Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/1/2005 - 2/20/2021Gracie was a rescue and she brought happiness into my life for the last 11 years. She was faithful, loving, and my constant companion. I will always miss and treasure her.Sheri FrancisSarasota, FloridaFebruary 28, 2021
11/12/2006 - 2/26/2021Meeko will always and forever be in our hearts. He meant the world to us and our lives have forever been changed. What brings us peace is knowing that has crossed the bridge and we will see him again. Until that time, rest in peace, Meeko.Stacy CarlsonTuttle, OklahomaFebruary 28, 2021
Itsy Bitsy Freeman
5/4/2004Our hearts are shattered as we had to say goodbye to our beautiful sweet baby girl Itsy Bitsy last week. She brought us 14-3/4 years of joy and my boys grew up with her. Itsy Bitsy and I became old ladies together. She was such a beautiful, good girl and so loyal, and she appointed herself as the guard dog for my mom and then for my dad, who live next door. She was so faithful and loving. She was the best family dog and we will love her and miss her forever. I’m so sorry that you had to suffer baby girl 💔 I hope my Mom was waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge 🌈 We will never forget you and the love that we shared.Terry FreemanFalls Church, VirginiaFebruary 28, 2021
6/1/2020 - 2/19/2021My sweet Zazzie girl! You have been by my side for the past 18 1/2 years. You had the kindest most gentle soul. Our lives were changed forever, the day you came home as a little baby kitten . We had so many wonderful adventures together in the many relocations our family went through. You and Zoe always adjusted so well because of all the love we shared. When we had to say goodbye to Zoe in August 2020, I knew your heart was sad and you missed him everyday. We all leaned on each other to get through the heartbreak of the loss of our handsome boy Zoe. You showed us how to be strong when it hurt so much . You and Zoe were my 6 am alarm clock for the past 18. 1/2 years. Each of you, on one side of me , when I opened my eyes, you gave me kisses and hugs to start my day. Me and your Dad were so very blessed to have had you both as our furry babies and now you are together at the rainbow bridge with Zoe. . Knowing that you are both together is the comfort and peace we are holding on to in this most difficult time. We are forever grateful to Dr. Elisabeth Gill and Lap Of Love for their gentle compassion and patience, the second time helping us through this heartbreaking experience. Fly high my sweet Zazzie girl, as I know you will be waiting for us with Zoe, at the Rainbow Bridge.Sheri CarastroWindermere, FloridaFebruary 27, 2021
Rocky De Oliveira
11/22/2006 - 2/20/2021Our ROCKY, or Bubu, as we kindly called him, left this earth on Feb 20th 2021. What a sad day for us to have to make the hardest decision for our beloved dog. He gifted us with his friendship, loyalty, kindness, and warmth for 14 years. We truly felt his unconditional love. He was an Olde English Bulldog, strong witted and strong build, muscular, husky, loved to go on long walks (2 hours sometimes) and loved to enjoy doggy ice cream, play at the dog park, and was present at every family gathering. He loved salmon, bread, barbeque, and treats!

Our sweet pup is gone but forever his memory will remain. We found encouragement in Scripture, since we are reminded that our dear pets are created by God, and that they hold a special place in creation. We truly believe that we will meet again, that today he is playing like the pup he was, somewhere over the rainbow. Until we meet again our sweet prince, the house is so empty without you, our tears wet our pillow case every night when we look and do not see you, and the scent of you is fading, we are trying to hold onto every memory, but your presence in our hearts will never fade. We love you ROCKY!

Job 12: 7-10, “But ask the animals, and they will teach you,
or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;
8 or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,
or let the fish in the sea inform you.
9 Which of all these does not know
that the hand of the Lord has done this?
10 In his hand is the life of every creature
and the breath of all mankind."

Ecclesiastes 3:18-21
8 I also said to myself, “As for humans, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. 19 Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; humans have no advantage over animals. Everything is meaningless. 20 All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. 21 Who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?”
Stephanie and Nathalie de OliveiraOrlando, FloridaFebruary 27, 2021
2/1/2008 - 2/26/2021There is nothing else we can do for him. Take him home and love him all you can.

