Pet Memorials
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12/7/1999 - 12/3/2014Missing Jack, the Best Dog Ever... your family hopes that you are comfortable and safe, and chasing everlasting tennis balls and Frisbees.Chino Hills, CaliforniaDecember 5, 2014
Teddy Bear
2/24/2011 - 12/3/2014you left us too soon Teddy Bear but it was time. Now go run like you never could before and be free of pain till I can hold you again.mitchell PennellAiken, South CarolinaDecember 4, 2014
Lady Feedom Gadler
2/13/2003 - 11/28/2014Our beautiful daughter Lady was called home to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday November 28th 2014. She was at home surounded by her family & friends. True to her nature even after going through all of the medical tests and procedures the preceeding week, she still jumped out of the car when we brought her home. Tail wagging a mile a minute, she played briefly with her kong, gave everyone kisses, ate a big plate of ham made by her uncle Bubba & begged for more, snagged a few treats & then posed for pictures. When it was time, everyone left the house & took Lady's little sister Maranna to the playground. Lady's mommy & I sat on the floor with Dr. Melanie Cohen from Lap of Love & we held her tight, we cried, we kissed her & she drifted off to sleep. After she passed, we continued to hold on to her & cry. Our beautiful Fur Baby was gone & now we have to heal. For her sake, for her sister's sake & for ours. We are very thankful to Lap of Love & to Dr, Melanie Cohen for guiding is through this difficult time.

Thomas, Mary & Maranna Gadler
Thomas GadlerVirginia Beach, VirginiaDecember 3, 2014
4/4/2004 - 11/25/2014bear you are truely missed we love u so much we know you are at rest and free of pain. just remember you will always be in our hearts an thoughts every single day. love mark erica tiff rachel an your friends buddy baby and nanookerica achenbachreading, PennsylvaniaDecember 3, 2014
Finn Nelson
2/29/2008 - 11/28/2014My sweet were such a great cat and saying goodbye to you was so incredibly difficult. It's hard getting through the day without you. You were the best snuggle buddy while I worked at home. You always kept my lap warm and my ears full with the sounds of your powerful purr machine. I've never met a cat with a better motor than yours. It was me and you who started this family of ours and it certainly won't be the same without you. We will continue to cherish the many amazing memories we have of you. I know your final days/weeks on earth were painful and uncomfortable, but hope you always felt our love. You will be missed always.Emily NelsonTampa, FloridaDecember 3, 2014
9/16/2002 - 12/1/2014Yesterday, we had to say good-bye to another faithful friend and furry family member, our sweet Flash. Flash was our first family dog. We met him nine years ago at the Greyhounds as Pets of NE FL adoption kennel. Our 4-year-old daughter threw her arms around Flash's neck, gave him a hug, and then she walked away. Flash immediately lowered his head and proceeded to follow her around the room. That's when we knew that Flash was going to join our family. Flash was an easygoing guy and he loved running laps in the backyard (evidenced by the self-made track and lack of grass around our trees). Formerly known as Potrs Why Not, Flash was a true "45 mph couch potato" who hit pay dirt in retirement. His favorite word was "treat" and he was never far from the dinner table. I hope his best friend and favorite headrest, Trixie, met him at the Rainbow Bridge, and they're both tearing it up and running free on the Big Track in the sky. R.I.P. Flashy Boy. We love you, buddy.Cathleen MurphyJacksonville, FloridaDecember 2, 2014
11/21/2002 - 11/28/2014Bosco was the dog we always wanted. He became an ideal by which we measured all other dogs we meet. When we sought a baby brother for him a year later we were determined to get a pup from the same parents as Bosco...a testament to how much we loved him. He was equal parts sweet and smart, expressive and eager, indelible and intuitive...and just a joyful handsome boy that made every day a bit better just by being around. He's the kind of buddy that you miss even for short periods at a time. He really had the sweetest temperament and at times displayed a level of thinking and creativity beyond what we'd normally expect from a canine, and not just strictly for rewards (though it usually was =). Bosco we will always cherish you and thank so much for 12 wonderful years. He's now reunited with his younger brother Oscar whom we lost tragically and suddenly back in August 2013. No doubt they're sparring over a stuffed toy right now...we will miss them both forever.Mike W.Atco, New JerseyDecember 2, 2014
2/14/1999 - 11/17/2014Mikey Boyle
Mikey passed away peacefully in his Stuart Florida home on Monday afternoon in his Mom's arms. During his short time with us Mikey made many friends, had many close family members, and second homes in North, Central, and Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, including the Pocono Mountains, Philadelphia, and its suburbs, Catskills, New York, Connecticut, Georgia, and through out Florida. May memories and stories of Mikey continue to bring us joy and happiness. You will always be in my heart. Lap of Love and Dr. Tammy were wonderful and made the transition as good as it could be. Thank you to Dr. Tammy and the wonderful ladies in the office for their compassion and kind words. Also, a big thank you to my friend Moira (and her dog Brody who was there in spirit) for being there to give us support and love.
