Pet Memorials
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7/1/1997 - 4/18/2015My Azazel was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. He had a kind, loving, giving, and committed heart. I am so very fortunate to have had shared my life with his.Connie LamonsDeerfield Beach, FloridaApril 24, 2015
4/1/2001 - 3/16/2015My son now has his wings……. I was blessed with 14 years of unconditional love, companionship and more happiness than one could ever ask for! There are no words that can express the amount of pure joy he brought into my life; he had my heart in every way. Versace was filled with character and personality, from his charming ways to his extreme intelligence and verbal demands. I could always count on him to brighten any day and put a smile on my face. He is truly irreplaceable! A day without him is like a day without sunshine. If love alone could have kept him here, he would have lived forever!Temecula, CaliforniaApril 24, 2015
3/1/2004 - 4/21/2015To our dear friend, Simon! He was known by some as "Mon-Mon" or "Sy" but to us, he was known as "Buddy Bear" and most of all, "Simon the Corgi Man." Thank you for being a part of our lives for 11 years. You have brought so much joy into everyone's hearts, especially ours, and you are truly going to be missed! A coworker and a friend of mine once told me that "sometimes we take for granted how much joy our pets bring even when they are grumpy." Whoever has known Simon, he wasn't "grumpy" but very particular, as what we called it. Hehe! He was an old soul and very particular with whoever was around him, around us, and even how he was petted! He wanted to be petted in a particular way, which was very unusual for a dog, but that was a special quality of Simon. He was unique to us and that is something that can never be replaced. We love you so much, Simon! You will never be forgotten and your favorite elephant stuffed animal will be well taken care of!Raph & Janice DoromalOrlando, FloridaApril 23, 2015
10/9/2007 - 4/20/2015There are no words adequate enough to describe what Buck meant to our family, the very special place he held in our hearts. Buck was unique in so many ways...from being the most gentle and sweet being we've ever known, to developing his own 'language' to communicate with us. The loss is devastating, yet we are sustained by knowing he is now free of both physical and emotional pain. We love you, Buck, and will miss you forever. Rest in peace, Sweet Angel.Angela MannkeEtters, PennsylvaniaApril 23, 2015
10/1/1998 - 4/22/2015My heart is heavy. I woke up yesterday morning to find my beloved Moo crying out in pain and unable to breath. As I did for his brother Dash just 4 months ago, I called for Dr. David to come help Moo make his final transition. Dr. David arrived at 10:30 and Moo died at 11.

I want to share a little about these two spirits.

Moo and Dash first set eyes on me in December 1998 when I drove to the Billerica, MA home of a volunteer with Kitty Angels, an organization that rescues kittens from Massachusetts feral colonies, domesticates them, and places them in homes. They had been found in the woods off Trapelo Road in Waltham, the only two kittens of a single October litter in a colony of about 100 cats. They were completely unimpressed by the fact that cold was coming and a three pound furball has no promise of surviving a New England winter outdoors. Their new arrangements in a 3'X6' half bath for 8 weeks of domestic training were not welcome. They showed terror to the angel and her human guest as we opened the bathroom door to take a look.

They would not be picked up without a fight and I didn't try. I learned from my beloved Puff-Cat several decades earlier that the way into a feline's heart was unknowable in advance, except that an eager companion might be shown the right path on the cat's terms. Love between humans and kitties starts with the human, not the cat.

I liked these kitties right off the bat but hemmed a little, explaining to the angel that I was looking for cats that would stay small, something like 7 or 8 pounds. Also, I was unsure of what a feral cat might be like to live with. These cats looked cute now but seemed like they would be very large and I couldn't imagine a large, feral cat playing nice in a 650 square foot apartment in the city. The angel assured me these boys would stay small. Definitely. And feral cats after domestication “are just like any other cat.”

My boyfriend David and I returned to Billerica together in January to pick them up. We brought them home in an oversized carrying crate. For six months, they showed no signs that they would take to us. We could not pick them up. Petting on the head was considered an aggression. Being near them was ok but not if we openly acknowledged it. Sometime around mid-summer, Dash started positioning himself on the back cushions of our couch while we sat. In a matter of weeks he was only inches away. Finally, he scooched up near enough to rest his head on David's shoulder.

We won.

By this time they had their names: Dash because he was wiry and fast, Moo because he was slow, walked like John Wayne and had Holstein spots.

They wouldn't let us sleep. Our bedroom was positioned one floor below their imagined wrestling ring, which they set up in the living room around 2am every night. I had no idea that – by this time 9 and 12 pound – cats could be so loud. I did see their matches live a couple of times. Dash had a vicious takedown that would land Moo hard on the floorboards and wake anyone from deepest REM. After a full 9 months of their insistent Tom Foolery, we began crating them ringside from 11pm to 7am. Periodically, we'd test-run a furlough but this typically ended with an early morning chase through the house. Tables were lifted, the couch was pulled from the wall, and chairs were pushed until each cat in turn made the fatal error of running downstairs to the back bedroom where we could close the door and catch them. On one of these steeplechases, I had Moo cornered early and easily under my rocking chair. In one quick motion I dropped to my knees and swept my right hand under the seat to catch him. He backed up and I lunged lip first into the chair's wooden armrest. The following day I appeared at work with a ruby golf ball on my face.

