Pet Memorials
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2/12/1998 - 10/3/2015Toby Moran, also known as Tob-bop, Tobster, Little Waggler, The Black Turkey, One eye, Granpa, Little Bubbs, passed away peacefully with all of his 7 humans surrounding him. He lived to the ripe age of 16 and half. Toby loved to run, his "frisky freakouts", to eat everything, chase anything that moved, and snuggle. He was a feisty and energetic little cockapoo that just kept on going. He got to live in two different homes in Florida with golf courses to explore and two homes in new england. He definitely preferred the cool north more than Florida. He brought so much love to his family, we will miss him so much.

Clay, Kathy, Sena, Trey, Shelby, Julia, and Tobin Moran.
Sena MoranPalm Beach Gardens, FloridaOctober 4, 2015
4/6/2015 - 10/2/2015Our German Shepherd, Healy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was able to make that journey in the comfort of our home and in the presence of his family, including his yellow lab "sister" Panera. We loved and will miss him.Cindy MartinHoliday, FloridaOctober 4, 2015
4/6/2015 - 10/2/2015Our German Shepherd, Healy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was able to make that journey in the comfort of our home and in the presence of his family, including his yellow lab "sister" Panera. We loved and will miss him.Cindy MartinHoliday, FloridaOctober 4, 2015
4/24/2009 - 9/25/2015Spiller,
You will be greatly missed by all 6 of us, especially Alex. He picked you out, and he knew when he saw those endearing warm eyes that he was meant to be with you. The two of you did everything together. You will never truly know the joy that you brought to Alex during the hardest time of his life. You helped take his mind off missing his daddy and the changes that took place when we moved three hours away from him because of our divorce. You were his daily dose of happiness. He looked forward to working with you on practicing the skills you learned at dog training. Alex loved taking you on walks, bathing you (although you weren't too keen on that :)), brushing you, and just running and playing with you. You were his constant source of joy. He was always so proud of you. He truly misses you and loves you.
Alex wasn't the only one that benifited from your loving nature. Ashley loved you from the moment she saw you too. She had Cupcake and Alex had you. You and Cupcake were best friends too. Y'all loved to run together and play. Ashley never discriminated when it came to giving attention. She would love on you as much as she did Cupcake. She always made sure that you had attention when Alex was busy doing other things. If you weren't home, she made sure you were taken care of. She spent hours outside just playing and loving on you and Cupcake. She truly misses you and loves you.
Bailey and Lawson loved you too. They would go outside and play with you and laugh as they watched you run. They were proud of you when you were able to walk without your leash and stay with us! They miss you everyday and tell stories of things they miss about you. They truly miss you and love you.
Daniel said you were his buddy. It was hard for him to see you go. You were his walking companion when he walked down to the big pond in the mornings. Wherever he went, you went. He misses that. He liked to have you jump in the jeep with him and go riding. He could rest easy when he wasn't here because he knew that you were here to keep our family safe. He truly misses you and loves you.
This has been difficult for me too Spiller. You were my companion, always. You went with me wherever I went. You would walk 100 miles if that was how far I decided to go. You were always there to keep me safe. When the kids were at their daddy's house and it was just me and you, I truly loved that time. Although you and I both missed Alex and Ashley, we enjoyed our time with just us. I would sit on the back porch in the rocking chair and just look at the beauty that God made. You sat there with me. You wanted me, and everyone else for that fact, to constantly have their hands on you petting you. When we weren't petting you or if we stopped, you would help us remember by just laying your paw on us. Haha! It always brought a smile to our faces. You could just lie on the ground beside my chair and not make a sound, except for you incessant loud snoring!! :) You would go to sleep and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. I was always at ease knowing that you were there with me and I was never truly alone and always safe.
Spiller, we love you and know we will see you and run with you again one day. We can't wait to look into those eyes and see that warm loving face. Until we meet again Spiller, we all miss you and we all love you!!
