Pet Memorials
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2/12/1998 - 4/11/2015Our darling Squeaky....we miss you very much....Ann BroseManchester, MissouriApril 14, 2015
10/10/1999 - 4/7/2015Mr. Nico Samalis

Born on October 10, 1999 and passed peacefully on April 7, 2015.

Nico you had so many aliases; Mr. Nico, Smedberg, Tito, Mr. Wigglesworth, Little Buddy, the list goes on. Over the past 15 years you have been my pet, friend and furry baby. You have been the most loyal and loving companion to me. Any time I was upset about life’s trials and troubles I would look at your smooshy pug face and know that everything will be ok. Cuddling with you was my antidote to anything negative going on in my life. Now as I sit here typing this my heart breaks knowing this is our last night together. As I look down at your smooshy little face, a bit grayer now but still equally cute to me, I know that you won’t be in my office working all day keeping my feet warm and you won’t be there to see Tommy and Henry grow up but I promise you that you will always be a part of our lives because you have given us so many wonderful memories which will last us a lifetime. I hope you had fun little buddy, we certainly enjoyed your love and companionship.

You will never be forgotten. I miss your loud snoring already.

Kimberly SamalisPalm Beach Gardens, FloridaApril 14, 2015
4/10/2015You were mine and I was yours. We were so compatible and boring and perfect. What is there to say but that my heart is on the ground. The apartment is too big without you.Caroline VollmerWashington, District of ColumbiaApril 13, 2015
Lola Jean
2/2/2002 - 4/10/2015This message is in Honor of "Our Beloved, Lola Jean"
She was as sweet as sugar and always enjoyed her sisters and brother. There were four pups, and she loved them all.
She was a gentle soul, we miss her so much. Lola was the first that I have ever lost, she had 5th stage Leukemia. She passed
away just about three weeks after her terminal diagnosis. I suffered the grief of watching her lose half of of her body weight, and I had been cooking for her, and my other three pups no salt meats and eggs homemade. In spite of my efforts she stopped eating three days
before we had to tell her goodbye, a very distressing time to say the least. My heart is broken. We did the humane thing to do for
"her" very painful emotionally for me, it may be part of life, but it's the part " I " don't do so well with.
We hope to see her "The Bridge, Rainbow Bridge"
Ria WordenFUQUAY VARINA, North CarolinaApril 12, 2015
7/22/1996 - 4/10/2015Samson, or Sammy as we called him was the most loving and devoted being I have ever know. It's hard to call him a cat, because he was so much more. He was by my side for almost 19 years, through the good and the bad. We had many great times together and he will be missed more than words can say. It's been almost two days since he passed, and it's been two very long days. When you have a friend like Sammy who is by your side for so long. It's hard to believe he is no longer here. I Love you Samson, with all my heart. I look forward to holding you in Heaven again one day.John ColeyConcord, North CarolinaApril 12, 2015
1/1/1998 - 4/10/2015In loving memory of Clint, who was so special and kind and very much loved. He will be missed so much.Kerry JohnsonVentura, CaliforniaApril 12, 2015
6/7/2015 - 4/10/2015This is a combination memory and story of Riley my Golden. We met through a friend 12 years ago and I adopted him from a single mom with three children who simply could not take care of him. At the time he had an ear infection and other medical issues. I took him to my favorite Vet who gave him a super examination, some medicine and we were on our way.

What a fantastic venture it turned out to me. Let me interject that as hard as it was to let him go, I can honestly say I do not have one, not one single tinge of guilt during our time together. He never heard me raise my voice, discipline him in any way or cause him any harm. He gave me unconditional love and I did my best to return that love and for that I am forever grateful. Yes, I miss him, oh, do I miss him, but together we had a great life.

Without going into detail at an early age Riley became a Service Dog and was proud of his vest and I was proud to say: "He's mine." He took unbelievable care of me, he really did. He could sense things a doctor could not. During the course of years, medication alone took care of my condition, but I still allowed Riley to come with me everywhere. He came to church with me, shopping, to the movie theatre, on too many walks to count, countless trips from Florida to Michigan and back. He visited Rest Homes and Alzheimer's patients. He was with me for parades, loved the Malls, and was with me 24/7 ... I guess you can see how we bonded, and NEVER tired of each other. Memories? Oh, zillions of them. When I reflect on some of them, yes, I cry. Even the most exciting and joyful times. I cry because I miss Riley.

