Pet Memorials
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10/10/2006 - 9/17/2015Teddy, this is hard for us. This has all seemed to happen too fast. We always thought you'd be one of those doggies that lived 12 or 13 years. Getting the bad news when you started to show your illness and making the decision to allow you to go in peace was incredibly agonizing. This was literally one of the hardest things I've ever had to experience. Now our hearts are broken and our home feels empty. Your mommy and I still have your beds out, holding on to you in the physical world until the time is right. We know you are no longer in pain. Each time I look outside I am reminded that you are now pain free and have wonderful mobility but still imagine you coming up the steps of the deck to come lie down inside. Your mommy, Vincent and I will be there to pick you up on the rainbow bridge to continue our journey together. Until then we love you, son. You will live in our hearts forever. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Vincent.James EthingtonSaint Charles, MissouriSeptember 17, 2015
9/13/2015RIP, sweet girl, we will miss you.Anne BerkeySt. Augustine, FloridaSeptember 17, 2015
10/21/2002 - 9/13/2015Sassy ... My friend . The sweetest most amazing member of our family . You went from being the cutest little puppy to a amazing family member. You loved each of us separately, and as a family. You gave us laughs with some of your goofy ways , you gave us strength in times when we needed it , and you gave us unconditional love all the time. My heart is broken . I miss you more than you could ever know. My life has changed and my house feels empty. Others tell me I am brave for making the decision to help you cross the rainbow bridge. I feel that you were the brave one. You were a resilient girl that never gave up . You were strong even during the last few weeks when you were weak. Never wanting to disappoint ... Always making us proud that you were ours. Rest in peace my sweet girl ... Until we meet again ❤️Annie D'EliaTurnersville, New JerseySeptember 17, 2015
5/20/2004 - 9/13/2015You were once a puppy
But the cycle of life has come around
All the happiness is overshadowed
By the heartache that I've found

You were once a puppy
The new dog at the park
Greeting all with a wagging tail
And a smile instead of a bark

You were once a puppy
I can't believe 11 years has gone by
I looked at you for a second
And it was gone in the blink of an eye

You were once a puppy
All you'd do is run, swim and play
The time machine of my memory
Takes me back to that day

You were once a puppy
Running so fast and so free
And in my mind's eye
That's how you'll always be

You'll always be my puppy
Even if your legs are unsure
Time has been cruel my friend
To someone with a heart so pure

You'll always be my puppy
Until the day I die
And then you'll be my puppy again
When we meet up in the sky
Mark & Marie CooksonLas Vegas, NevadaSeptember 16, 2015
6/17/2001 - 9/11/2015Our sweet Scooter––all 10 pounds of his Maltese little self––will be missed forever. He stole hearts, snuck kisses and always begged for treats by standing on his back 2 legs and wildly pumping the air with his front 2.

He was brave through bouts with seizures, skin issues and infections. Many veterinary professionals helped us along the way, but it was his will to live that gave him his 14 year life. His personality was larger than life; his bounce infectious!

Sweet Boy, nothing is the same without you, but you are now running over meadows with strong legs and clear vision. One day we will see you again and let the kisses rain down!

We will always love you,
Julia Penner-Zook
Stacey L. Rhoades
Julia Penner-ZookTampa, FloridaSeptember 14, 2015
4/29/2002 - 9/10/2015Hunter came into my life on a sunny day back in 2002, all legs and floppy soft ears and puppy breath, an entire life ahead of him as he ran around the yard making snuffling sounds and exploring the world.

And explore the world we did, together. Over the years we've lived in three states, moved to seven different houses, and covered countless miles in the car. Thirteen years, four months, and 14 days. 4,884 days, 117,216 hours, 7,032,960 minutes, and 421,977,600 seconds. When you boil it down to the bare elements, time is all we have.

When Hunter forced his way into my heart, I was an immature 28-year-old punk who thought the world revolved around me and only me. Boy, was I wrong!

From cleaning up after him when he didn't know that potty meant "outside" to making sure that he ate on a regular basis, everything I thought I knew was turned upside down and inside out. He taught me that picking up after myself was more important than picking up after him, because if I did, then he wouldn't eat the things I left on the floor, or on the coffee table, right at nose level and ripe for the chewing. Those antics landed him in the emergency room more than once when he was young, on the X-ray table to find out if whatever it was that he deemed tasty would pass on its own. Luckily, he never required any surgery to clean him out.

