Pet Memorials
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2/22/2002 - 3/10/2021Bean,

You were a great companion and loyal friend who didn't ask for much but gave much in return. The 19 years you lived with us went by too quickly. You were "family" and when a family member is gone, there's an emptiness that clouds the heart. We keep hoping to hear your loud "meows" in the morning when you wanted to be fed..... but they're no longer there. We didn't even mind that you had to have ice cubes in your water bowl. We like ice cubes too! Most of all, we miss the mutual companionship that was evident in our home; you were our pet and we were your family. We still look for you peering out the window to welcome us back home. We miss you Bean.
John & Martha BiotyAlexandria, VirginiaApril 1, 2021
2/14/2009 - 3/31/2021Our dear sweet Zoe passed away yesterday. She was so beloved by her mom, dad, aunts, uncles, little cousin Indy and countless human and furry friends! We are so heartbroken and raw from her absence. We knew she was ready, and couldn’t let her suffer. She passed away so peacefully. Dr. Spitzer was so kind and patient with us. It was a beautiful experience.

We love you to the moon and back dear Zoe. We will see you again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love from mommy and daddy
Richelle HooverThousand Oaks, CaliforniaApril 1, 2021
10/5/2007 - 3/29/2021Bailey was loved by so many. His loss has shattered our hearts. He was part of our family and the emptiness we feel without him is overwhelming. When we opened Emanar Cellars 7+ years ago, Bailey was there from the beginning. Bailey was our host and was the companion of our patrons. Customers and friends came to celebrate Bailey's birthdays and the release of our special Bailey's Blend red wine. With the release of Bailey's Blend we also designed special Bailey's Blend T-shirts. Bailey's usual resting spot at Emanar was behind the bar in the corner. Several years ago we designed an Emanar shirt that had a picture of Bailey and we called it Bailey's Corner. Bailey's spirit will live forever with Mar and Richard and he will always live with all of us at Emanar Cellars.Richard MeyerhoeferBattle Ground, WashingtonApril 1, 2021
8/18/2018 - 3/30/2021My Sherlock would always protect me no matter where I am, hebwould give me kisses & gives me comfort when I couldn't sleepSemarang, WashingtonApril 1, 2021
Mandi Lynn
11/24/2005 - 3/31/2021My sweet Mandi Lynn! You were hand-picked for me by God, and what a blessing you have been for more than 15 years. You brought so much joy and happiness, and you were always a furball full of sunshine. I can’t believe today is the day I have to say goodbye, my heart is broken but I am so thankful you were mine. I hope you find your way to Papa in heaven, he’ll be so glad to see you. I will love you and miss you forever my sweet Mandi girl!Wendy PridhamChuluota, FloridaApril 1, 2021
9/5/2005 - 2/23/2021On the second sunny and serene day of Spring, our beloved, beautiful, sweet, smart and sassy Fluffy--the heart and light of our family--completed an incredible 15.5 wonderful years on Earth. She crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge in her favorite corner of the house (by the piano), surrounded by a sea of flowers arranged just for her, and most importantly, encapsulated by the immense love and gratitude of her human family. She was our greatest joy and blessing; inevitably, we knew our farewell to her would be our greatest heartbreak. While we did everything to keep her here even longer, her vets all agreed it was time to let her go in peace. With heavy hearts, we did what was best for Fluffy.

Though bittersweet, we look back at the day with solace knowing we gave her a beautiful life and transition. After not eating all morning regardless of how hard we tried, our sassy and charming girl even gave us a last laugh in her final moments. True to Fluffy fashion, she wouldn't stop eating these treats the vet gave her out of my hands, even as the sedatives kicked in.

Fluffy's final days were filled with beach and park visits, endless kisses and hugs, puppiccinos from Starbucks, and around the clock care (including many sleepless nights on the floor) to ensure Fluffy left Earth with an abundance of love and care, which defined her entire life. She gave us unconditional love, and we returned her love in kind.

Because of my Fluffster, I know what it's like to experience both love and joy at such an intensity that your heart feels like bursting. She was my soulmate, best friend, greatest teacher, transformer, and my "favorite girl in the world." Our daily morning and evening drives all around LA were my piece of Heaven on Earth. I'm sure Heaven is filled with majestic canyons we'll one day explore together. For now, run free and rest easy, sweet girl. We hope Heaven is filled with your favorite persimmon trees and mini cinnamon dusted donuts you no longer have to sneak off in the middle of the night😉.

