he was loved.Kathryn ShipleyLeesburg, VirginiaSeptember 15, 2014
2/14/1999 - 7/3/2013Elle,
There aren’t many days that go by that I don’t think about you. I miss you. Thank you for bringing Elle Rose and Jack Black to me. They’re my newest kitty loves but will never replace my first kitty love, you.
Love you,
Cyndi BlackManchester, MissouriSeptember 14, 2014
8/28/2002 - 9/10/2014My dearest friend Louie the pug. He was the light in my heart who drew more smiles from strangers than anyone I knew. He always gave a friendly welcome to anyone that crossed his path and then gently sat himself down next to someone he just met to let them know he liked them. Louie was almost always the perfect little gent unless their was chicken or turkey. He was a little wise being of pure love that taught me so many things. That's what he was most though, simply pure love. Miss you Louie always.....I love you.Ann SchachingerOakton, VirginiaSeptember 14, 2014
Sadie Grace
12/8/1999 - 8/28/2014August 28, 2014 was one of the sadist days of my life..The happiest was when you came into our life and threw your paws around us and hugged..always full of kisses, always happy, always faithful, so forgiving, unconditional love. We miss your beautiful eyes, your fun loving nature..We will never forget you,,,you have a place in our hearts forever...Judith ClevelandFuquay-Varina, North CarolinaSeptember 12, 2014
9/8/2002 - 9/11/2014Gretchen, you were our protector, friend and companion fighting every breath of the way to not leave us. We loved and enjoyed the 12 years and three days we had with you and know you are still protecting us from afar. Rest in Peace my girl and know you can now enjoy life after without pain and suffering. You and your kisses will be truly missed!!!Oviedo, FloridaSeptember 12, 2014
3/3/2002 - 9/11/2014Goodbye to my precious Boo, my baby girl. Thank you for all the love you gave me. & Thank you Dr. Erin, for making her passing so peaceful and dignified.Esther LewisRiverside, CaliforniaSeptember 12, 2014
2/1/2002 - 9/11/2014Thank you so much for your service. It was gracious and dignified.David JonesHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaSeptember 12, 2014