Meredith GaineyRidge Spring, South CarolinaOctober 3, 2015
5/15/1999 - 10/2/2015Today we said goodbye to our beloved kitty Chokmah (AKA “Gatoufi”, “Chunkman,” “Gato-cat” and “Hocus Pocus”). He was 16 1/2 years old, and to date my longest successful male relationship. From the farmlands of Colorado to the streets of Silicon Valley to our lovely neighborhood in the Elmwood Village, we have been with each other since the beginning, sticking by one other as we explored the lay of the land and grew up together. Chokmah lived somewhat of an unconventional life for a cat: 1) he had his own seat and place setting at our dinner table; 2) he insisted on having his own water glass (yes, a real glass… I had to go buy one especially for him) and he simply refused to drink anything but filtered water; 3) he accompanied us on a road trip to Cape Cod side by side with our canary (which he did not eat until much, much later) and happily hunted any mole he could find within the vicinity of our beach house; 4) he went camping with us in the Adirondaks where he explored the backwoods of the high peaks region by day and slept peacefully in our tent by night; 5) he tracked, caught and devoured a squirrel in our backyard, tearing his hamstring in the process, but lived many years to tell about it (though, he did limp for quite a while, and he never again attempted to hunt another squirrel…); and finally 6) he made friends with just about everyone he met. At one point, we think he had 5 different houses in our neighborhood lined up giving him either food or treats. He made his rounds daily. He was truly the King of the Street. For a while we couldn’t figure out why he was putting on so much weight… and then we had to politely ask our neighbors to please stop feeding him. Chokmah was loved by all our family and friends. He converted me into a “cat person” and became one of my best friends; I will miss him dearly. I can see him frolicking through a field of dandelions, smiling. Farewell, my sweet boy and until we meet again, may you have many wonderful and exciting kitty adventures! Adios Gatoufi!Lesley MartinBuffalo, New YorkOctober 3, 2015
11/25/2001 - 9/26/2015CD was 5 weeks old when we brought her home, her mom had already potty trained her, and she cried at the front door when she had to go, she never had an accident in the house. When we got another puppy she potty trained that puppy. We loved her with all our hearts, and she loved us and her little sister that she bossed about as well. Words cannot express how broken hearted we are at this time, we miss her barking at us to come to bed, to take her for a ride, and insisting ever visitor give her a treat before sitting. We will always remember the
good times with her forever.
Carter and Dora johnsondavenport, FloridaOctober 3, 2015
5/13/2004 - 9/2/2015Halifax - Grandma and I will never forget you. You were the best pet either of us have ever had. You were always here with a kiss, a hug and to lay your head in our laps - gone but not forgotten.Carol KochLake Saint Louis, MissouriOctober 3, 2015
9/28/2015My forever friend, my Siwwy Buoy, I miss him so much. You were my heart and soul and I cherished you in every way. I just couldn't help you fight your cancer! But, with Dr. Sunday Cozzi's help, I was able to set you free before your pain completely consumed you. You are gone but never forgotten, my Rexy, Siwwy Buoy!Heather DonnellyEvans, GeorgiaOctober 3, 2015
10/26/2015 - 9/28/2015Your name was Rufus, but I called you many different names. Bubba stink, bubba, wee wee, and Rufie to name a few. You were my best friend and always by my side until the final few weeks when you were too sick and stayed in bed. Everywhere in the house I think of you. When Clark was born you'd follow me into the nursery in the middle of the night to be by my side as I nursed him back to sleep. Nights I sit in the rocking chair now I still look for you and feel your presence. Our many lazy days spent on the swing on the front porch or any place where we could get some warm sunshine, we were two peas in a pod. I'll never forget all the adventures we went on like hiking, camping, going bye byes with the window down so you could feel the wind in your face. You always made me laugh with your unlimited energy and determination, like when you chased and barked at the waves crashing into the shore at Raystown Lake. I consider myself very fortunate to have had such a wonderful dog in my life. Our trip to Vermont will always hold a special place in my heart as I knew this was the last adventure we'd take together.
People said your breed wouldn't be good with cats or children. We rescued Zoey and you two became best friends within months and you let her groom you! Then Clark was born you were very curious but gentle with him. Once he was able to pet you and accidentally pull at your skin you never growled, just walked away as you knew he was your family. You were with Tim and I for the past 8 years and we couldn't have loved you any more. So much so that when we saw you suffering we did what we thought was best. You will live in our hearts and memories forever, my beloved bubba stink. I will make sure Clark sees pictures of you and I will tell him about all the adventures we went on together!
Cheri KostMechanicsburg, PennsylvaniaOctober 3, 2015
9/23/1997 - 9/30/2015Thank you for everything, my handsome boy. I am so lucky to have had 18 years of loving you. Rest easy, buddy.Laura SickingSt Charles, MissouriOctober 2, 2015