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9/24/2007 - 9/14/2020Buster McBusterton our soul dog!

Our sweet boy, always wanting to run fast and free! Now you can make sure to say to Angel and Felix the cat. We miss you, your hunting for possums and alerting us for ever! We miss your gorgeous smile welcoming us home and begging for walks. That guilty look you would give us to walk more. I miss how you would come to the kitchen to beg for my food and how you would let me pet you just enough. Momma D misses you and wants you to know we are OK and go have fun. Run free baby, run Buster run!!

Love you forever and a day.
Rosie RomoCypress, CaliforniaSeptember 30, 2020
3/20/2008 - 9/14/2020Our Angel my soul dog,
I will forever love you Angel baby, I hope your running free with Buster and Fellix the cat.
We miss you and the house is so quiet without you here. Thank you for always being our
protector, you can be confident that Momma D is doing this now and we will be OK.
Love you forever and a day, run free baby!
Love your Momma's
Rosie RomoCypress, CaliforniaSeptember 30, 2020
7/6/2006 - 9/26/2020We had to say goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs ever known, our Ballyhoo. We took him in at the age of 12 and only had the pleasure of having him in our lives the last two years. They were not enough for us. Our house is quiet from the heavy panting he always did. Our laps are empty from the balls or toys he would place to be thrown. Our other animals miss playing with him and being by his side. Thunderstorms are far too quiet in the house. We will miss his bark that sounded very much like a seal. The sadness we feel seems like it might never go away. Our sweet Ballyhoo played fetch until the very end. We hope you’re enjoying life above in grassy fields with all of your cousins and family. We love you and miss you.Amanda BradleyBoynton Beach, FloridaSeptember 30, 2020
Mister Bigglesworth (biggsy)
11/4/2009 - 9/27/2020My sweet furry boy was my little buddy. After my son moved out of state, Biggsy became my replacement “child. We bonded immediately after I adopted him when he was approximately 6 weeks old. He was my companion, my playmate, and my confidante. Whenever I felt blue, all I had to do was cuddle with my sweet boy and I immediately felt better. I could have the worst day at work, but when I walked through the front door and was greeted by Biggsy rubbing himself against my legs, all my troubles disappeared. He didn’t like strangers, but he eventually warmed up to people he saw more frequently, especially men who wore sandals or flip flops (he loved rubbing himself on them). He gave me so much love and happiness for the almost 11 years that he was part of our family, and I shall forever be grateful that we came together that fateful day in December 2009. I miss him every minute of every day and find myself crying every time I think of him. I will always love hi, and cherish the memories we made together.Cecile GrimesIrmo, South CarolinaSeptember 29, 2020
Rogue Chlebowicz
1/4/2013 - 9/28/2020Rogue will forever be missed. The block will miss that bark, pulling up to the garage will be silent, opening the door without Rogue pushing her way out will be tough. She was a great fur sister and the best fur baby girl. Even when she was sick she NEVER, ever let us know she was in pain. She was always so good to us. She was low maintenance, chill, and beautiful. Unfortunately her skin condition didn't allow her to live a good and healthy full life. It was the hardest decision to let her go. But she will be forever missed and loved. I don't consider myself an animal person, but I will forever be a Rogue person. She won my heart. She was the best dog a momma could have. Hands down the best girl.Sandra ChlebowiczChicago, IllinoisSeptember 29, 2020
3/18/2008 - 9/15/2020Magnum was a wolf-dog like no other. A true companion and our equal, we were a family. You accompanied us everywhere for for years - the workplace, restaurants, the movies, weddings, funerals, red carpets, road trips - and everywhere you went, you brought so much joy and taught us so much. You will forever be in our hearts, and until we meet again, your Dads will do their best to keep up our traditions, keep in the present and remember to be a little goofy from time to time as you were. Rest in peace our sweet boy, thank you for all that you brought to our lives and the hundreds of people you met over the years. Please keep watching over us. Now run free.... XORyan and AdamLos Angeles, CaliforniaSeptember 29, 2020
12/18/2011 - 9/15/2020I never thought I’d be a dog person until Calypso. She was more than a dog, she was more than a pet. She was truly a member of our family. I don’t think this hole in our hearts will fill nor will the deafening silence ever go away. I miss my house being covered in fur 5 minutes after vacuuming. I hope her smell stays in my rug forever. I don’t even know how to walk right anymore with out her always under my feet. I don’t just miss how wonderful she was, how loving, gentle, and just down right good she was. I also miss the things that drove me crazy. I miss her laying there licking the floor for no reason, I miss her laying in front of the door, I miss her being a “shark”.( We would tell her to lay down and she would walk away until we weren’t paying attention and circle back around and it was like she was circling around like a shark.) Coming home from work and not having to old her tail still while I pet her so she doesn’t wake everyone up thumping that thing around is one of the hardest things still. I miss her so much.Brittany WeisenburgHampton, VirginiaSeptember 29, 2020
10/1/2020 - 9/28/2020You will forever be missed. You taught us all how to love unconditionally. We love you boy.Tonia WhitakerVacaville, CaliforniaSeptember 29, 2020
6/20/2008 - 9/28/2020We said goodbye to Finn yesterday. A heartbreaking loss of a good friend, a happy and amiable member of the family and a dog who has brought so much deep joy over many years. I consider him my soulmate of dogs and will miss him deeply.Barry FrenchDallas, TexasSeptember 29, 2020
Sierra Lynn Stewart
2/5/2005She always loved sleeping with us everyday and night. She love to eat snow and she loved to take care of her stuffed animals like they was her babiesAngel & Paul Stewart StewartAntioch, TennesseeSeptember 29, 2020
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