Pet Memorials
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8/14/2005 - 3/25/2021In loving memory of our sweet girl Sali, and the 15 and a half years of joyful memories that she brought into our lives. Words cannot express how much she is (and will be) missed. She will remain forever in our hearts.Etien GonzalezWest Palm Beach, FloridaMarch 27, 2021
8/17/2004 - 3/23/2021Dear Oliver Monster,
I can't believe that you're gone. I keep looking over expecting to see you, and I'm gutted every time your bed is empty. Thank you for being the very best friend that I could have ever had. You were the very best boy. We had so many adventures together, from shooting the hooch, you jumping from tube to tube to visit with everyone, playing basketball in the backyard, to traveling across the country to make our new home in the pacific northwest. You were my support through some of the most difficult, trying years of my life. I don't know what I would have done or where I would be now without you. You were the best judge of character. You picked Matt even before I knew he was the one, and he loves and misses you just as much as I do. We will love you and miss you forever.
Kali CooperBeaverton, OregonMarch 27, 2021
6/15/2013 - 3/25/2021Dear baby girl, our sweet Auggie, we loved you more than anything in this world. You gave us so much love, friendship, snuggles, stinky kisses and comfort when you knew we needed it. So many things we will miss about you pretty girl. Our home is definitely a little emptier without you in it. Look over daddies and Brooklyn and Roxy. We will see you one day, until then run free, play with all the kitties you want, chase the bunnies and eat whatever you want! You'll forever be in our heart.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." Winnie the Pooh
Christopher & Jarrett LoganGrove City, OhioMarch 26, 2021
11/2/2009 - 3/17/2021Savannah exuded love, joy, and kindness. She brought smiles to everyone she met. If we could all give love and receive love like Savannah, our world would be a better place. Savannah was a gift from God and a huge blessing in our lives and so many other lives. Thank you Savannah! We love you Savannah!Patrick NightingaleLakewood, CaliforniaMarch 26, 2021
3/25/2021Spike or as we sometimes called him "poor poor" was almost 16. He was a white pekingese and loved to play with mini tennis balls when he was younger. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters: Boomer, Strummer, Sunny, Pebbles and Roxy. He had a great life with the Williams family and we will miss him and Strummer. Thanks for your assistance and sincere concern Doctor Lorry. You helped us tremendously through this hard time.Carrie WilliamsRiverside, CaliforniaMarch 26, 2021
5/12/2006 - 3/24/2021Goodbyes are never easy, especially when you must make a decision that is best for them and not yourself. I drove 3 hours to pick her up 12 years ago. She was a rescue that got evicted--from a nursing home--because she lived up to her name, Gypsy. She created such cherished memories....constantly escaping from the fenced yard, raising Kevin the duck, following the girls ONTO the school bus, playing fetch endlessly, and finding baby bunnies that never ended well no matter how much she was scolded. She grew up with our kids and they with her. She LOVED bread, I always called her "my carb girl." Her nose was her nemesis. It got her into all sorts of predicaments! She just could not turn it off. She was 38% basset hound and 26% golden retriever with some lab and coon hound thrown in. We will miss that happy tail wagging and her hobbling to the kitchen hen she heard plastic. Wee love you, my sweet baby girl.Karen GumbertsNew Palestine, IndianaMarch 26, 2021
1/13/2008 - 3/22/2021Renelle was my first dog, and we fell hard for each other. A bond so tight that we just looked at each other and knew what the other wanted or needed. She was also a fighter, she pushed through all her illnesses , she was called Renelle the Indestructible by a friend. For me she was an inspiration of strength, goodness, love, and friendship. Quirky, gentle, loving and devoted.

As I watched Renelle over the past few months, get slower on our walks, slipping jumping up on to the bed and couch, slowly going up and down the stairs. Play her favorite game of speak. Alerting less and less. I knew she wouldn't see the end of 2021. I just didn't expect it to be this soon. It killed me to watch her decline, then when she didn't want to go up the stairs to bed with me, I knew. I made the heart wrenching decision, I had to let her go physically. 13 years old, 11 years together, and numerous changes, and adventures. I know it was the best decision for her. For me is hurts to the core.

I love you so much Renelle. I miss you more that I can express. It hurts. I keep seeing you where you should be, Kennedy keeps looking for you, Papa keeps wanted to give you that extra treat you wag your tail for. I want to snuggle, kiss and pet you, Kennedy wants to play with her big sister, and Papa wants you to lick his bald head.

Goodbye my old friend.
I have to let you go now.
You were the gentle breeze,
That lied upon my way.
I know you wont be far.
You’re that angel on my shoulder.
So goodbye my old friend.
We’ll meet again someday.
Goodbye my old friend.
We’ll meet again someday.

I love you Renelle.
Constance ClarkSacramento, CaliforniaMarch 26, 2021
9/4/2000 - 7/21/2020In loving memory of you Lucky, my Lucky Girl, my Lucky Stripe! I miss you every day. It's been 8 months and it's so sad without you, my constant and very vocal companion of 20 years. You were such a loving cat, following me around the house, always under foot, just wanting to be with me, no matter what I did. You were so smart and loyal too because unlike other cats who slip outside and never come back, you would wait by the front door to be let back in. What a relief! You literally understood language and commands, too. In your younger days you were quite the hunter, catching lizards and spiders, and usually eating them, aargh! I loved snuggling on the couch together to watch tv, too. And you'd try to eat or drink whatever I was indulging in. I think you thought you were human. You certainly had a very deep human love toward me, and I loved you deeply right back, my little angel. And, you were so funny and impatient, while waiting to be fed--you'd walk in figures 8s all over the kitchen. I'm amazed that our pact for you to pass-on here at home actually turned out that way. It was hard, but I knew when the end was near and got you ready. I was with you and had beautiful music playing for you. Still, it was so awfully sad and I felt devastated. My Lucky Girl you will always be with me in my heart! (Come visit me again, please!!) <3Lily MazurekPembroke Pines, FloridaMarch 25, 2021
Bj Barraza
2/3/2003 - 3/24/2021My sweet baby! You came into my life with so much love to give. You were so affectionate and didn’t hide it! Our cuddles, our conversations are missed. Mommy is so heart broken! You were such a gift! Your absence I’d like a dagger through my heart. You fought six weeks to live after that awful word, Cancer! That word didn’t hold you back! Your will power, I envy! But you showed us you were ready to go to heaven with your brother Cj. It was the hardest thing for me to let you go, but I knew I had too let you free. Although your age said a lot, your spirit was always of a sweet baby. Forever my baby you will be. We miss you so much and your forever imprinted in my heart. I know you are free and I know one day we will see each other again. We will be a family again one day in heaven one day. Until then remember how much we love you!
Love you always and forever,
Kathleen BarrazaBoynton Beach, FloridaMarch 25, 2021
Woody And Rex
5/29/2003 - 3/13/2021Oh how I miss you guys! We went through a lot but you guys were always there for me! I am honored to have been your mom!Debbie HolcombeORLANDO, FloridaMarch 25, 2021