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2/14/2002RIP Capone 10.08.2020 3:47 PM
My sunshine, my little king, my baby boy.

Daddy misses you 😢
David EsquedaTempe, ArizonaOctober 10, 2020
3/1/2002 - 9/26/2020Lolly was the joy in my day and the love of my heart. She was My Girl. My beautiful, strong little puffball. So grumpy yet so sweet, gentle and timid.
Last weekend she passed peacefully in our arms in the comfort of our home. We are devastated she’s gone but relieved she isn’t struggling anymore.

So many things I’m going to miss about our girl - giving you scratches every morning while you drink from your fountain. Finding you tucked inside the bottom kitchen cabinet. Watching you hop like a bunny down the stairs. Enjoying the sun with you on our back porch every morning. Your big round pretty blue eyes staring up at me. And kissing the top of your soft, perfectly round little cheeseburger-shaped head.

You had a tough year but held on long enough to help us get through losing Mush. I’m so grateful I got to be your momma for so many years. You made all of us laugh every day and filled our days with so much happiness. Our lives will never be the same without you Lolly girl, we’ll miss and love you forever.

Purr in peace my sweet girl. 💛
Colleen FloodChicago, IllinoisOctober 10, 2020
9/15/2007My sweet puppyman has gone to the 🌈 rainbow bridge. My heart will never be the same.

My dearest Jäger—I remember the day when your mommy showed up to Angela and Kenny’s house, and remember feeling you and your siblings in her belly. I remember the day you were born, the moment that you became ours when Dave picked you and choosing your name: Jäger Kaiser.
You blessed us with farts, adventures, cuddles, kisses and so much love. Coming home to you or staying home to binge watch TV and movies with you at my side, your companionship was a blessing. You slept with me every night...for 13 years. You were my best friend, my shadow and never lost the softness of your puppy ears. I remember how you comforted me over the years and even in your last weeks, when things were very bad, you still comforted me when your body was failing you.

And now I remember holding your face in my hands, my face pressed against yours, speaking to you as I could feel you snoring on me for the last time in our special place. I am forever grateful for the time we had...we were destined to be together and I am so sorry that you are no longer here with us. It hurts me not having you by my side but you will always be in my heart...forever my Puppyman. Please chase Jinxie Kat up that tree and snuggle with Tyler Kat in the grass at the 🌈 Bridge. You can run again, jump and Be free of pain.

