Pet Memorials
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4/16/2007 - 4/14/2021Frankly, Franky, you were the weirdest best friend a girl could ask for. I'll miss you so much. You were the handsomest dog with your black fur and white eyebrows that framed those big brown boyfriend eyes. I love you all the way from the tip of your speckled nose to your sweet bobbed tail that would wag like a broken metronome. I'm going to miss your paws so much, digging my nose into them and inhaling the mixture of Frito chips and pine sap was irresistible, even if you hated when I did it. I don't know what I'm going to do late at night anymore without you by my side, curled up like the tiniest doughnut, there for me to comfort me through the years.
I can confidently say you were just odd. You sometimes would stare up at the sky, and I swear you were making out shapes of the clouds or watching birds fly by. You sat on TV remotes like it was your job, protecting us from the buttons. You always could let us know when we were in your spot on the couch and would not bow down until someone moved out of your way. You did not like strangers coming to the door, you were quite grumpy about it. In fact, I think you may have hated most every person and other dog, but the few who did get in to your good graces ended up being converts, loving your presence and offering you butt scratches, as you mumble/whined in delight. You were such a good protector of your brother Doodle, making sure passersby knew you were king of this street. You weren't a social dog, but you still came everywhere with me and always impressed me with your attitude in settings that made me anxious. In fact, you got me through some of the worst years of my life, my constant companion, enforcing pets by pushing your snout in my hand when you knew I was having a panic attack.
You had lots of neurotic behavior and health issues, not to mention an incurable case of separation anxiety. But then again so did I, so I was so lucky enough to be able to take you to work every day, where you laid by my side and let me pet you when I was stressed out. Even your bark, which drove others crazy, will be missed by me. Watching you bunny hop through the tall grass at the dog park, barking with every landing as if it was going to make you go faster made us all belly laugh.
And these last years as you got sicker, I wished things were different in your house. Having a newborn baby was rough on your sensitive soul. I don't know if I did the right thing by saying goodbye, but I can say at least you aren't in pain anymore, and I hope you come back to me in the form of another dog in the future so we can continue our journey together. You will be so missed by me, Chris, and your brother Doodle. Rest in peace my boy, I will miss you forever.
Ash MontagueBothell, WashingtonApril 15, 2021
Sammy Dolansky
5/8/2007 - 4/13/2021Sammy was a sweet and gentle soul that made our lives whole! He loved everyone, four legged and two! He just loved to walk and meet new friends. But nothing made him happier then dinner time. ;-) We rescued him from Northern Illinois Pug Rescue but as most rescues say, he rescued us and taught us a different kind of love. He will be missed but never forgotten! His pug brother Bosley will always carry in in his heart!Kathie and John DolanskyChicago, IllinoisApril 15, 2021
9/20/2021 - 4/11/2021Where do we start to write a memorial to the kindest, gentlest soul we had the privilege to spend the last 14 years with? Yogi was a big boy, but he was a gentleman with the sweetest, goofiest nature we had ever seen in a dog. And he was so handsome! We had never seen a phantom colored poodle before and we fell in love with him right from the start. There were hurdles to overcome because he had such a rough start in life, but our hope is that it all became a distant memory for him. His death has left a huge void in our lives and we are so devastated, we just miss him so much!Barbara SundholmSt. Petersburg, FloridaApril 15, 2021
3/16/2011 - 4/5/2021Words can never express the heartbreak of losing a pet. Chili was loved by so many, and he made their lives so much happier! He will live on in our hearts and we will think of him always. We love and miss you sweet Chili Dog ..Mike GodekHoliday, FloridaApril 14, 2021
6/1/2005 - 4/11/2021Maddie was my very best friend and we will miss her everyday.Aubrey MalchowNashville, TennesseeApril 14, 2021
Max "Kittenhead" Chambers
2/3/2002 - 4/6/2021Max, you were my best friend since the first day we met back in 2003. We spent everyday together and oh the fun we had! Playing fetch with your toy mice, chasing each other through the house till we were out of breath, lazy days laying in the sun on the back porch, the giant cardboard castle I made for you, playing with Joy (your sometimes frenemy), how you would jump up of the bed everytime I tried to make it and attack the sheets, the way you would get so excited when I woke up in the morning meowing and purring and hugging me (my favorite part of the day), watching 'bird and squirrels' on youtube, and on and on. So many great memories over so many years.