It was not an easy decision to let him go. I prayed over it, discussed it with my Vet and finally I just knew today was the day. In the morning after his duties and breakfast (steak last night and steak for breakfast) we visited all of his friends here and finally his girlfriend, Maggie. We came home and he just looked at me and I could tell he was saying: "I have no more to give. Can I go home?" How, oh how could I say no.

As planned, Dr. Barry arrived and as I held him and loved him and kissed him and told him how much I love him, my Riley slipped from the
boundaries of this life to a life where I am certain he no longer is old. No more pain, no more medicine, no more aging. After his death one
of the first things I did was to take all of his medicine, pain pills and throw them into the trash saying: "Riley, never again will you need these. No more pain or suffering or crying out." Once again, I mentally hug my Riley, give him a kiss and say: "Good Night, my love, good night."

At this time I grieve, I have a deep pit in my stomach, the tears don't want to stop flowing and the exhaustion is great. I know that all of this will in time pass, but my memories of the most wonderful Riley in the world will be with me until he sees me one day and he along with Kelly One, Kelly Two, Nikki and all of my other friends will run across that Rainbow Bridge and never again shall we be separated. Thank you.
Ronald GronowskiKenneth City, FloridaApril 11, 2015
2/14/1998 - 3/23/2015Sweetest cat there ever was..enjoyed having her.Santa ana, CaliforniaApril 10, 2015
3/11/2015It is almost one month since I lost my Romeo. Romeo was my first Boston Terrier. I have another. Anyone who has Bostons know you always get a second. Words cannot describe how much I miss him. He was the heart and soul of the family, a very kind, gentle, loving and intuitive dog. He was an old soul even though he was only 11 years. Romeo loved the simple things in life; a walk, sitting in the sun, a bath, his bones, a piece of my toast in the morning, and chasing King and me through the house. Never did I realize how much i would miss him. I knew I would miss him just didn't know it would be this much.

About 8 months ago, I took him to the eye doctor. He was beginning to lose his sight. He was prescribed meds and he seemed to be getting along ok. One day, I took him outside to play. He stopped and began to turn in circles, almost doing a summersault. All this happened in slow motion. It was very strange. From that point on, he had a head tilt. I took him back for a checkup with the eye doctor. He noted the tilt and suggested I see a neurologist. The neurologist said it was likely he had a brain tumor. He was put on prednisone and seemed to get better but then his heart murmur became much worse. At that point, we began winding down his prednisone meds and his symptoms at that point really came in. At the end, I had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom. He could walk somewhat but became nearly blind. When he barked, he would wail from the pain. It is at that time that I felt I had to call Lap of Love. I told him what was going to happen. He seemed to understand. I told him not to be afraid, that this was the normal course of life. On the day that the vet was to come, Romeo looked at me and said, "let's go for a walk". The whole family went. He knew the path and routine. We took pics when we came home. It was almost as if he said, "I want to enjoy this last day on earth". And he did. As we waited for the vet, King my other Boston, laid next to him. We all waited on the couch looking out the door. And then he came. We put the other dogs in the laundry room. The vet was very gentle and kind. We told Romeo it was ok and that we loved him very much and thanked him for for bringing so much joy to our lives. We held him as the doctor gave the shot...and then he was gone. So, now we continue to mourn. We ensure that our other two dogs have lots of love. One is a pug (16 yrs) and the other a Boston (10 years) unfortunately has heart disease.

I am so grateful that we walked into the pet store next to the Home Depot on University Drive that day. Not sure what made us do that. Fate, I suppose. As we looked at the dogs, this Boston Terrier caught our eye. He sat up and just looked at us. He was a little older, maybe 3 months. As we walked down the aisle looking at the other dogs, I looked back at him and he was still looking at us. He never let his eyes off of us. It is as if he selected us for his forever home. What a joy he gave us for 11 years. We miss you Romeo and think of you everyday! I know you will be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, God Bless you.
Lake Worth, FloridaApril 9, 2015
1/29/1998 - 4/7/2015My little man Tommy. My Mom & I found you back in 2006 at a shelter in O.C. I knew you would be the perfect companion for her. They told us you where 3 years old but when the day came to pick you up we were informed your where more like 8 years old. But that was fine with us. You where very shy & had a few issues but we always loved you. When Mom died only one year later you came to live with my family. You had no problem becoming a pack member. Even though you only weighted 24 pounds you fit in just fine with the big dogs. You always held your own. And such a brave boy you where. You where a strange little duck but that made you even more special. Thanks for the joy you gave us all. You are missed my little man.Jo Ann KemberlingWrightwood, CaliforniaApril 9, 2015