Fluffster, we love you eternally...we talk about you constantly...we miss you immensely❤ There's a hole in our hearts forever etched with your tiny paw prints. When the time is right, we'll all be reunited with you on the other side in eternal bliss. For now, you are forever with us in spirit.
Vanda AyrapetyanLos Angeles, CaliforniaApril 1, 2021
6/14/2008 - 3/19/2021Our sweet boy Champion! You stole our hearts the first time we met you at 8 weeks old and we are thankful every day that you came into our lives. We couldn't have imagined life without you and we miss you and your personality terribly. You showed us unconditional love and affection and left paw prints on our hearts and souls. The house is so quiet without our curious and mischievous lab! We love you very much and are holding on to all of the happy memories we made until we see you again! Go chase all of the bunny rabbits and squirrels you can find and try not to get caught with your nose in a bag of chips on someone else's boat! XOXOXOXOIvonne McCormickFort Myers, FloridaApril 1, 2021
2/9/2012 - 3/30/2021RIP Beta Brauer, February 9, 2012 – March 30, 3021Peggy BrauerBroomfield, ColoradoApril 1, 2021
2/8/2012 - 3/15/2021“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. Rest In Peace my sweet Mac. Thank you for your unconditional love and amazing ways you made us laugh, smile, love so big and somehow get through the toughest of times. We love you and will miss you forever. I know Rex met you when you crossed the rainbow bridge and you are once again playing tug together. I’m not sure how I’m going to do life without you by my side. You meant the world to us and the boys and we are forever grateful you loved us so much. We are going to do a special tribute to you in your favorite woods at Potomac Overlook park. Be on the lookout for the bubbles floating up to heaven in your honor. You’ll always be our Mac bear and forever in our hearts.Lindsay WilkinsArlington, VirginiaMarch 31, 2021
6/22/2011 - 3/23/2021Juno Wilkeson, AKA Mini Aussie, AKA Mini, AKA Mr Wiggles, and lots more, was the happiest dog in the world from Pittsburgh, PA, who lost his battle with cancer on March 23, 2021. A few months shy of his 10th birthday. His departure was just in time to make his spiritual appearance as his mama’s constant shadow.

Juno is survived by his Mama, Jessica Wilkeson, Dad, Mike Wilkeson, brother (by adoption) Hoosier T. Husky Wilkeson, and all of his beloved toys: the red bone, the orange pin, the pillow his mama made for him and all of the other toy companions with broken squeakers and chewed on bodies with missing ears and legs.

If you knew Juno, the Australian Cattle dog, you likely got licked right in the face. Maybe he snuck in some tongue. He wiggled and jumped with joy because he wanted you to know you were loved. If you were special enough, maybe he even got to sleep with you, curled up near your legs. During his time here, he spent every day making sure his mama and dad were loved and he tolerated his brother Hoosier, who he often stole toys from. But deep down, we know he loved him too.

Juno loved, in this order, snuggling with mama every morning, giving licks and kisses, waking dad up at 4am for food, food, his red bone, treats, belly rubs, sleeping upside down, sleeping in dad’s spot on the couch, sleeping in dad’s spot on the bed, Sunday Specials (special treats from dad), staring at mama, water to play in (the puppy pool, the creek, the outdoor water bowl), balls, rubber pigs with oinkers, barking ferociously and protecting the house daily from the evil mail lady and man (even though we all know he would have just licked them), doing tricks for treats, looking out the window to see if mama and dad are really leaving and looking again when they came home, wiggling around like a maniac when they came through the door and grabbing his favorite red bone to show them.
Juno was content with his humble life. He learned obedience to advanced levels, however he never made it to therapy dog status because he loved too hard and gave too many kisses. He knew all of the tricks and would dance or roll over for treats. He could even give paw after he became a tri-pawd.

His parents worked hard so he had a great life. He had many difficulties to overcome and took every one of them like a champ. He had major knee surgery at 3 years old, he suffered a lifelong battle with food allergies, and in January of 2021, we found out he had aggressive cancer. He lost his front right leg to amputation, and only 2 short months later, well before we expected, he passed away at home with his family and favorite toys surrounding him.
Juno, our Mini, we loved you hard and fully and we miss you and your kisses already. You will forever be in our memories and hearts… and likely tattooed on mama.

To celebrate the life of Juno, we ask that you give your pets lots of love and kisses. Spoil the heck out of them. Buy them the toys, give them the special treats, take them on that walk (or trip) you’ve been meaning to take. Play some country music, his favorite channel. Drink some water, his favorite drink. Sit in the sun....
Jessica WilkesonPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMarch 31, 2021