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8/3/2005 - 7/7/2020We only had the honor of having our handsome boy for 5 years. My daughters BF sadly had to move out of the state and wasn’t allowed to bring him. She had found a friend that wanted to take him in so I told her Duke can stay here for the few days until his new owner was going to pick him up. Well that day she changed her mind and the rest as they say is history. We are so glad she changed her mind. Duke was the most handsome , sweetest and a beautiful soul. He loved all people and animals. Anytime someone, anyone came to the door he thought it was for him. LOL. We miss him so very much and our home isn’t the same. We love you always baby boy. He loved the beach, car rides, Nyla bones. He never liked dog toys or playing fetch. Not his thing. LOL.Jackie CarrionMastic, New YorkJuly 10, 2020
Maggie May
10/31/2016 - 7/9/202013 amazing years were spent with my Best Friend. You were by my side through the highest of high times and the lowest of low times, always letting me know that nothing would ever come between us. You had the most amazing personality! There was nothing I loved more than getting on the floor to give you some love and seeing your smile form from ear to ear. Or the curious look you would give me when you didn't totally agree with what I was up to. I will cherish our relationship for the rest of my life. You used to get so jealous when I would come home smelling like other dogs. Well don't you worry Maggie, no dog will ever replace you. I'm so lonely without you here. Our house doesn't seem the same without you. But I think you knew that we were preparing to move again next week and that I needed to start this next chapter without you. Road trips won't be the same without you. We would drive across this country and not once would you bug me to stop. You knew that when I stopped, that you would get your chance to mark your spot in another state and snacks would be provided upon getting back in the car. Thank you Maggie for being the most loving best friend a guy could ask for! You will forever be in my heart! Love you Moo Moo!David GoodlundDenver, ColoradoJuly 10, 2020
11/1/2004 - 6/25/2020My sweet April was so loyal and protective of me. She has been gone now for 2 weeks and I still expect her to walk in or bark any minute!! We will cherish special memories of April to help us get over our broken hearts.Jane McKayGreenwell Springs, LouisianaJuly 10, 2020
10/4/2011 - 7/6/2020Duke was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. The vet specialist said we didn't have much time left with him. It was hard to watch him go from running around in the yard, chasing after animals, jumping and playing to slowly having the inability to walk correctly. Even through it all, he was still as dorky as ever. Sadly, we knew it was time to say good-bye last week. He was only 8.

The house is so quiet and lonely without him. We miss waking up to him and seeing his face. And we miss giving him a kiss before bed. But we're so happy that our paths crossed and that we had the privilege to love the greatest dog that ever lived. Not a day will go by that we won’t think of him.
Lizzie BullLockport, New YorkJuly 10, 2020
5/11/2011 - 7/7/2020Traveler was the most loyal dog I have ever met, he never left my side. If I was sleeping, he insisted on sleeping on my head, if I was in the bathroom then he was too, and if I took a nap on my favorite swing outside then he was up there with me as my look out. He has the most adorable snaggletooth grin, and if you were lucky enough to see it then he melted your heart with cuteness. He loved opening presents for any occasion, but didn’t much care for the contents as much as he loved ripping up paper and leaving a mess! He went through life with his sister by his side, Ally, and they made quite the dynamic duo. Trav was the mischievous and even naughty one (but always in a cute way, ya know). Trav and Ally had so many wonderful adventures together, they loved to run and once given the go ahead they would shoot out into the distance with their legs practically above their body they would run so fast! Traveler lovingly earned the nickname “Crabby Trabby” because boy did you get a look from him if you woke him up from a nap or asked him to do something he would rather not. But sassiness aside, he was always down to cuddle and was full of doggy kisses! He loved a good car ride, his dog beds, and endless amounts of bones he accumulated. He had a favorite toy from the store that I would buy him whenever I saw it, he would always sniff it out of my grocery bags and it would be destroyed within 2 minutes, it was worth it every time! Traveler brought everyone around him so much joy and happiness. My baby deserved every good thing he ever got! He loved out his golden years with his sister, mom and dad, and extended family who loved him dearly. Sean and I are so thankful that we were able to allow Traveler to pass over to the Rainbow Bridge feeling loved and supported the whole time. Knowing he is pain free and happy warms our hearts and helps fill that void that is now there. We love you Trav!Mikayla BallardVancouver, WashingtonJuly 10, 2020
6/6/2006 - 7/7/2020Jack was the most loyal, fun, smart , loving dog I have ever met. We first met in Vegas and it was love at first sight.
He became my son best friend and brought so much joy to our family for 14 years.
We will all miss you always .
Sheila Diaz DIAZCORAL SPRINGS, FloridaJuly 10, 2020
Abby Gail Sutherland
9/5/2020 - 6/25/2020Abby was a sweet sweet girl. She was easy to train and always glad to see you and be by your side. She let me know she was done and I just wanted her passing to be peaceful. And it was as gentle a passing on her own that I had witnessed. I'm grateful to God for that. She is missed every day. Every year, month, day and hours with her are treasured. She had the nicest smile. I know she knew how much we loved her. The last year she got into a routine of eating at 3-4 am. I didn't care cuz I knew her time was limited. Love you Abby !!Susan SutherlandSacramento, CaliforniaJuly 10, 2020
6/18/2010 - 7/9/2020Buddy gave us 10 years of pure kitty love and was one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever known. Always wanting in your lap all the time, and wouldn’t be gentle about it either, but announced himself with a big jump. Our hearts are broken, but you will forever live in our memories💞💞Vicki DFleming Island, FloridaJuly 10, 2020
6/29/2013 - 7/9/2020Willow was such a sweet loving caring girl. She was loved by everyone she met especially her family. The 7 short years that she blessed our family were the best years. Willow was always quick to speak " I LOVE YOU" for a snack. And wad always ready to snuggle under the blankets with you. Willow was without a doubt the greatest mother hen you could ask for. She was always there for you when you needed her to be.
*Willow girl you will be missed dearly but in our hearts FOREVER! 💗 Rest easy girl and pain free! We love you!!
Tim Wildasin WildasinYork,Pa, PennsylvaniaJuly 10, 2020
8/25/2006 - 7/9/2020A loving, personable, caring, and loyal dog. She was beloved by her family and will be greatly missed.Drew GieseGilbert, MinnesotaJuly 10, 2020
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