Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/4/1999 - 9/4/2014Our amazing, gentle, loving Luna;
Thank you for giving us 15 years of laughter, comforting hugs/kisses and unconditional love. What a blessing to come home to those beautiful brown eyes and that warm, wonderful spirit. You were a guardian, a friend and a huge piece of home to each of us. So many years of celebration, loss and growth you were there, right beside us everyday. You were so incredibly smart and intuitive...from the very joyous day you became such an important part of our family until the day you joined Grammy in heaven you filled our lives with magical, beautiful memories. You will live on forever in our hearts. Each night when we see the moon we will know you are always there...keeping watch. Rest in peace our precious girl enjoy your happy, healthy time in heaven, until we see you again.
We love you Luna beam, to the moon and back.

Love Always,
Your Family :)

A special thanks to Dr. Dana for being so kind and gentle to our girl. Thank you for the kind words, encouragement, and for making such a difficult time more bearable. We were so lucky to have you with us at a such tender moments.
Susan and Caroline RivenbarkChapel Hill, North CarolinaSeptember 6, 2014
11/22/1996 - 9/3/2014Winston, a very affectionate cat. he loved attention and actually acted a lot like a dog in his elder non outdoor life, He would follow as I entered the kitchen always hoping for a treat and would always demand attention the moment I would sit down. But my fondest memory and his legacy was during his time in the outdoors as he roamed the block and called it his own, battling for his turf while making friends with the neighbors in hopes of attention and treats. A hunter who had a fondness for chipmunks. Proudly gifting and boasting his prize at our front door, alive or not. Like most outdoor cats this is where he most wanted to spend most of his time. A great companion who will be missed and remembered always.Rich CharetteEdison, New JerseySeptember 6, 2014
11/1/1999 - 9/5/2014Living, protective, beautiful Misha you were and always will be loved by us all Our Angel"Yakima & Robert ShieldsFlorissant, MissouriSeptember 6, 2014
7/15/2003 - 9/3/2013Simon, You were always our peace maker, our greeter ( you thought everyone came to see you when you heard the doorbell), our goodwill ambassador, and Sophie's "chosen" lifemate. You and your brother helped to heal us when we lost two cats in 2003. We picked you and CeeCee to fill the void, and you sure did! Everyone loved you, because you were sweet, loving and asked for nothing except a good scratch under the chin. We tried to save you. We unfortunately visited our Vet too frequently (sometimes weekly), to save you. After 6 months, your little body wasted away from 18 lb(when we noticed you were losing weight) to 12lb.... your "normal" weight was around 20lb. Big, for a cat... but you were such a big, long legged boy, that you were perefcct at that weight! Carcinomatosis robbed us and your sisters and brothers of a longer life( you were only 11). We MISS you more han words can say. Each day gong forward is tough without you in it. We know though, that Grandma met you, and your cat cousins as well as other brother and sisters, and we take great comfort in that. You were SO brave.... never letting on how ill you really were. And, when you passed, your bravery, was never more apparent than in those precious moments between this world and the next... when your final breaths were taken here on earth. We are honored and priveledged to have known you and to have been with you when you left us, kissing you and telling you we were here.. still loving you, always loving you. We know God gave you to us, "on loan"... and we know we all return, but oh,, what JOY and love YOU brought to our little family. It will nevr be the same without you. Love, your Mom and DadMichelle DannerJacksonville, FloridaSeptember 5, 2014
6/12/2000 - 9/4/2014My dear "old man",
Thank you so much for being part of my childhood. Believe it or not you taught me many things growing up. Thank you for being the best man at my wedding. You will always be my loving brother.
Goodnight old man.
Fabian RojasDunedin, FloridaSeptember 5, 2014
7/3/1999 - 8/30/2014You bounded into our hearts at 8 weeks old and became such an important member of our family. You sailed through Puppy Kindergarten and somehow knew you could sleep on the kids beds without ever trying to get onto any other furniture in the house. Your boundless happiness & smiling face welcomed family & friends by hugging them between their legs from either the front or the back. It was your way of saying, "Hey I'm down here!". It always worked too didn't it? You were there through thunderstorms & teen adolescence, the first day of kindergarten and at the high school & college graduation parties -- always happy to be wherever your family was. You traveled many miles with us as a wonderful companion. It was a gift that you were with us 15 years ... We will keep the wonderful memories of you in our hearts forever...Linda & Craig NowickeTampa, FloridaSeptember 5, 2014
9/9/2003 - 9/2/2014Ludo 9/9/03-9/2/14
For the last 11 years I was blessed to get to share nearly every hour of my life with the best dog I could ask for. His eyes always watching out for me, making me laugh, & giving me unconditional love until his last breath. He was my protector & best friend, a one in a million dog. Ludo, you will be in my heart forever.
Mailani DeYoungHuntington Beach, CaliforniaSeptember 4, 2014
1/11/1999 - 8/29/2014My dear Berkeley,
You know I always said God made you for me. That must be why He gave us 15 1/2 wonderful years together. You were everything I ever wanted in a dog and more. You were silly, goofy and had a great sense of humor. You were full of love for every person you met. You were my girl, my first dog as an adult, my companion, my love... and I will cherish every memory of you forever. Thank you for every moment we had together. You live forever in my heart.
Jen DavenportSimi Valley, CaliforniaSeptember 4, 2014
2/25/2012 - 9/3/2014Our dear Cody Boy...Our hearts are so empty without you here with us. Last night was our first night without you and it was so very painful to get through. This morning I came down the stairs only to find emptiness and no sign of your sweet self. I collapsed in tears knowing that I will never get to hug you again. Thank you for letting us love you, dear boy. Forever in our hearts.Patti BolioCary, North CarolinaSeptember 4, 2014
Chandler Bing
8/31/2014In loving memory of Chandler, a 14 year old Chow/Shepherd mix from Warrenville, SC. He joined his family 14 years ago from the local ASPCA when they were in search of a family dog. The ASPCA had officially named him Chandler Bing. Can you guess after what famous TV Show? That’s right! “Friends”. The family shortened his name to “Chandler”; it was much easier to call out. Chandler was a great puppy, he loved living outdoors and lucky for him he had a great backyard to explore. He never even tried to come into the house, even when they went to the lake he did not try to come into the lake house. He loved his job of protecting the yard and guarding the fence. He would always bark if someone was coming up the driveway or at the door. He was a gentle giant that was great with the grandkids, other dogs and even cats. He had several shade spots around the yard strategically positioned under beautiful bushes. His favorite food was “leftovers”, he loved to play fetch but he did not return, and he loved to play in the snow. His favorite toy was a Kong stuffed with a treat. As the years wore on, Chandler’s body just started to deteriorate compromising his quality of life, but Chandler still enjoyed guarding the fence. When it was time, he had London broil leftovers, took a tour of the yard and settled into one of his shade spots. When he was ready to get his angel wings his entire family surrounded him on the back deck overlooking his beautiful yard and set him free. Chandler was able to enter the Rainbow Bridge with the love of his family by his side where he can continue to stand guard over them until he can reunite with them again. RIP Chandler!Johnna GregoryWarrenville, South CarolinaSeptember 3, 2014