Pet Memorials
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3/15/2004 - 3/19/2015Murphy was always happiest curled up on the coach, hanging out with me.
He always wanted to have a job to do. Warning me of the impending UPS delivery or noticing me there was a 3 year old girl scattering here toys across the yard was good. Keeping my spirits up through some hard times seems to be his best work.
Since the day I brought him home, I would sit down and sigh, and he would sit down next to me and sigh.
I miss him.
David MosekeAshburn, VirginiaApril 5, 2015
3/14/2006 - 4/1/2015Dixie was an amazing puppy. She was loved so much and will be sorely missed. This april the 1st, she was helped over to the rainbow bridge at home next to her mommy and fur siblings with Dr. Barry. Unfortunately, the cancer got to be too much for this poor girl.Terry JonesRiverview, FloridaApril 5, 2015
8/2/2002 - 3/27/2015Cezar was such a loving pet, I had him for 12 1/2 years, and , even with all of his health issues, he lasted until I saw it was time for him to be put down. he loved to cuddle. he was very smart, and when he went to heaven, he took a piece of my heart with him.
you will be very missed. RIP poochie lmul
Karin GilmoreNew Port Richey, FloridaApril 4, 2015
Murphy Lee
4/1/2015Murphy, your passing has left a hole in our hearts and our family incomplete. Your Dad and I ache for your precious puppy smile and the silly sideways run and never resting wagging tail. We would give anything for just one more day with you, our precious baby boy. Lizzy, Zoe and Uggie miss their big brother and our house seems so quiet without you. Your tender heart and beautiful soul will be forever missed, but we take comfort in knowing we'll be reunited with you, our lost son, when our time comes. No one will ever replace you, and you will live on in our hearts for as long as they beat. We only hope we were half the parents you deserved, you were always too good for this world, and we love you with all that we are. Forever and always Murphy, love Mommy and DaddyTawny ElizondoRiverside, CaliforniaApril 4, 2015
3/24/2015Romeo -- You appeared on our door step at one day of age and you brought us 13 years of endless love, protection, happiness, and memorable funny stories. You are fluffy, loving, and your motto "Why should I run if I can walk. Why should I stand if I can sit. Why should I sit if I can lie down." You purposefully spent many hours sitting next to us, and upon us. You always snuck on the beds, and furniture and we just laughed because we never thought you would jump that high. We loved when you put your mouth around our arm and pulled it next to you so we would pet you. Your endless gentle taps of your paws upon us to say "Hi", your yawns and sounds to talk to us, and the strength of your wagging tail. May you rest in peace and have tons of fun in heaven. We will miss you always and forever. Tootles till we meet again!Susan keefeBoca Raton, FloridaApril 3, 2015
10/2/1999 - 3/26/2015We miss you more than words can express sweet boy! Thank you for so many wonderful years of unconditional love and devotion You will always be in our hearts.Dianne StankiewiczRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 2, 2015
1/2/2001 - 3/28/2015Sadie will always be remembered as a happy, well mannered, beautiful girl. She was gentle and loving and brought smiles to everyone. There is a big hole in our hearts. She will never be forgotten - for she was "simply the best."Donna SchulteRoyal Oak, MichiganApril 2, 2015
12/2/2015 - 3/30/2015She was born on December 2, 2000, I became her dad on February 24, 2001, a day before my 34th birthday. I remember it like yesterday... She didn't take well to the drive from southern Kentucky to Georgetown, Kentucky and got sicker... than a dog. I was at a point in my life where l needed her and based on the kennel where she was born, she needed me. I researched her breed and was convinced it was the one for me. I got this one right! Unfortunately she was born in a puppy mill and while I don't endorse them, I would not have traded her for anything in the world!

She was a handful at first (she's a terrier) but we bonded quickly and it became OUR bed, couch and backyard within the first week. She was always up for a game of fetch, LOVED being sprayed by the water hose, would go on the longest walks with me and not tire, loved going for a ride in the car and sticking her head out the window, never met a stranger, was good with other dogs, and best of all, she loved sitting in my lap. She was my girl! My baby! Would never let me out of her sight and would follow me around everywhere I went. If I was cutting grass and she couldn't see me... instant cry baby!

April 9, 2005, along comes this other little girl... oh oh! After 4 years of being the one and only, she now had competition for my attention and fortunately for me this new little girl understood her place in the Alpha, Beta chain of command. She was not the top Bitch in the household. Overall, the two got along great but it wasn't without a fight here and there along with some blood and missing teeth. They are terriers afterall! And they are females! The main thing is I felt like she needed companionship while I was away at work.
14 years... that's how long Pretty Miss Cadi Rhawn, my beautiful Welsh Terrier has been there to greet me when I get home. How many years she has loved me when I needed love. Made me realize that everything was gonna be OK even if I thought they weren't. She has done way more for me than I could have ever done for her, all I did was feed her, house her, and show her a little bit of love... OK a lot of love!

3/30/15 I had to do something for her. I had to make the decision that I had been dreading since February 24, 2001. I had to let her go, she had suffered enough. Her body was tired and old and she was ready. People have said dogs will let you know. She did... she's was ready. While it killed me inside I knew it was the right thing to do. Tears of sadness flowed all day and there is still a whole in my heart. I can't help it. And I can tell Lola Sue Cadi's Pal is grieving as well. She knows what is going on.

I love and will dearly miss my Cadi Pie... but it's the right thing to do.
ROB PENALexington, KentuckyApril 1, 2015
5/23/2003 - 3/29/2015Barkley was my first love. He was with me through thick and thin and was the best boy a girl could ask for. I don't know how I will ever get over his passing; the grief is overwhelming. I will continue to share his memory so he can live on forever. I love you, Barkley. I cherish every memory we created together.JoAnna PomerantzDurham, North CarolinaApril 1, 2015
Tenaya And Roxy
3/30/2015Tenaya (right side) and Roxy (left side) were the best dogs anyone could have ever wanted. They came to us as rescues and left us cradled in our arms after being spoiled for years. May they rest in peace and comfort.David and Kathi WhiteVentura, CaliforniaMarch 31, 2015