Pet Memorials
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2/8/2013 - 4/23/2014Duncan, thank you so much for the love you brought to our family. Your daddy is just beside himself missing you. Thank you for being so strong and never letting your sickness kill your strong spirit. You will forever be in our hearts.rochelle priceJacksonville, FloridaApril 24, 2014
12/13/2003 - 4/22/2014Zorro, you will always be forever in our hearts. You gave us 10 years of happiness and unconditional love. Miss you so much. Run to the Bridge.....see you there.Linda GiacaloneNutley, New JerseyApril 24, 2014
Dante's inferno
5/12/2000 - 4/6/2014In dear, loving memory of Dante's Inferno - better known as Dante - a black, furry chow/border collie/setter mix that jesse rescued from the Houston, TX ASPCA in 2000. He peacefully made his way to the Rainbow Bridge at the gates of Heaven this past Sunday afternoon, April 6, 2014. This is also the date of jesse's Mom's birthday; she left us nearly two years ago.

Dante had been his daddy's constant companion through everything in life for 16 years. He adapted well to a number of changes in living quarters and daddy's work as well as the addition of other furry family members. He missed his daddy when work kept him away from home but had his girlfriend, Kayleigh (a spaniel/corgi mix), and Mildmay (a Bengal/domestic shorthair tabby) to keep him company. They all guarded the home well and helped to keep it full of laughter and affection

Dante had been battling mobility and arthritis issues for a while. He bore his ailments bravely, though, and kept up a brave and noble demeanor throughout. He loved his ear rubs and especially "treat and movie" times with daddy, Kayleigh, and Mildmay. Sadly, Dante took a sudden turn for the worst and collapsed late Saturday evening. He could not get up without a great deal of assistance and was beginning to have breathing problems. His daddy did not want his big, brave guy to suffer any longer and because of this the decision was made to set him free in the kindest manner possible.

Dante - your dad, jesse, along with Kayleigh, Mildmay, Mom and Dad, Kate, and Kat all love and miss you so very much. You were always such a good dog. We know you are enjoying exploring Heaven and frolicking with Mom/Beverly. Rest in peace, dear soul. We are all so grateful to you for carrying our personal love and wishes to Mom on her birthday this year. You will forever be missed but we will all see you again some day when we finally cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Forever love,

jesse teeHouston, TexasApril 24, 2014
6/4/1999 - 4/21/2014Thanks buddy for being my rock so many times when I needed you. Also thanks for being my pillow when you knew I was tired. You will truly have a place in many peoples hearts. Forever and a Day I Love You. See ya later, my handsome boy. XOXO Daddy.Tommy SellersEtowah, North CarolinaApril 23, 2014
4/22/2014Tony you will always be our sweet kitty carinochi and parlanchini, you will be in our hearts forever. You are a truly gift from God. Tony thank you for making us so happyJenny PerezVirginia beach, VirginiaApril 23, 2014
1/2/2003 - 4/16/2014Brea was our 'little girl', our 'Boo', our 'baby' and the love of our lives. She was still trying to take care of us all the way to the very end--making sure WE were ok, before she would allow herself to take her beautiful angel wings & fly to the Rainbow Bridge, leaving all the pain behind. We love you, oh, so dearly, Brea! <3Della-Marie PotterJacksonville, FloridaApril 23, 2014
8/16/1999 - 4/16/2014To my Zoe - thank you for the 14+ years of loyalty and unconditional love. You brought great joy to all who had the honor of meeting and petting you. Your soul was beautiful and I hope to see it again in another puppy you send me when you think is the right time. We love you and miss you terribly but I know you're at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for when God calls on me.Ana AliceaYorktown, VirginiaApril 23, 2014
4/21/2000 - 3/21/2014My little Boo man...all the things I miss about you are all the things that bring my sad heart joy...My life has changed profoundly with your loss. I will always have you in my heart until we meet again at the bridge. Lucy is missing you too!Nancy HomyakPalmerton, PennsylvaniaApril 22, 2014
3/28/1999 - 4/18/2014Callisto was such a loving dog that always followed me around from one room to the next. She was my workout buddy and loved to sit next to the elliptical machine as I ran. She loved to cuddle with the family as we sang her favorite song to her.
When she was a puppy, she loved to jump up and tease Athena her older sister. Athena passed away in May of 2010 so we decide to get her a companion and picked up Zoe in Dec of 2012 from Atlanta. At first she hated the little vibrate puppy but soon her love grew and the little one taught Callisto how to be young again. Both loved to grab ice cubes and run with them to the couch. Last year Callisto was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. We tried everything to keep her symptoms down and she made it to her 15 birthday but then seemed to decline quickly. On wed night she laid with me and we cuddled all night. I looked her in the eyes and could see her pain and decided I would not let her stay in pain anymore. Friday we drove to a beautiful local canal and laid her down on her favorite pink blanket to rest and drift off to heaven. I played the song "let her go" and her pain went away. I loved that dog with all my heart and I hope she is running around with her older sister in heaven teasing her again.She was part of our family and we will miss her furry little face every day. RIP Callisto!
Karen BengivenniBoynton Beach, FloridaApril 22, 2014
12/16/2004 - 4/8/2014Valentine the love of my life. My walking and rollerblading buddy. My snuggle baby.My ruby red lips.My luscious lemon.My seal pup.My everything.I breathe your breath and you breathe mine.Run and play,Mommy will find you at the rainbow bridge when its time. You are in my heart. Daddy,Brandy,Holly and Piper miss you too.Logan will look out for you.My Valentine.Janet CrossWellington, FloridaApril 22, 2014