Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/1/1998 - 11/2/2015Ulysses found me at a farm in 1998. I was on a school field trip in 8th grade, called my parents from the the trip, and somehow convinced them to let me bring home a sickly little barn kitten. I had to borrow 5$ from a class mate to buy him. He was so little, so scrawny and sick, we didn't know if he'd make it. I remember bringing him home from the vet, giving him a bath...he didn't even struggle, just looked up at me with those green eyes. I have so many memories of him as we both grew up. I would wake up out of a dead sleep when he would meow to come in at night - if he had been out prowling in the neighborhood late.
Two years ago I moved from my parent's house in MN to CA and took Uly with me. I struggled so much with making the decision, taking him out of the only house he had ever known, flying with me out to a strange new place. But he settled right in, acting as if he was really finally home - no more pesky dogs chasing him around - with his very own two humans dedicated just to him.
These past two years I have worked from home, and Uly and I have been almost constant companions. As I sit and work, I keep thinking that i see him out of the corner of my eye, or a creak in the floor makes me think he's just hopped down from a chair or his sofa...I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. I feel blessed and grateful for all the years we've been together, and for the peaceful and pain-free goodbye that we got to say.
Laura BakerClaremont, CaliforniaNovember 4, 2015
7/6/2002 - 10/27/2015Dakota was my best friend, fearless protector, confidant, snuggle buddy, running partner, and spirit animal. We laughed, cried, yelled, and celebrated together - He was also there for me no matter what and always knew my emotions, sometimes better than I did. He always knew if I needed a paw, a lick, a wet nose nuzzle, or even just for him to be near.
I loved him like he was mine even when he wasn't (he was originally my sister & brother-in-laws) and then got to love him 100% of the time as my dog for 10 years!!!
Through the end his spirit remained strong and through the gray he still had his puppy face - if only his body had remained as strong as his spirit! He will be missed EVERYDAY!!! I find peace in knowing that his legs are healed and is running with Leah now and that he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge!!!
Ashley PikeAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 3, 2015
2/1/2003 - 10/30/2015The best cat that ever was.Kari + Josh TerzinoChicago, IllinoisNovember 3, 2015
3/3/2001 - 10/29/2015My beloved JoJo is truly missed he was my constant companion for 14 plus years . I love you I miss you but I know you are in good hands, no more pain.Bernice PerkinsCrestwood, IllinoisNovember 2, 2015
11/14/1999 - 11/1/2015We said goodbye to our sweet Gracie at home with her curled up in her favorite spot. It was more peaceful than we could have hoped. Dr. Jeni was exceptional in her care for Gracie and her care for us. We are grateful! Scott and DenverScott SumnerGainesville, FloridaNovember 2, 2015
10/30/2015Katie was a sweet loving kitty who I had the pleasure of sharing 14 years with. Katie's life was not easy, having been diagnosed with diabetes about 7 years ago. She had many many trips to the vet and having to endure being poked twice a day for her insulin shots. But little Katie was a trouper, and never complained. She was so sweet. Katie was always my first priority and I was able to keep her diabetes in check for many years. But the toll of her illness was waning on her little body, and I could tell she was tired. She had givin it all she had for so long, and I could see when I looked in her eyes, I had to let her rest in peace. Katie was in love with my big boy Otis who passed the end of 2013, also with the help of Dr. Kim at Lap of Love, and my last wish for Katie is for Otis to meet her on the other side and picturing the two of them walking over the rainbow bridge together :)Sherrie FergusonLantana, FloridaNovember 2, 2015
Jake Winston
2/3/2006 - 10/29/2015To my sweet, sassy Jake Winston -- you are loved and missed every moment! I miss your beautiful face, your soft fur and your breathy purr, your endless desire for treats, and yes, even the "loving" bites you would give my nose in the mornings when you felt it was taking me too long to get up! From the day that you came home with me -- which required a 3-hour drive during which you slept peacefully in my lap -- until the heartbreaking moment nearly 10 years later that I had to let you go, you brought joy and comfort to my life. I will forever be grateful to you for spending your life with me and giving me your unconditional love, my darling boy, and you will have a cherished place in my heart until we meet again in a place where we will never have to be apart.Sharon BrabecKent, WashingtonNovember 2, 2015
11/4/1999 - 10/25/2015Our sweet Milli girl.... We can't believe it has been a week since we said goodbye. We miss you every minute and still look for you all around the house. You will forever be in our hearts and we will love and miss you always!Leanne WrightHenderson, NevadaNovember 2, 2015
10/29/2015In memory of Timber - our joyful, loving, sweet, intelligent, beautiful sable Sheltie companion. He had a buoyant spirit, bright smile and gentle soul which lit up the hearts of many, both other dogs and people. Frolic free at the Rainbow Bridge, dear sweet Timber. You will stay in our hearts forever.Catherine LenoxDuvall, WashingtonOctober 31, 2015
8/1/2006 - 9/28/2015Saying goodbye to one of my four-legged best friends was by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. It was so hard to see you go. I believe you are breathing more easily, barking at all the squirrels, and playing with lots of friends. It was unbelievable how that once 12 week, 10lb bundle of fur, soon became a 85lb mutant beagle - that believed she was a lap dog. Her crazy sweet personality, and bark larger than life, will be forever missed and never forgotten. Love you to the moon and back. XOXOPortia SovanskyLongwood, FloridaOctober 31, 2015