I loved how we always knew what each other were thinking. You were exceptionally smart. I loved how whenever I glanced at you, you would give a little nod of your head and a tiny sound like 'hey, whats up'. It's like we had our own language. You were more than just my best friend, you were a great sense of comfort. So calm and layed back all the time. I could be having the worst stressful day and just looking at your little cat face would make me smile and remind me to try and relax. Watching you taught me to try to live more in the present, enjoy each moment, and not always be thinking two steps ahead. Thank you for all you did for me. May we meet again my friend.
Tampa, FloridaApril 14, 2021
1/29/2008My dear sweet boy Casey my heart is shattered. You will always be the absolute best cat I ever had or will ever have the privilege to love and BE loved by you. You LOVED 24/7 like no other
Run free of pain and let your Grandma and Grandpa and Gizzie take care of you until we are all together again
I love you " my handsome mansome" forever. 💔
Bonnie RosenMelville, New YorkApril 14, 2021
2/20/2005 - 4/12/2021Cosmo was the most amazing dog who loved all adventures, swimming and exploring, from the beach to the snow. She was affectionate, silly, and sassy always demanding her treats, attention, and walks with a yodel. At 7 weeks old, she was the feistiest dog of her litter who insisted she sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed from the very first night. Cosmo made 5 trips across country with her parents and kept us company when one of us was awayr for work. At the beach, she loved jumping over and through the waves, running down the coast and digging holes. In the mountains she loved eating, jumping and laying in the snow. She wrestled and played with her little fur brother Killian, and she was a sweet and protective big sister to her little brothers Travis and Bodhi. During her last week she spent time in nature where she could sniff, explore, swim and float, and she dined on hamburgers, fish, and filet mignon. Her absence makes our hearts ache deeply, but we feel relief knowing she is running freely and pain free in heaven now. We will eternally love you Cosmo, our first baby forever in our hearts <3.Jennifer PretakJacksonville, FloridaApril 14, 2021
10/8/2006 - 4/12/2021I was at a pet store with my daugther .we were looking for dead flies to feed her friends tree frog . A group of puppies had just arrived and they were putting them in an area where they could be viewed . Beanie was six weeks old and so tiny , she was a beagle Boston terrier mix .. Black and white but floppy beagle ears, We fell love at first site ., We had lost our KOKO a Keeshound over a year before and it was traumatic . She was 15 yrs old .. we decided never to get another dog, well that conviction lasted till we saw Beanie. She proved to be the best little dog in the whole world -she loved everyone that entered our home --she would probably kiss any robber that might come in , so she was not a good guard dog . She was deaf the last two years of her life but understood hand singles and still managed to thrive . My whole family including grandkids came to love her , we lost her finally to a cancer of the liver, but had gotten several; extra months after her diagnosis last August . Beanie wiil be in our hearts forever .. thanks to Lap of Love ,and Doctor Jessica . we did not have to take her to a vet hospital , Beanie hated the ride to our vets and she knew exactly the route. I got to stay with her at home in the place and with the family around that she loved so much ..Alice NemetzFairless hills, PennsylvaniaApril 13, 2021
4/15/2008 - 4/12/2021Cosmo saw our son grow up, and he witnessed my growing older. He was there for my work hours away from home, when I retired and worked part-time, and he was there when I stopped working.

He was there when one of my parents passed, and there for the passing of my wife's parents. He was there for our son, through part of primary, middle, high school - and the majority of college.

Mostly though, he was there for me. Getting me through bad days, and making good days better. Jumping up and giving me a *gentle* head-butt when required - which was every day after work, when I'd sit down to take my shoes off.

He was the perfect companion for the middle part of my life - saying goodbye to him is also saying goodbye to that time in my life.

Never cranky or a curmudgeon, even as an older dog, he was always happy and he made me be happy along with him - just seeing his puppy face always made me smile.

He was judicious in his choice of friends, true to the breed - and though he would usually submit to attention, he was fond of it only from his people - in a similar way that his people are - but again mostly me.

He liked beer. And walks. And windy days at the park. And car rides. And scrambled eggs and cheeseburgers and salami and yogurt and peanut butter cookies. I'll always miss him, and I'll never forget him.

Black and white and brown
Judicious companionship
My best dog ever
Chip PedroCovington, KentuckyApril 13, 2021