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R.I.P Rusty!The sweetest dog ever!Your family misses you!Malden, MassachusettsNovember 19, 2012
When I was in 11th grade, my mom picked me up at school and surprised me with an 11-month-old Maltese. He was my first dog, and he was a perfect dog. It was one of the best days of my life. He quickly became the baby of the family. After battling colon cancer for over 3 years, we said goodbye to our baby who we loved dearly. Rest in peace, Romeo: 2002-2012.Charlotte, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
By Brandeyj: Yesterday I called the office to come and put down my friend, my guilt and grief had me anxious, should I bring this to an end? The vet she was young, much younger than me, she sat down beside my friend and gently reassured me. I cried, oh how I cried, as she went to sleep, I WAS TRUELY RACKED WITH GRIEF I got to say goodbye to her, as she settled into her own bed, I kissed her on her cheek, I told her how sorry I was as my tears dropped upon her head. I had to leave the room as the final shot went in, she didn’t judge my weakness, she said she’d stay with her till the end. Its true as I sit here writing this, tears are streaming down my cheeks, but I’ have to say that being at home with her, instead of a cold hospital room, comforts me most in my time of grief.

IN MEMORY OF RAVEN, my beloved 12 year old friend who passed in her bed in her home on February 6, 2012. Thank you for your kindness patience and support in my friends last hours. If you love your pet and want them to go peacefully, I recommend that you contact the Lap of Love.
BRANDYE JacksonNEW PORT RICHEY, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Rest in peace Rex.Clermont, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Rocky toby balboa
Mommys Love & Daddys Boy....Born 6/8/01 & left us on 8/23/11...When we walked into the breeders home 10 years ago we noticed this little black puff ball all alone in the corner...We brought him home for our daughter Paige & he changed everything for 10 beautiful loving years.....Rocky was the proud daddy of 9 puppies & his oldest Jeter is alone in our home with us at this tough time....He lost his Daddy & best companion & it has shown badly already...Rocky lost his battle to a failing little heart because it was so full of love it just starting giving out....He will be more than missed...RIP my little boy,We will LOVE YOU for as long as our hearts hold out....Mommy Sheri,Daddy Lou,sister Paige & little Jeter....

Rocky went with dignity & pride which he more than deserved & We THANK Dr.B of Lap of LOVE for her tender loving care with letting our boy go in will never know how special you made us feel at without a doubt the worst moment of our lives...We sincerely including Rocky & Jeter THANK YOU for that....
Tampa, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Our beloved Shelby left us today. We will never forget the love she showed us. What a sweet kitty! We will always love and miss you sweet girl!Nicole .Boynton Beach, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
I rescued Star as an abandoned kitten in 1997. She was a wonderful cat, who kept my dog and 4 other cats in line because she was the oldest and the boss! :) She always watched over my son since he was born, and now he is 13. He used to sleep at the end of his bed and if a babysitter tried to check on him, Star would hiss and protect Coda. If you stopped petting her she would use her paw to poke your hand until you started again. I miss her terribly and is hoping she found my other kitty (her sister) Sun in heaven (who passed in 2007) to play with. Love you Star Bar.Amy and CodaFort Mill, South CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
When our son was 8 years old he came home and said that one of our neighbor's cat had kittens and asked if he could he have one, he had actually picked one out. She was a beautiful black and white domestic short hair with wonderful cat-like features. Our neighbors were very kind and let him visit her everyday for six weeks until it was time for her to come live with us. She had a black spot on the back of each of her white paws, hence the name Spotty. Twenty years of love and happiness came too soon and we had to say goodbye. Our Lap of Love vet was Dr. Nancy and she gave Spotty a dignified and graceful send off in the comfort of our home. Spotty has joined her other sisters that have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and we miss her greatly. We are comforted in the fact that she was surrounded by her family that loved her deeply as she peacefully drifted off to eternal sleep.

Before our son grew up and moved away the two of them were the best of friends and that's why we say "Spotty was the Keeper of The Boy."
Cliff and Sally G.Odessa, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Samantha jane
Rest in peace Samantha Jane. You were the best dog a family could wish for.
Love Always,
Marie, Ian, Jozy, Noah and Patrick.
Baltimore, MarylandNovember 19, 2012
Simon and sebastian
On June 30, 2012, my faithful companions of 15 years left this world in the same way they entered and experienced it - together.Rachel H.Garner, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012