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Dewey Butman
3/13/2006 - 12/20/2019Many people have dogs, but few have been able to keep a Golden as long as we did with him diagnosed with Cancer 4 yrs ago and given 5 weeks to live. We started a regiment of pure food and holistic medicine that put him in remission and gave us 4 more great years. We think he spoke and understood every word we said. He helped raise and play with most of our 12 grandchildren, watched them grow up, leave home only to come home from college, military leave and play yet again with him. He was never further than our shadow for the past 13 years. He loved swimming, camping, chasing coyotes, and most of all eating and letting any person who came within 2 feet of us ,pet him. AS a 65 lb Golden Retriever, he was sure he was a lap dog. We will always love and miss you and will see you on the other side someday.Frank and Ronda ButmanNewcastle, CaliforniaDecember 16, 2019
8/23/2008 - 12/14/2019Blue was ‘Picked’ from a photo of two male Blue Danes in Pitkin Louisiana. He was a cherished member of my family. He withstood a marriage, a divorce, a failed engagement and the Great Louisiana Flood of 2016 trapped in his kennel in my home. He was rescued by a friend and 7 days later we reunited and he whined for hours with his head on my arm (see picture). He made it through all that and I believe he hung on until I found a partner that he could pass the torch onto.

Someone sent us a blue rose in memory of Blue during his final time with us....
Lee AlessiDenham Springs, LouisianaDecember 15, 2019
4/3/2008 - 12/9/2019We tend to adopt older pooches. We do this one dog at a time. Some folks get tired of their " old dog", and just want a puppy?? to Replace? this family member with a "new" puppy. 😟.
We had just recently lost our Spot, who lived out the last 5 years of his wonderful life with us. It had only been a couple of months since Spot crossed over.
An Email at work at the time, a school friend from long ago...there was a bio going viral, about this 5 year old boy, whose owner had to regretfully, had to give him up to North Shore, due to going into a nursing home. I could just feel that we were all meant for each other.
I called my husband, already retired, told him about Remy...It was my 63rd birthday. I then called the shelter, who informed us, that if we could get up there by 4 pm, we could meet him. They already had dozens of phone calls, regarding interest in Remy.
I left work early, my husband and I met up, we went there, fell in love immediately, spent time with Remy, filled out papers. Our regular vet was phoned and we were the chosen ones. We got to take Remy home to be part of our family, right then and there!
Remy was, from the beginning, so smart! He understood full sentences, and had a certain bark for each need that he had.
He communicated greatly with his eyes, and those eyebrows raising, comical expressions that he made, when he wanted something, like a belly rub. He would sit up like a human in the corner of the couch, wedged, with his belly showing.
My daughter lives right next door, our houses are attached . Remy lost his first fur-friend Puggles, about half way through his life with us. In a few months, there was a new friend, a puppy named Cleo. They became fast friends, and would run and play together, in our huge fenced in yard, for at least an hour or more a day. They would just scratch at the back door, when they wanted to come in, and would cuddle up on my daughter's couch for hours at a time.
Remy put on a little weight for his first few years with us. My daughter adopts human children as well, and opens her home to foster kids. He LOVED people food. Less than a year ago he had lost a few pounds, and then, slowly lost more. then more, He was always a very lumpy bumpy dog, with many small external tumors that were not that concerning to his vet.
A few weeks ago, Remy began to become VERY picky and would not eat dog food at all. I began to prepare him boiled chicken, and other things he would love. Fish was a favorite. It did not take long for him to loose his appetite completely. I had made an appt for his vet when his appetite had decreased beyond reasonable for a dog of his age. I often thought of my Dad, who lived to be 101, who became extremely picky as he aged. Remy's water intake suddenly became much less., at the beginning of last weekend.
Over last weekend, he became much worse. His appt was for Tuesday. On Sunday night he suffered a seizure, and fell down the stairs. We stayed with him all night, laying next to him with puppy pads changed frequently, and wrapped up in his favorite " blankie", whispering and patting him; giving him kisses on his forehead and snout, and telling him that we loved him and we were okay. He looked humiliated when he soiled himself. I just kept telling him it was okay...crying my tears on his ears. I am a retired nurse, and began hearing laboured breathing Sunday night.
Early in the morning, on Monday, I phoned his regular vet, explained what was going on, and asking for them to recommend a travel vet, as he was in such pain, I did not want for Remy to wait a day, my car was still in the shop, and my husband had to leave early for a long scheduled medical procedure. .What a wonderful, caring gentle woman, Dr. Sally Lynch, was sent to us. There was a thorough exam done, and Dr. Lynch agreed with my assessment. Remy needed to cross that rainbow bridge. I lay beside Remy during the entire procedure, and was telling him how good he is, how loved he is, while I was getting us both wet with my tears. We sent you covered by your favorite blanket, to be creamated, and to have the honor of being on top of my bookcase with our other wonderful past pooches
Remy was THE funniest, loving gentle fur- member that ever joined our family. He would actually do funny things, to making us laugh. It was one of his favorite things to do.
I will mourn forever for this boy...Remy the Dog....our very special, kind, sweet humorous big-boy. EVERYONE loved Remy. Oh....I forgot to add...Remy was SO gentle with toddlers. The absolute worst thing he ever did, was grab a cookie away! ( or, maybe a peanutbutter sandwich)!
Goodbye our sweetest boy, you will live in our hearts forever. I still keep wanting to let you out, think of what you might eat for dinner, and check the blanket lumps in our bed, as we all loved to snuggle up in the winters and watch TV in the evening.
Just to let you know, Remy, there were 186 typed out condolences on my FB page after you crossed the bridge. You were MOST LOVED!
Orene MorinRandolph, MassachusettsDecember 15, 2019
11/7/2006 - 12/14/2019We laid our sweet Benny to rest yesterday. We're broken hearted. It seems to be getting harder every time we lose one of our babies. We just hope they're ALL waiting for us to cross the Rainbow Bridge.Bill WeeksPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaDecember 15, 2019
Nizmo Bearcat Hodgetts
8/8/2006 - 12/11/2019Nizmo was full of life as a baby. He was hand picked by me because he would not stop jumping for joy. Which he tried to do til the very end, until we wanted his pain of trying to end.Kelly HodgettsCincinnati, OhioDecember 15, 2019
3/10/2013 - 12/13/2019Every time I’d watch a movie or tv show where a dog died, I’d turn to you and say “That’ll never happen to you, you’re gonna live forever” because I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around that ever happening. I thought I had at least another 6 years before I’d ever have to imagine saying goodbye to you. Unfortunately god had other plans and that day came today. I lost my best friend and other half, and life will never be the same now without you in it. To say I’m completely heartbroken would be an understatement. It really is true when they say that only the good die young.

