Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/7/2000 - 9/26/2014Sweet, gentle, silly Abbie, how could so much love be packed into such a tiny being? Thank you for all the love and laughs… for being a faithful and devoted companion… for following me everywhere, all the time… for being my office assistant… for being my workout buddy… for being my shower buddy… for being my housecleaning helper…for all the games of chase… for playing peekaboo at the banister and at the pantry curtain… for “activating” the water each time your drank… for purring me asleep at night… for sunbathing on the deck with me… for never attacking the birds at the deck feeder, even when you had ample opportunity… for putting a big smile on the faces of everyone who met you… for fighting so hard to stay with us and maintain your routines after you got sick. Your spirit was indomitable. You’ll live in my heart forever. It was an honor and privilege to be your person. Sweet dreams, sweet baby girl. I’ll remember, miss and love you always.Pam ShaouyWoodstock, GeorgiaOctober 6, 2014
Our skinny, vocal, funny, runway model cat, Pottsy, crossed over the rainbow bridge last week. Dr. Kim was fantastic with both him and us. We've lost 6 pets in 3 years and Lap of Love has been instrumental in easing our pain. My husband and I are notorious for assisting animals of all shapes & sizes (& usually who are older or not in the best health) so I'm sure our paths will continue to cross. Thank you for the important work you do.Melissa WuBoca Raton, FloridaOctober 5, 2014
10/1/1999 - 10/1/2014My heart is broken.. grateful to have so many joyful years with my little boy.Colleen ThompsonBoca Raton, FloridaOctober 5, 2014
7/4/2000 - 7/25/2014What a great friend. Being a military brat, never had a chance to bond with a pet since we moved so much and always had to give our pets away. Now she lived her entire life with us, from puppy to senior. This time I really had time to bond and know what the love of a pet is truly like. This bonding is unique and a great expression of compassion and love. As I go about my day, I look in the spots where she would lay and be careful not to run in to her. What I miss the most is the happiness in her eyes meeting mine as I arrive home.Al MorenoOrlando, FloridaOctober 5, 2014
3/2/2014 - 7/17/2014Poor little baby. In the 15 weeks we had you our lives were touched by your playful ways and cuddles. A friend to Bruschi and Macy(your mommy figure), our baby kitten. We miss you so much!Michelle WhiteBangor, MaineOctober 5, 2014
4/9/1999 - 9/12/2014Martin was my first adult responsibility and taught me (along with his brothers and sisters that followed) the meaning of unconditional love. He was a lion, a love bug and stinker at times but he was always there for me. I'll miss him laying across my neck at night, kissing his little pink nose and his calming purr.

Martin - Thank you for 15 wonderful years. I love you and I miss you every day. Rest in peace baby boy.


Victoria ChristianChicago, IllinoisOctober 4, 2014
5/20/2014 - 9/30/2014Brittany was our best friend, our princess, Peter's "nanny dog" for 14 years. We miss her every day.Dawn RobertsClinton Township, MichiganOctober 4, 2014
8/29/2001 - 9/25/2014Toby may have been a rescued dog, but I was one who was rescued. He saw me through some very tough times: deaths, cancer scares, job changes, etc. I often said that I wish I could have the attitude he had. No matter what, Toby felt each day was the best day ever. He loved every minute and everybody. How could I not laugh when I would see that goofy smile. Toby, I will never forget you my sweet boy. Happy trails until we meet again.Carol ThomasLutz, FloridaOctober 4, 2014
4/15/2001 - 9/28/2014My wonderful friend, tail always wagging, we miss you so !!!!! Until we meet again, we love you !!!!!louis modestiskokie, IllinoisOctober 3, 2014
6/6/1998 - 10/2/2014Buddy was a very Special boy. He touched the hearts of anyone who met him.Dawn KennedyAmherst, New YorkOctober 3, 2014