A big thanks to Lap of Love -Orlando and Dr. Matt Renaker for coming to our home and making the more heart wrenching decision, a little less painful because we were all together with him in his newest cozy spot on our couch.
Jennifer Hummel-WeimerOrlando,, FL, FloridaOctober 9, 2020
9/20/2020Our dear sweet gentle Nebo, we miss you every night at dinner with your grumbling for just a little taste, Sammy misses you ,but Sadie and Coco are there to play . Rest my dear friend .Rebecca StaffordTAMPA, FloridaOctober 9, 2020
5/6/2006 - 10/8/2020Last night our hearts were broken beyond repair. Our sweet, sweet and loving Maggie has moved on.
The void in our heart and our home cannot nor will it ever be replaced.
Maggie has the most tender heart and the most generous loving spirit — her life touched so many with unconditional love and in return so many loved Maggie — many more than you can imagine.
Her love, devotion and companionship for 14 years.....we will miss her in a way that words cannot describe —- but never ever will we forget her!
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Theodore Geisel (Dr Seuss)
Diana MorrisonSummerfield, North CarolinaOctober 9, 2020
9/27/2007 - 10/2/2020Niya was the Goodest Girl. My little Sunflower. She never met a stranger and her fluffy, loving soul stole everyone's heart. She was fiercely independent but loved to snuggle up when she wanted to (which was a lot). She never barked (unless we left the cover off the grill or a pillow fell off the outside furniture...she protected her patio). Niya loved working with mommy and keeping her feet warm. Feets was her favorite place to sit besides the top of the couch. She even went potty in the pouring rain like a good girl. She loved her treats, and would do a dance and prance to get them... especially cucumbers and carrots and of course she loved Sunday Spaghetti ('Sketti') nights where she got to be "Puppy Red Beard". She loved going to grammy and grampy's house where she got to eat all the people foods and get spoiled. She loved to explore and even decided to take a journey to a new neighborhood when we moved. She loved new things and was "Nosy Niya" whenever we went somewhere new. She will be so very missed by her momma Jamie and daddy Mark. She had a wonderful 13 years of life and that will always be remembered. Now she gets to prance in the clouds and be a puppy again.Jamie Lynn VromanOviedo, FloridaOctober 9, 2020
1/27/2007 - 10/3/2020My beloved boy Hawke crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning with the help of Lap of Love and Dr. Rene. Since being hit by a drunk driver a little over a year ago I started seeing a decline in Hawkes hips. With medication and over time the pain just got to be to much for him. Walks were shorter, time spent at night pacing in pain, trying to get up and down the stairs to the front door. Just to much for him. This boy lived the life of a well mannered friend, protector and confidant. He’s traveled to Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada. He’s eaten squirrel, rabbit, beaver, deer, mice all the good wolf dog stuff. I remember driving through Yellowstone stopping to take in a vista and everyone taking his picture. Sitting at the Suisun City Jack in the Box outside dining and him eating his own ordered items, Brother David being pulled on his bike all over Suisun and everyone knowing their names. Hawke left behind a legacy several sons and a daughter all loved by their families to this day. This Handsome man will truly be missed, more than any animal that has ever owned me. His girlfriend Kiah and brother David were there to greet him on the other side this morning and I know met with open arms and kisses. Another sadness to get past but he was definitely a huge part of almost 14 years of so many peoples lives. You will be missed handsome man. Hawke January 27 2007 - October 3 2020Catherine ChandlerSuisun City, CaliforniaOctober 9, 2020
Tortie Banila-soriano
12/18/2004 - 10/6/2020My beautiful Tortie, I fell in love with you the first time I met you. You crawled onto the futon with me while I was sleeping that night, and crawled right into my heart, looking at me and purring with those big green eyes. When I adopted you, I had never cared for a pet on my own and made a lot of mistakes. In the beginning, I didn't feed you the right food or clean your litter box regularly. But when you got sick with IBD, I got scared and learned quickly that I needed to be more vigilant and take better care of you. I have always wanted nothing but the best for you and for you to feel safe and loved. You were always so loving and playful with me. You were also shy and anxious, and afraid of the unfamiliar. You were just like me. We were the perfect pair and I loved having you by my side. You have been my buddy, my best friend, and my baby girl. Whenever I was away from you, I felt a pang in my stomach and missed not having you to cuddle with at night. You have always told me what you wanted- lots of chin scratches, butt pats, cuddles, and kisses. And I have happily obliged every time. You were vocal when I wasn't giving you enough attention. I hope that I gave you enough even when I was busy. When I felt depressed, alone and lost, you gave me constant comfort and affection. You loved playing fetch and catch, chewing on plastic and hair ties, playing with your toys (especially ones with feathers or filled with catnip), licking the seasoning off my fingers from chips or crackers, laying in the sun and looking out windows, getting kitty massages, and snuggling on blankets/pillows with me. I will miss playing with you and hearing your meow so much. I loved how you would rub on my face with yours in the morning and paw at me to wake up and feed you. And I loved feeling you plop your warm furry body next to my face to sleep with at night. You have been one of the best things to come into my life. When you were diagnosed with kidney failure, I was completely devastated and wanted to do anything I could to help you feel better and live longer. You have been so brave and strong through all the treatments, surgery, and car trips to and from the vets. You are my little hero who fought so hard for so long. I'm so proud of you, baby. I will miss carrying you around the house letting you sniff everything and climb on top of counters and fridges that you normally shouldn't be on. I pray that you are without pain and back to the healthy, loving kitty that I remember you to be. My little Tort Tort, my heart aches without your sweet furry body and gorgeous green eyes here with me. Please visit me in my dreams and leave me signs to know you're still around. Thank you so much for being the beautiful, loving presence in my life. You've given me so many cherished memories for the past thirteen and a half years. Daddy and I love and miss you so much. We hope you are at peace, bathing in the sun, and can feel all our love on the other side. We will be forever grateful that we got to know you and love you. We will never ever forget you, baby girl. You will always, always be in our heart and thoughts. Until we meet again, our sweet Tortie. XOXO times infinityLolita & Reynan SorianoSan Diego, CaliforniaOctober 9, 2020
3/1/2006 - 9/26/2020Hunter boy Mom and Dad miss you to the Heavens and life will never be the same. What a true gift and a blessing you were to us. That hardest thing in the world for us to do was giving you back that special gift and helping you cross that beautiful Rainbow Bridge with your dignity intact. I was determined that you would not have to suffer, not even for a day was my goal. Learning you had lung cancer was so unexpected and scary. The one thing I knew and promised you that very day was not to be afraid and mama would make sure you didn't suffer or live in pain. I kept that promise to you my boy, because I love you that much. I took the pain for you. I would rather hurt than have you hurt. We were blessed with 15 beautiful years and I will forever be thankful for that. I am so glad I got to know you so well in your last few years, that bond was undeniable. The first years of your life it seemed I didn't get to know you the way I did as you got older and I regret that. You will forever live in my heart and you will always be a part of this family and I will hold the beautiful memories close. Run free my sweet boy and always know you are the best boy. Have fun up there with your sweetie, Lexie girl. I am sure that was a beautiful reunion. I miss you so much.Teresa CoxAiken, South CarolinaOctober 9, 2020
6/1/2002 - 10/7/2020Dear Sweet Faci...Evanthia SavvaMilwaukee, WisconsinOctober 8, 2020