He might have gotten his stubbornness from me, but other than that, Rigby was everything I was not - he was the sweetest, most loving, rambunctious boy and everyone who knew him loved him. He was excited just to wake up every morning and found joy in the most mundane things. I used to watch him roll around in the grass, run through the snow, and splash in puddles and wish that I could experience even half of the happiness he felt on a daily basis. It’s not fair for a dog who loved life that much to be taken so soon and I’ll never understand it. He put up a hell of a fight for the past 5 weeks, but I’m glad he’s not in pain anymore and is hopefully running around a field somewhere, muddy and happy. He’ll never be replaced and he’ll definitely never be forgotten. Any time I’d ever have to leave the house without him, I’d joke around and say, “You’re the light of my life, the apple of my eye, and the wind beneath my wings. I love you and I’ll see you soon.”
Dylan LeopoldPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaDecember 14, 2019
Mr. Fluff
2/19/2004 - 12/13/2019Mr. Fluff was a loved member of our family for over 15 years. We miss him tremendously and there is now a void in our lives.

As my daughter said, "I'm not sure if all dogs really do go to heaven, but Mr. Fluff sure deserves to."

He was the BEST!
Mark DeNicolaKnoxville, TennesseeDecember 14, 2019
5/6/2009 - 12/13/2019Jake, the best friend anyone could ever ask for. A true mommas boy and proud of it. I will miss our walks and your wonderful “surprise “ kisses. I will miss having the chance to give you massages and people smooches. The crazed digger dog eyes and the precious zoomies. Hanging with you on the lanai,our trips to the beach and just everything about you. Our hearts are broken and empty. There will never be another like you. We were so blessed to have someone like you in our lives, someone so very hard to lose. Love you so much puppup 💔💔 we will meet againJoyce Chase-MartinPort Charlotte, FloridaDecember 14, 2019
8/8/2007 - 11/25/2019Missing your feisty personality. Our home feels so quiet without you. You helped me feel secure during a scary time and provided so much company when I was lonely. You were the very best ‘mom’ of Guinness and ensured that he and every human in our home followed ‘the rules’! Without you here, there is no one telling us to go to bed at the ‘required’ time or telling Guinness not to eat the faux berries in the Christmas decorations. We miss you terribly but are thankful that you no longer are in pain. I have no doubt that you’ve met up with Amadeus and are running around with him (and likely bossing him around!)Susan LearnedChesterfield, VirginiaDecember 14, 2019
9/20/2009 - 12/12/2019Sonny we love you so much, and even though we wish your time with us was longer, we are so happy that we had you in our lives. I am so sorry, mommy loves you so much and I will never forget you. You were the best dog anyone could ask for. There was no dog funnier and more quirky than you. You were such a bad ass little guy and you will never be replaced.Samantha TsaiBethpage, New YorkDecember 14, 2019
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