Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/2/2003 - 3/28/2021With my everlasting thanks to Mary and Cliff and Sarah for loving him and caring for him / catering to him for the last eight years of his long life.

I set out to make sure he was happy and secure and well-beloved all his days. I wasn't always a perfect dog mom, but I think on the whole we succeeded.

You'll always be in my heart, little big dude. <3
Melissa SpencerAltamonte Springs, FloridaMarch 30, 2021
There is a hole in my heart today as we said goodbye to Sawyer yesterday. I loved you fiercely and with all my heart. You brought 16 years of pure joy, happiness, and comfort to my life. You were the sweetest and lovable dog ever. I will think of you every day when I see everything you enjoyed. I will walk past all the favorite places you loved and smile knowing you’re with me in spirit. Rest In Peace my sweet Sawyer.Suzanne BloomfieldGahanna, OhioMarch 29, 2021
3/19/2021 - 3/26/2021Our amazing Gigzy. There are no words. You were the absolute best dog for the last 13 years. We will miss you everyday. Thank you for always taking care of our family. Your love and companionship was like no other. Love you Gigzy.Jessie HoffmanDublin, OhioMarch 29, 2021
3/27/2021I know she was “just” a cat.. but to me, she was everything.

Newcat passed away, peacefully in my arms on March 27th, 2021. I know this might seem a bit odd to most of you, the announcement of a pet passing, but to me, she was my child.

Newcat came into my life 2004, when I was just 22, begging for food in Ohlone park in Berkeley. I was lucky enough to have a job that afforded me decadent lunches’, and on the day I met Newnie, we had sushi. She was a stray begging for food and I was more than happy to feed her. When I met her, she reminded me of my favorite cat in a picture book my mom had given to me years ago, and I fell in love immediately. She was very small, and to my surprise, she remained small for 17 years. A forever kitten.

She got her name because, at the time, I had two other cats and my partner refused to host another, but I persisted and told him that if we didn’t give her a name, we wouldn’t get attached and we would find her another home.

Within days, we were referring to her by novel behavior and the term “the new cat did…..” became a regular occurrence. And very quickly, her name became “Newcat”. Whether it was jumping into the shower, and hopping on top of the sink to drink water, fetching birds, or teaching herself how to pee in the toilet she was amazing. She also always loved water. And from then on, we referred to her as Newcat.

17 years later, she was still the same sweet girl. Anyone who ever met her will tell you she was the most amazing cat they’ve ever met. I KNOW EVERYONE says that…. But she was really exceptional, and if you’ve met her, then you already know. She was a treasure, not just to me, but to anyone she came into contact with.

There were years where she lived with my mom, in Miwuk for a while, and again at watergate and Elms st. She was always the one who stayed home, waiting for company (and of course food).

Newnie would eat all KINDS of food, well, anyone who has ever met her will tell you that she was a regular beggar, eating anything from green beans to potato chips. Her favorite foods were broccoli and salmon.

It’s been really hard. My life nowadays revolves around my pets, and to me they are family, and this is why I felt I should share this with you all now. Thank you for reading and if you have the time of will, please share any memories you might have with her.

I will always miss and her,
Mera WestEmeryville, CaliforniaMarch 29, 2021
10/5/2021 - 3/28/2021Long live the King

I met Bruno on the second day of existence in this world. From the moment we met I fell in love with him, not knowing how much this little soul would shape my life.

For the past decade Bruno and I have been as thick as thieves. We traveled through Mexico, California, the Coast of Oregon and Washington State. He loved the beach, chicken, madeleines, cuddling, barking, soccer and being the center of attention. He enjoyed being sang to and I enjoyed making a new song for him daily.

Bruno was my silent accomplice, he was there in the biggest changes of my life. Always loyal, never judging, patient and incredibly loving. He was a genuinely wise and faithful soul. Even with the passing of time, in my eyes he was always just a baby puppy.