By the winter of 2000 they were nearly twice their ordained size, weighing 12 and 15 pounds. Exercise was challenging but they made use of our building's continuous balcony, a convenient cat walk surrounding the central courtyard. Dash and I devised a new position in kitty yoga by the name of stretchy-stretch. Moo tried it occasionally but wasn’t big on it. He preferred a more conventional full-body hug. We developed three methods: the hanging hug, the squishy hug, and the baby hug. These were repeated daily and sometimes several times daily for the next 14 years.

I've heard from many friends over the years that they are dog people and really don't like cats. Moo and Dash won these and other friends over by the hundreds. Moo lovers were so fervent that I ended up giving them an identity: Moofans.

For Moofans with allergies I tried to keep the best anti-histamines around, but there was little I could do to keep the fur and dander out of clothes, hair, eyes and nostrils. Both were shedders but Dash was a fur factory. He used his fur the way humans use duct tape--he fixed things with it. He put it on top of and inside everything. We breathed it in. I ran two air filters 24/7 for several years and frequently opened windows to air the place out. I bought a steam carpet cleaner. Nothing worked. Floating dander could be appreciated best during early morning hours as the sun lit sideways through the house to reveal a vast ecosystem of clouds and dustbunnies.

In the last four months since Dash died, Moo was genuinely lonely. Moo had never been alone. Not once. Now he was spending 12 hours every day by himself while I went out to earn kitty food money. I could hear him cry plaintively and continuously between my return to the building and my arrival through the apartment door one floor up. His heart finally gave out suddenly but not so suddenly yesterday. I knew it was coming. His decline had been steady for a long time and he was not looking so hot in the past week. I "told" him a few days ago that I would not put him through a cascade of hospital visits and torturous interventions.

The kitty angel was wrong and I am glad she was. These guys grew up to be much bigger than 8 pounds and so much better than any usual domesticated cat. Moo's hug was epic and Dash's yoga warmed hearts.

I have often thought this: Moo and Dash were so loving because they understood after some time that their woodland capture was in fact a homey rescue. Little spirits born in the woods at first trusted no angel or person, but they came to love us unconditionally.
Tom ConcannonBoston, MassachusettsApril 23, 2015
8/12/2004 - 4/20/2015Our dear sweet Cooper. We are going to miss you so much!! Your unconditional love, soft ears, beautiful wagging tail, happy eyes, and the spring in your step are now gone from our lives. Your memory will never leave us. Thank you for 10 ½ years of pure joy. You have crossed that Rainbow Bridge and are playing with Schultz, Dudley, Barclay, and your best buddy Woodruff. Peace to you our Cooper-boy.Debbi EhrgoodSinking Spring, PennsylvaniaApril 23, 2015
6/1/2003 - 4/21/2015My sweet Sara was a rescue pet, but I think she's the one who did the rescuing. My husband and could not have children, so Sara became our little girl. Sara will be missed very much by her family, her mom and dad, her grandma and grandpa, and by her kitty cat brother Jake. We love Sara and will miss you everyday.Deanne ReinhardLititz, PennsylvaniaApril 22, 2015
2/1/1996 - 4/19/2015Our sweet Cali was with us for 19 years, and was a loving companion. She loved to have her chin rubbed, and would purr loudly whenever we were talking to her. She would watch my every move, and come sit with me when I sat down to rest. She loved her Daddy too, but tried not to show it too much--although she loved to snuggle with him once he was asleep in his chair.

In her younger years she would run fast through all our rooms, and enjoyed playing hide & seek. She would sit on "her chair" on the screened porch and soak up the sun, loving every moment. Cali would sit patiently by her bowl, awaiting a special treat whenever we were in the kitchen, and stare us down if we neglected to do so!

I am thankful my baby was in her own home when she had to face the final hour, not in a strange place. We are very grateful for Lap of Love, and Dr Katie Stender's caring manner which made this difficult time easier. Dr. Katie, thank you for the respect and kindness you showed our precious Cali, and for honoring her in her last moments. We love and miss you Cali, and are comforted by your peace now.
Kathy MendezPonte Vedra, FloridaApril 22, 2015
1/1/2000 - 4/11/2015Shadow was a loyal, loving, protector of our home and our children - who are now young adults. He was a beautiful animal and amazing family member. Good boy Shadow, good boy.Jill KelleyOrange Park, FloridaApril 21, 2015
6/1/1997 - 4/19/2015My dearest Misty. Thank you for making the last 16 years of life so joyful. For helping me mourn the loss of my parents, and always being there for me - in times of sorrow, and happiness. I will miss your purr and soft, colorful fur. Your golden eyes, that never missed a thing. You were one of a kind, and I feel blessed that you chose me to be your guardian for the last 16 years. I miss you, Bubala.Kathleen FinnSimi Valley, CaliforniaApril 20, 2015