Rose BoyleStuart, FloridaDecember 2, 2014
11/23/2014Sierra was a beautiful 13 ½ year old pitbull mix. I had the pleasure of becoming Sierra’s mom 2 ½ years ago when she was 11. She came from Colorado. Everyone joked that she was living out her retirement in South Florida. Sierra brought such joy to my life. I treated her like the princess she deserved to be. She was such a happy dog and such a good girl. She loved to play with toys, sit outside & relax in the sun, roll around in the grass, or take very leisurely strolls around the neighborhood. She loved people and would pretty much go up to anyone to say hello and receive some petting during her walks. She was a great guard dog at the front door and barked at any dog passing by outside, then quickly resumed relaxing. Sierra loved going to my parent’s house for play dates to play with their big dogs and run around and have fun. She was such a blessing to have for the 2 ½ years I did. She had regular vet visits and was in great health for the most part. Then she was unexpectedly/shockingly diagnosed with cancer on a Tuesday morning but it was already too late and she passed on Sunday at 4:40pm. She wasn’t in pain thankfully. I know she received her angel wings and is in doggy heaven now. Someone that knew her well said that she’s in heaven with her belly up, snoring away, and surrounded by all her toys and memories of me. Sierra will be sorely missed.Jennifer WhittingtonFort Lauderdale, FloridaDecember 1, 2014
10/16/2014 - 11/29/2014Jake was our dog. We were his pack. He was one of the members of our a son, a daughter, he was our dog. He came to us in North Carolina and the owner said the first people that he falls for, he will be their dog. He was our dog. He moved with us to Pennsylvania and loved to run around his big back yard. He would play with his cousin, Max the Boston Terrier and they would run and run and run. Jake was able to spend the last few months of his life with Max, and with Quinn, his new Boston cousin. Jake was there to help us, his family, grieve when his "Mom" passed away. He would lay by her side of the bed for months afterwards and search for her in the house. Whenever one of his "brothers or sisters" came home, he would get all excited and follow them around the house, just wanting to be near them.
His favorite trick was to have a piece of cheese placed on his nose (he loved cheese!) and the wait patiently until his "Dad" told him "Okay!" He would wait for minutes until the order came. Then he would flip the cheese up and over and snatch it out of the air as a treat. As he got older, he would still wait patiently with the cheese on his nose, but he could no longer flip it in the air and catch it. At that point, because he was such a good boy, we would just have him catch the cheese when we tossed it to him. At the end, his "Dad" would have to place the cheese in his mouth, as he couldn't see that well any more.
He was such a good dog and the pain of knowing he will not be at home to greet us and follow us around is a lot to bear.
His family is grateful for having such a good dog for every second of his 15 years with us.
Bill FrostManassas, VirginiaDecember 1, 2014