Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lily Williams
5/28/2003 - 9/5/2015To My Lily,

I was going to start off your memorial with "you'll never know how much I loved you", but I realized that would not be true. We both knew how much we loved each other. You were my best friend, my "soul dog", my loyal and loving companion. You will forever be in my heart and missed, but I am so lucky to have had you in my life for 12 amazing years. I will always cherish our memories together of our long runs, our hikes, our times spent at an ocean, a lake, a pond or a stream, you loved the water and I loved watching you in your element! My hearts aching Lily, but sharing our memories with family and friends has made the pain easier to bear. Man, we've had some great times and adventures! The house is so lonely without you, I miss you tremendously! You will forever be my baby girl, my silly Lily, my angel. Until we meet again....xoxo
Wendy WilliamsCumming, GeorgiaSeptember 30, 2015
Tuff Radke
10/31/2013 - 9/28/2015Tuff may have been what many consider to be a "mean" breed, but there was not a mean bone in his body! He charmed many who were afraid of Pit Bulls and those who were not "dog" people. He was a gentle soul who seemed to have one goal in his make his people happy, feel loved, and to be loved. He succeeded in all of these things and was much more than our beloved pet...he was a son, nephew, grandson, and big brother to his two little sisters (ages 5 & 6). He loved to travel and to stick his head out of the window as he took many rides. Tuff was one-of-a-kind and his people miss him dearly! Although our hearts are broken and we will continue to look for him in weeks and months to come, we know he is with all the other special family members we have lost before him playing ball and getting and giving lots of kisses and pets! Tuff was a handsome guy both inside and out and we were lucky to have had him as a very big and very special part of our lives. He cannot be replaced in our hearts as he took some of our heart with him. We will miss his Yoda ears, his Joker smile, and his truly unconditional love that he brought into our home. We love you Tuffers and we will see you again!Joy RadkeGraniteville, South CarolinaSeptember 29, 2015
2/14/2007 - 9/26/2015As companions to our animals, we all understand that part of the bargain is that we will outlive them. Knowing this ahead of time does not make it any easier to say goodbye to our beloved friends. Gary fought a valiant effort against his cancer, and he never seemed to let it get him down. He just adapted and still seem to enjoy life to the fullest. We know that he is now in a painless place and we remember him with love and joy.Chris WilsonDeerfield Beach, FloridaSeptember 29, 2015
9/16/2015Patch, Patchy, Patchford.....we miss you terribly. Not seeing your face with your perked up, flop over ears at the window each day when we leave and come home makes us sad. You were our "boy" who we found sitting quietly at the SPCA in January 2012 just waiting for us to notice you. We took you for a walk and from that moment on, you adopted us as your new family. We noticed right away that you were very well trained and sat on the kitchen rug while we ate dinner. You never had an accident in the house, never barked just for the sake of barking, and always had a toy in your mouth when you greeted us from a long day at work. Even though we shared our life with you for just under four years, it seems like you were with us for always! You always were on someone's lap around the dinner table with your head pressed up against our chest and back feet still on the floor. We hope that you are getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa and are running and herding all of our furry pets in heaven. Until we meet again......Don & Jenny DreisbachYork, PennsylvaniaSeptember 29, 2015
Nicholas Alexander Giocoso
10/9/1999 - 9/28/2015Nicholas Alexander Giocoso (merry, playful) was full of life, mischief, and most of all love. He always greeted everyone with genuine joy. His tail said it all along with his kisses. He was only six pounds, but a bit of a bed hog. His cuddle was priceless. Our lil' man was a dear and valued part of our family and he will be missed...handsome boy.Troy, MichiganSeptember 29, 2015
The saddest day of my life ...when i had to say goodbye to my babygirl...words can not express how hard this is and it's taken me days to even accept the reality of it. I just hope that when she left me she knew how truly special she was in life not only for making me smile everyday but for her bright presence because cancer might have taken over her body but has never broken her spirit and i can only hope that as time goes by and all the hurt will slowly fade the day will come when i will forget the pain of losing her and only remember the happiness she brought to my life!❤️🐾❤️Cristina NedelcuArlington heights, IllinoisSeptember 28, 2015
6/1/2000 - 9/23/2015Dear Bridey, we miss you terribly. We saw you grow from a little kitten to a beautiful adult cat. You and your brother Boy, who passed away in June, have left a blank spot in our heart. But it is being filled by all the wonderful memories we have of you both. You were a special kitty and we know you are happy now and taking lovely naps in a beautiful place. Until we cross the Rainbow Bridge together, you will always be in our hearts.Dianne MurphyHudson, FloridaSeptember 28, 2015
9/23/2015Dear Little Lulu, we had you for about 9 years and that wasn't enough. You were so special to us and the most loving of all our dear pets. I miss seeing your sweet little face. I feel like Dorothy when she told the Scarecrow that she was going to miss him the most. I love all my fur babies but you hold a special place for being the loving little kitty. We know you were very old and we were lucky to have you those 9 short years but losing you and our other fur baby on the same day was especially traumatic. I miss you and am blessed that I had you for what time I did.Dianne MurphyHudson, FloridaSeptember 28, 2015
Mutsu Rubio
9/11/2002 - 9/26/2015gave her 14 great years and she gave us so much more...she was the best dog i ever had and she will always be remembered and lovedJEANNETTE RUBIOrahway, New JerseySeptember 27, 2015
12/1/2004 - 9/22/2015In memory of our sweet little girl Hailey. We were blessed to have her as a part of our family for 11 years. Hailey would always be waiting at the door to greet us when we came, tail wagging and a kiss waiting. She loved her belly rubs, if you started by petting her head she would slowly roll over to make sure you rubbed her fat little tummy. You would most often see her playing with her little stuffed frog, and she also loved to play tug of war. We love her so much and miss her immensely.Beth DangLynnwood, WashingtonSeptember 27, 2015