Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Mr. C
2/5/2003 - 3/28/2021May your rest be as peaceful and loving as the time we shared together....there could never be another like you.Richard FlorioHuntington, New YorkMarch 31, 2021
4/17/2008 - 3/28/2021Our sweet Larry was afraid of everything. Leaves, birds, rain, melting snow, bicycles, empty boxes, you name it. We loved him for that. He was my shadow and followed me from place to place no matter what was going on and loved to look our our sliding doors to the nature beyond. My favorite thing to do with him while he was looking out was whisper into his soft ear fur, "What do you see out there?" Then I would whisper all of the things to see and he would act like he was really looking for those things. He was always up for a kiss or a snack or Pink Floyd. My husband and I aren't the biggest fans, but Larry would always lie down and roll over with his feet relaxed when Floyd was playing. We made sure "Wish You Were Here" was playing as we said goodbye.Liz VaughnCranberry Township, PennsylvaniaMarch 31, 2021
6/26/2005 - 3/15/2021Our sweet girl Freya, forever our girl. You were the love, beauty and blessings in our home and your name will always match your true loving spirit and beauty. You were always there as a part of our family and always offering support. You and I had a very special connection and through this past year as you became weaker, I loved taking care of you even more, making sure you were as comfortable as you could be. Our bond will never be broken and my tears are filled with sadness for the loss I feel in my heart. I feel your free spirit and your love you had for life and the simple pleasures you enjoyed daily.....sniffing outside at your favorite spots, looking for friendly faces in the neighborhood, special treats, middle of the night starlit walks and munching on snow in the winter. I will never forget the loyalty you had for your family. You were wonderful with Alexa, Hayden, Layne, Tey and Troy and we couldn’t have asked for a more gentle, friendly girl. I miss you so much and I wish I could hold you one more time and rub your chin, kiss your soft little head and feel your soft velvet floppy ears while telling you how much I love you. I told you everything was going to be ok and it was so hard to to say goodbye but now we know you are at peace and you are in a happy place where you can run free with ease and your legs are strong again. You are reunited with Grandpa, Midnight, your sister Cassidy, and friend Zoe. You will always be in our hearts ....until we see you again. Until mommy gets to hold you sweet girl.Ingrid WintersMetuchen, New JerseyMarch 31, 2021
Rhett Butler
7/26/2005 - 3/28/2021Our baby boy gained his angel wings on March 28, 2021. We are heartbroken that he is no longer physically with us but find comfort that our boy is now able to run and walk with no pain. Rhett Butler spent the past 16 years as the center of our world. He came into our lives when we were newly married and since we do not have human children, he consumed our love, time and affection. He had attitude for days and only had eyes for his daddy. In his younger days he was an epic cat hearder and would frequently coral our cats under the dinning room table. He was smart as a whip and new all his toys by name and would fetch them on command. He loved to play soccer and was a great goalie. He enjoyed riding in the truck and in his golden years enjoyed evening rides around the neighborhood in his radio flyer wagon. I think he thought he was in his our parade riding through the neighborhood for all to see. We were privileged to know him and love him for so long. How lucky we were to have him in our lives. We miss him something terrible.Amy & Jon LeeRound Rock, TexasMarch 31, 2021
11/12/2006 - 3/29/2021I've had lucy since the day she was born. She fit in the palm of my hand. She was the first pet that was truly mine and i miss her so incredibly much. I have so much to say about her but i dont know where to begin. She was such a huge part of my family that our house feels incomplete now. We are thinking of all our happy memories with her. She lived in California with my husband and i for a few years before we had kids and she got to do all sorts of fun things. She climbed mountains, swam in oceans, and basked in the sun for most of her California days. Back in Michigan we were lucky enough to buy my childhood home so lucy also got to live in the same house she was born in and now she gets to stay here with us forever. She was so funny and loyal, every night, even after she lost her vision and hearing she would still find her spot next to me on the couch and then upstairs with me when it was bedtime. Lucy was truly the best girl and we could take her anywhere without problems. She loved camping and sleeping in a chair next to the fire with us. When we had kids she became the most patient, and tolerant girl and loved our kids so much. Our lives really did change the day we lost her. It was very peaceful and we knew it was time. We know we can never replace her and our hearts will always hold a spot for her, she was more than our dog she really is a member of our family. Until we can see you again someday baby girl, we love you Loo. Love, mommy, daddy, cal and owen <3Brittney CrooymansGrand rapids, MichiganMarch 30, 2021
10/2/1995 - 3/30/2021I had my baby Onyx for 25 yrs. He was the only male I had but he won't be the last. He consoled me when my husband passed and he has been there always for me. I LOVE YOU ONYX!!!Patrice BrandtSaint Clair Shores, Michigan, MichiganMarch 30, 2021
9/25/2005 - 3/29/2021We missed you so much this morning, our first without you and it was hard to bare. You seemed to know how much we loved you and didn't want you to leave. You always gave us so much more love than we could ever return. Thank you for all the love and memories. We are blessed beyond belief that you were in our lives. One day we will see you again in heaven! Love you mucho forever!Regina VertuccioBradenton, FloridaMarch 30, 2021
4/15/2021 - 3/26/2021Our darling girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge with the help of Dr. Kelly with me by her side.
Everyone loved this sweet girl ... EVERYONE. When she was a young lady she would stand with her paws on the couch next to my Grandma and get all the pets her heart could handle. Lana dated a much younger man named Wickett who lives next door... they always touched noses through the fence.
Lana was a gentle soul with the biggest heart, loved by anyone who met her and mourned by her devoted parents and her bossy little brother.
Angel DannenbergHudsonville, MichiganMarch 30, 2021
7/21/2021 - 3/29/2021Dovi by far was the best doggie we've ever had. Our hearts are so heavy that this is going to take so much time to get through. Our home is so quiet. I miss the jingles of his collar when he was wandering through the house looking for one of us. He had to sit in your lap at all times. I will miss when I would get ready for bed time, I would call my daughter to tuck me in (because I was always the early one to bed) dovi knew this and he was right beside be following me to bed to snooze until me of my kids got him to sleep with them. When you would pet him and he was content, he would tilt his head on your arm or chest and it felt like a hug. Life without him will never be the same.Nckole BrewsterRiverview, FloridaMarch 30, 2021
3/1/2006 - 3/27/2021We loved you your whole life and we'll miss you the rest of ours.Denise RiordanEDISON, New JerseyMarch 30, 2021