But he did require surgery on his spindly little legs at only nine months of age. I discovered that he had a disease called Osteochondrititis Dessicans, which basically means that the cartilage in his knees wasn't in decent shape, so $6,600 and two knee surgeries later, he became my bionic puppy.

Hunter had an unbreakable spirit. No matter what life put in front of him, he took it and kept on ticking. The day I brought him home from the knee surgery, with a cast on each hind leg, he jumped up onto the couch. Over the years he was introduced to dozens of other dogs and cats, and never met a face--or butt--he was unwilling to sniff. He met countless friends of mine and loved on every single one of them, and they him in return.

When Hunter was young, I was looking for answers on how to train him, what to feed him, and how to deal with his insanity, and that led me to an online message board dedicated to Labrador Retrievers, where I made friends with other people all over the country who were in the same situation. Those friends are still friends to this day--we've loved and lost so many furry hearts together.

Without Hunter, Tracker wouldn't be in my life. I rescued Tracker in 2007, and with Hunter's help, he has grown into an incredibly loving boy who has a different piece of my heart. Tracker is the one who initially stole Rebecca's heart, and now I have my person by my side, forever. The cycle is complete.

From the doors he chewed up to the toilet paper he dragged throughout the house, Hunter's fun-loving spirit is the one thing I will never forget about him. He'd always look up at me after I caught him doing something he wasn't supposed to do, and I could swear the thought running through his mind was "Live a little, Dad! Don't be so serious all the time!"

Simply put, there was always a smile on Hunter's face, even when Rebecca and I made the heart-wrenching decision to let him pass on and be pain-free, forever chasing his ball in a field full of sunshine and smelly things.

And that's one of the life lessons he taught me. Be kind to others, and they will return that in spades. Hunter gave unconditional love freely for his whole life, and last night we gave it all back to him. Although my heart hurts so much today, the love we shared will keep me going forever.

Thirteen years, four months, and 14 days worth of love.

RIP, Puppydog. Run like the wind.
Jason ReissEast Norriton, PennsylvaniaSeptember 14, 2015
8/21/2001 - 8/13/2015I think the picture says it all. Cute, sweet, loving, devoted, obedient and always ready for a romp. The grief is very very deep which is an indication of our love for him. May we be with him when we pass from this life.Bob McSheaNorristown, PennsylvaniaSeptember 14, 2015
9/8/2015My heart will never forget you. NEVER.Tonja BlackowskiPhoenix, ArizonaSeptember 14, 2015
4/1/2004 - 9/11/2015I wanted to thank everyone for their condolences on the passing of my April. I truly appreciate all your kind words. I also feel compelled to talk about my experience yesterday with Lap Of Love and Dr Jason Goodwin.
I have had to put down several pets in my life but I have never experienced anything like this one.
Dr Goodwin spent several minutes speaking with me about what to expect and then met with April.
We took her out on the lawn and she was given a sedative. It was a beautiful day and the sun surrounded us all with a comforting warmth.
As we waited for April to get sleepy, her sister Arwen was brought to be with her. It was during this time we spoke of fond memories of April, how she came into this world and some of her antics over the years. Dr Goodwin spoke of his calling and how rewarding it was for him to help our beloved family members to cross over with peace and dignity.
After April passed, he clipped the tuft of hair at the end of her tail, placed a beautiful purple ribbon around it and put it in a nice keepsake and told me she would always be wagging it at me. He then made a lovely clay paw print for us.
April was wrapped in a beautiful blanket with much care and love.
Although I was sad during this time, I knew it was my last gift to her.
Dr Goodwin was amazing and made my decision all that much easier. He also told me to call if I had any concerns with Arwens grieving process 💖💖
Mo MillerKent, WashingtonSeptember 13, 2015
9/11/2015My dear Dodger dog,
You will always be in our hearts. You will never be forgotten. Until we meet again old friend.
Angela BeaversAtlanta, GeorgiaSeptember 13, 2015