Pet Memorials
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Rocky Bear
6/15/2002 - 9/10/2015My heart aches in pain but Dr. Kim and all of the staff were incredible - she felt like a friend, she cared with me - nothing about this felt like a job - she let me take time she was amazing - There is no better way to do something so so so difficult - thank you lapoflove phone staff and Dr. Kim for releasing my gorgeous Rocky bear from his pain and helping me do what was needed - God Bless My little Rocky Bear - my heart my love my happiest place - having you was the best - I loved everyday we had together - I loved rescuing you from the shelter I loved your furry face, your whiskers, your little nose your big brown eyes your cute little paws your fluffy tail I loved playing with you I loved resting with you - scratching your tummy and as you aged I love taking care of you -I loved carrying you I loved making you comfortable, seeing you comfortable - you were such a cozy dude - had to be cozy - I've never had to end a life it was the most difficult decision to make I hope you understood - I just didn't want you to suffer - I wanted to hold you until your last breath but you were so sick and it made me so sad and it just made more sense to help you - but it still killed a piece of me to do it - my heart feels like the happy part is missing - I am so so sad- I am so so sad - I want to remember every little detail and keep it in my thoughts but it's so painful - losing you is torch-er I knew it would be - I know you were sick but it's so hard to accept - I have to accept this part of life - I love you so much I thank you for all the love and comfort you gave me - but it's so hard.Shelby BergeronDelray Beach, FloridaSeptember 11, 2015
Orange Julius
5/15/2000 - 9/10/2015Our little Juju Bean with his big orange self and his cute white face and feet will be missed. He was one of a kind, and if you ever met him, it was an experience you would never forget. He loved us, but if you dared to darken our doorstep, watch out. Be it postman, neighbor or kitty sitter, it was enter at your own risk. And we loved him dearly for it. He was a love bug with most of us, but any 15 pound ball of orange fire that can stare hot death and make a black lab run with it's tail between his legs, deserves to be remembered as the tough kitty he was.Alexis JoyceArlington, VirginiaSeptember 10, 2015
Teddy Bear
1/7/2004 - 9/2/2015My Tedders, my baby………you have given me more than a lot of human beings in my lifetime, and I will never forget you. I truly wish you final peace, not to shake, quiver, not lose any more sight or suffer any longer. You ran, wiggled your tail and of course kissed me all that final day. Only because I loved you sooooo much I made the call to Dr, Cindi, to help me send you to a better place. I am relieved not to see you broken any longer, but now, I am feeling broker. My heart is truly empty in a special spot, just for you. I am lost for the words to express how Dr. Cindi helped you, me and the family get through your passing. Some people are put on this earth for a purpose, and Dr. Cindi, without a doubt, has a calling. Before, during, and still now, she has touched my heart with such compassion and understanding of each emotion I am going through. It has been the only comfort and reassurance that the decision was correct and timely. Anyone that goes through this process, understands the need and appreciation for someone like her in your life. Thank you Dr. Cindi for all you do. Teddy Bear, I am sure, would thank you also!Sharon NewtonHoneybrook, PennsylvaniaSeptember 10, 2015
8/26/2006 - 5/29/2015Snoopy from the first time I saw you I knew you were for me.. You were adorable and I loved you so much no matter anything you were always first even before me. Thru the years you always laid with me, loved me and I loved you more than myself at times. It was worth every second to watch you play and comfort me in my most darkest times and I appreciate all the love you gave me and jourdan. I miss you everyday and even though your not physically here I still fell your spirit with me. I thank you for all the happy times you brought me. I will always remember you because you are always with me. Thank you for picking me as you pet mommy. I love you boy and miss you !Claudia GalvisPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaSeptember 10, 2015
8/28/1999 - 9/1/2015Seamus is my son. That day I went into the shelter to "look at cats" back in 2001 I had no idea that the plan had been set into motion long before. It was not just by chance that I was there, I was there because Seamus and Jewel were there. When I saw the blue eyed, skinny, scuffed nosed, cat in the corner cage, I just knew he was mine. It wasn't until years later that I realized the honor, and how blessed I was to be chosen to be his Mom, to be the one to share his life and have him change mine forever.Teri EhrichWest Reading, PennsylvaniaSeptember 10, 2015
11/19/2002 - 9/8/2015Brewsky was a beautiful Aussie/Lab x. He was a love bug, a real attention seeker. He loved the family and even visitors, as long as you weren't the UPS man! He wasn't too fond of that brown truck... He really hated riding in the car, but loved going for walks around the neighborhood. His favorite thing was laying on the deck in the sunshine. He was a big foody, there weren't many things he wouldn't eat! Brewksy had a relatively healthy life in his almost 13 years. His hearing had been going lately (for the last year or so, he couldn't hear that darn UPS truck coming through the neighborhood or the doorbell ring), his back legs were a bit arthritic and he needed some dental work last year. Towards the end of his life, he developed laryngeal paralysis and had aspiration pneumonia. The "lar par" progressed rapidly and he had several episodes in a row, each one more dramatic then the previous one. As he was not a good candidate for surgery, we made the difficult decision to allow him to peacefully cross the rainbow bridge, as opposed to risk him suffering a fatal suffocating episode.Kim MillerBethlehem, PennsylvaniaSeptember 10, 2015
11/19/2005 - 9/8/2015Murphy was the sweetest goldendoodle! He was full of personality and always had us laughing at his antics. He would sit at the back door and his nose would twitch like a bunny as he stared in waiting to be let in the door. He would drop anything for a tennis ball and fit as many as he could in his mouth (at one time he could hold four!). He was always up for a car ride or a walk. He enjoyed walking himself, holding his leash in his mouth. On walks around the neighborhood, he was always on the lookout for rabbits, and would perk up at the sight of one. Once, he caught one, but it got away after some flailing around...He was so proud of himself for his catch! Murphy developed t-cell lymphoma and was diagnosed Dec. 5, 2014. UPenn told us with treatment, we may get 6-9 more months of "happy Murph" but that the lymphoma usually gets more and more difficult to suppress as time goes on. Murphy was a fighter and was always willing to jump in the car to go for his chemo or monoclonal antibody treatments, sometimes several times a week, an hour and a half from home. He was never sick a day from the chemo. His quality of life was great-excellent the entire treatment time. Eventually, the cancer was resistant to all treatment and nothing could be done to put him back in remission. Towards the end, the cancer had infiltrated his bone marrow, his platelets were very low and he was anemic. We walked every day, right up until his last day, although the walks rapidly dropped from 1-1.5 miles to just one block at a very slow pace, he enjoyed every one of them!Kim MillerBethlehem, PennsylvaniaSeptember 10, 2015
Sophia Puddles
1/11/2011 - 8/22/2015Sophie was the most gentle loving pug! She always made us laugh with her antics. She will always be in our hearts.Deanna EmbryOxnard, CaliforniaSeptember 10, 2015
11/29/2003 - 9/7/2015You left my life but you will never leave my heart.
Jellybean my juju bean... I miss you so very much. I miss dancing with you.
I miss you pushing me to hurry up in the mornings to feed you
I miss going shopping with you. You were such a shopping diva.
My heart aches for you my jelly. I keep looking at your pictures and videos and I start cry to where I can't even breathe.
Veronica OrtegaSan Antonio, TexasSeptember 9, 2015
6/4/2011 - 4/29/2015Forever and eternity I will always love you! Not a day goes by that I don't miss you or wish I could love on you! Until the day I can see you again, my love for you will never leave!Jessie GageWalhalla, South CarolinaSeptember 9, 2015