Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/1/1999 - 9/22/2014My husband and I had been struggling with end-of-life issues concerning our precious 14-year-old Westie dog, Merry. Her quality of life had continued to decline over the past year. On Sept 22, 2014, we had Dr. Eric euthanize Merry in our home. We wanted her to have a quiet, peaceful, and painless passing. Merry was a wonderful friend and those who know us, know we shared an incredible bond with her. It was terribly difficult to let her go, but we kept our promise to be there for her to provide love and comfort. We are broken-hearted over losing our sweet little girl – it was our final act of love for her. Joe Anne & Bob K.Fairfax, VirginiaSeptember 23, 2014
Meggie Moo
6/20/1993 - 9/22/2014My dear, sweet baby girl,
Oh how my heart aches for you.... I said my goodbyes, but I look for you still. You are everywhere....
I am so blessed to have had 21 wonderful years with such a sweet, sweet girl. Your love and devotion was my guiding light for a majority of my adult life and it rips my heart out to realize you're no longer here. You were the best friend, confidant and companion that there could ever be. You were with me through all of my ups and downs and always treated me with love and devotion. Your beautiful eyes and loving head butts said it all, and no matter how bad my day was, you brought me back home to "you", unconditional love. One look at that sweet face could put a smile on my face in an instant. You were just "so damn cute", as I used to tell you.
You made me so happy and when I met your "Papa", you quickly opened your heart to him and we became one happy "family". (Me, you and Miss Moo). You were our furry daughter, our little angel on earth, and we shared wonderful times together. Our life together will be lonely without you in it, but we will cherish the memories of the time we were so fortunate to have had.
I thank you for the joy and happiness you brought into my life for so many wonderful years. I pray that you move on peacefully, watch over us, and wait for us by the Rainbow bridge so that we can one day be a family once more.
God Bless You, my little angel. Your Mommy and Papa miss you and will love you forever.
Deanna Seyler-WiktorReading, PennsylvaniaSeptember 23, 2014
9/19/2014Sasha, I miss you and love you more than words could ever express. Thank you for your unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship for over 16 years. You will live in my heart forever.Everett HendersonPompano Beach, FloridaSeptember 22, 2014
Sedona Moon Dancer
6/30/2001 - 9/20/2014Sedona was the best dog a family like mine could have asked for and anyone who was fortunate enough to meet her could have seen that. She was there to greet us each time we came home and made sure we were safe each night before we went to sleep. Sedona showered my family and anyone who crossed her path with love and compassion. We will miss our best friend more than ever but know she is in a better place with peace and will no longer suffer.Sierra KanzlerKent, WashingtonSeptember 21, 2014
6/15/2000 - 8/29/2014Our boy Barney was the most loveable kitty we have ever met. He adored "his people" and we loved him. He spent endless hours on our laps and snuggled with us every night in bed. His "brother" Windsor and he played and wrestled like kittens even as his health began to fail. His Dad and I miss him so much that our hearts "hurt." We were blessed to have Barney in our lives for almost 12 years. We only wish it could have been longer. Barn-a-boo, we will miss your head butts and love you forever.Dorothy & Donald WestmaasBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaSeptember 21, 2014
2/26/1999 - 9/19/2014After over 15 years with our family it is so difficult to say good-bye, but we could not bear to see him suffer. Riley was not an overly affectionate dog but had his way of showing his love for us. We will miss you greatly!Joanne HerbergerGetzville, New YorkSeptember 21, 2014
6/23/2000 - 9/15/2014My love, my sweet girl, my silly girl, my beautiful girl, my good girl, my soul mate, my hero, my teacher, my inspiration, my daughter, my friend, my business partner, my everything. You were my angel on earth and now you are my angel in heaven. You came to me in my dreams running happily in the bright green meadows. You are finally free of pain. Run free my love! I will cherish every moment I had with you and hold you close in my heart every day until we meet again. Until then, don’t worry about me and run with the other furry angels but remember to visit me in my dreams from time to time. I miss you beyond words and will love and cherish you always. Mama loves you!Michele MeyerLockport, IllinoisSeptember 20, 2014
2/19/2001 - 9/15/2014To my beloved Maeda
I have shared so many memories with you Miss Maeda. You were my adventurous girl. You loved the outdoors and going on our walks. The outdoors was our happy place, especially in the mountains. You were so excited walking the wooded trails and wandering into the streams. The snow in winter was magical to you and it made me laugh to see you play in it like a puppy at any age. It made me smile watching you sit in your favorite spot in the yard, watching for the bunnies and squirrels or finding a good sunbeam to stretch out in. You loved the wind on your face on the boat and snuggling with your favorite plush dog toy. I will miss the “flying burrito”… the way you flopped into my lap belly up for attention as well as the nose nudge and paw to the arm. I will miss telling you to quickly get down out of daddy’s spot on the couch before he came in the door lol. I still keep looking for you to greet me at the end of the day. I catch myself leaving the TV on for you in case of a storm so you won’t be scared. You are in a better place now with your brother and sister. We will always love you never forget you my sweet baby girl. You will always have a special place in our hearts. You will be missed.
JV CurdHolly Springs, North CarolinaSeptember 20, 2014
9/1/1997 - 9/19/2014Our dearest son. He was more person than cat. Actually, better than a person. He was the sweetest angel. PLEASE - if anyone knows of a kitty that looks like Pooky who needs a good home, let us know. Life is so empty without my little orange and white angelKim SmithAmherst, New YorkSeptember 20, 2014
7/5/2004 - 9/12/2014Rest well, our "fuzzy buddy". You have taken pieces of all our hearts with you, and we will meet you at the bridge in time.Dawn DavidsonWinter Garden, FloridaSeptember 20, 2014