Being Bruno’s parent has been one of the biggest honors of my life. I will miss him deeply and hope that he felt the love and loyalty he always provided even in his last days. Love really has boundaries, it’s everlasting and eternal, and without it life would have no flavor.

I hope we meet again my little friend, Rest In Peace.
Carlos CruzSeattle, WashingtonMarch 29, 2021
5/12/2009 - 3/26/2021Rosco was sweetest pup anyone could’ve asked for, He made so many people smile over the years,
Thank you for the walks together and the good times together.
We will forever love you and will hold you in our hearts,
Temi HarrisDes Moines, WashingtonMarch 29, 2021
Little Boy
4/1/2021 - 3/7/2021Little Boy Blue,

We definitely hit the jackpot when you came into our lives. We always had big dogs, and here you come! You stole our hearts from the beginning. It didn't take long for us to realize who the boss was. I remember the first time you growled at me to be covered up. You were sitting on the couch next to me and started to growl. I wasn't sure why, but decided to cover you up and there started a life long habit. It truly was so cute, no matter where you were sleeping, you made your sweet little growl and we knew what to do. You learned to tell me when it was dinner and breakfast time too. What a smart little man. You were such a sweet boy. I remember you being the cutest alarm clock for Hunter when he was a grouchy teenager in the mornings. You made it A LOT easier to wake your brother! You also welcomed EVERYONE into our home, humans and every dog I brought home. You became a diabetic at age 7 and were such a wonderful patient. Such a trooper who made it easy for Mommy to take good care of you. You ate your meal and then came in the living room and laid down in front of me to get your insulin shot. Man I was so lucky to have such a good boy. I can't forget what a great little traveler you were. We traveled many miles together over the years and you were always such a good boy. Me, Daddy and Hunter will miss you always. Saying goodbye to our sweet little man was SOOOO hard. You were just a few weeks away from 16. We did everything to help you feel better, but your little body was wore out. Now you are pain free, cough free, diabetes free. No more insulin shots, not more blood sugar checks, no more vet appointments you are in Gods hands. I know you are running free, a young dog again in the arms of Mema, Grandpa and Durees. We love you Little Boy. Rest in peace our precious boy, until we meet again! Mommy, Daddy and Hunter
Tracey ZynieckiMontgomery, TexasMarch 29, 2021
Duchess Abigail Von Meow Meow (abby)
4/1/2003Abby, you are the bravest and most precious kitty that ever lived. We miss you so much and the house and our hearts seems so empty with out you. You cute meow as we would enter are now the sweet meows heard in heaven. We were blessed to have you as long as we did. You are forever in our hearts and in our minds. Much love my sweet Abby.Diana Carlson and Jillian CarlsonAlachua, FloridaMarch 29, 2021
11/1/2010 - 3/20/2021Mia was such a sweet, lovable, fun and outgoing dog. Mia was absolutely loved by everyone who met her. She greeted everyone with nonstop tail wagging and lots of kisses. She loved playing with her tennis balls and going for walks in the park. She showed all of us so much love and loyalty her entire life. She loved to be surrounded by people and especially loved to cuddle in the bed at night under the blankets. When we would get home from the store she would always go into the bags, take out her treats and bring them over to her bed. Sometimes she would mistake a bag of vegetables or chips as hers so we had to make sure we watched what she took. Haha. She loved opening Christmas presents with us on Christmas Day. She would take them out from under the tree and start to open them by herself. She most definitely showed us all ongoing unconditional love and we loved her right back!! She was and still is loved beyond words. We miss her terribly but we find reassurance knowing that she is up at the Rainbow Bridge running around playing ball watching down on all of us. WE LOVE YOU MIMI xoxoxoxo Forever in our hearts <3Steven LynchNorth Babylon, New YorkMarch 28, 2021
5/6/2008 - 3/20/2021The house feels empty without you, Tanner. Thank you for 13 great years of love.Todd HuseHerndon, VirginiaMarch 28, 2021