Words you never want to hear from your veterinarian.

Mojo. The first of his name. Chaser of chipmunks and guardian of the hill. The rock star of cats.

He was our bonus cat. He showed up and adopted us in 2009. A lap cat that just wanted to be loved. And the freedom to go out and kill. Squirrels, rabbits, birds, chipmunks – all fair game in Mojo’s mind. We could never quite tame him. Indoors or out, it was Mojo’s world. We were here to keep the chow bowl filled, rub his belly, and hide the bodies.

We saw the signs. Always a big, muscular boy, he was losing weight. He lost interest in the outdoors. The vet visits started. We tried steroids to stimulate his appetite. It worked for a while. Then he started to bring up his food. We tried medication to settle his stomach. It worked for a while. His fur – his thick, beautiful fur – started thinning out. He began crying out. At the last vet visit, we were told what we already knew but did not want to hear: I’m sorry. There is nothing else we can do for him…..

Rest easy Mojo. We will always love you all we can.
Tammy and Tim SmithCENTER VALLEY, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2021
Khloe Mama Olan
11/14/2015Khloe was a little firecracker. We got her as a puppy from a family who realized that her and their “older” dog did not get along. We instantly fell in love with her. She was the third member of our fur babies and the youngest. My other Boston Terrier and my Lhasa Apso were a bit jealous at first but in no time they were quite the trio. They enjoyed snuggling together on Daddy’s favorite chair (my recliner) and they enjoyed chasing each other around the yard. Khloe had quite the appetite. There was nothing she wouldn’t eat (including her nail trimmings and had a liking for the other dogs poop 🙄) That required us to constantly be outside with the pooper scooper to make sure the yard was clean. She was a cuddler. Also enjoyed being snuggled up beside one of us and in no time snoring like a drunk old man. LoL. She also loved being under the covers at night in our bed with us (Boston Terriers always do this) She was our sweet little baby girl and unfortunately a disease which hindered her within a week gave us the most difficult decision of having to send her to Doggy Heaven way to early. She impacted our lives immensely , she will always be our baby girl. She will be missed dearly. I never realized how hard it would be to part with one of our dogs. My two others know she isn’t here. They sense her absence. That breaks my heart. She will make quite the impression on the other lovely animals in her new home over the rainbow.Edwin OlanLebanon, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2021
4/1/2005 - 1/22/2021T he day I met you as a puppy, I saw my heart melt and a joy that could only be topped by the
16 years that followed

O ne dog, but ½ human at times when you seemed to understand my tribulations and we
went through life

B onded as buddies and I knew you could never be replaced; that’s why this hole in my heart
can never be repaired but I know you are not suffering anymore

Y ou were beyond “special” and everyone that met you loved you infinitely. I love you as
much & then some; and even though you are not here physically, I look forward to when
we can be together again at the “bridge”. Thank you for waiting for me….. again
Daniel PodolicCheektowaga, New YorkFebruary 27, 2021
9/15/2001 - 2/24/2021We lost our sweet Nala this week after almost 20 years of being with us. She was so sweet and loving and we will miss her cuddles. She brought such joy to our family and nearly ruled our house at times. She loved sitting by the window and chirping at the birds as they flew by. Her favorite place in the winter was sprawled out in front of the fire place. She knew how to make people smile when in a bad mood with her love. We miss your presence so much but know you are in a better place now. You will always be in our hearts and truly changed my life for the good.Jessica CatesGreenwood, IndianaFebruary 27, 2021
12/3/2008 - 1/13/2021In loving memory of our Buddy, our baby, our best friend, and the best part of every day. Loving you brought us more joy than we could have ever deserved, and losing you has left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. You taught us so much about life, love, and what really matters. Now, we are learning to lean on each other the way we always leaned on you. We feel you all around us and are trying to find comfort in the countless memories we have of our Mr. Butters, Stinky Butt, Mommy's Angel. If our love could have kept you healthy, you would have truly lived forever. In our hearts forever <3Chris and Katie HolderBridgeport, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2021