Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/8/2002 - 4/30/2020Chestnut, you were a huge part of our lives for 17 1/2 years. You belonged to all of us. There is a huge space left in our hearts that can never be filled. We will always love you and we will miss you always. From the bottom of our hearts, Rest Peacefully.
Soo BecchinaOceanside, New YorkMay 15, 2020
1/10/2007 - 5/13/2020I feel like it’s to early to formulate my thoughts just yet. Sedona was the life in my heart and now she’s the tears falling from my eyes. I loved her to the moon, around the solar system, thru the whole galaxy and back again. The joy, adventures, sickness, nose kisses, stuck in my lap, follow me everywhere I went love was unlike anything.VALERIE SCHOPPENChicago, IllinoisMay 14, 2020
6/23/2002 - 5/12/2020RIP Lady, you have only been gone from us for 2 days and it feels like forever. My heart is broken along with the rest of the family. You were so loved. You will forever be in our hearts. I hope your dog wings are flying high. We love and miss you so very much. We had you for 17+ years and you were a loyal friend to all of us.RACHELLE ElwoodDEBARY, FloridaMay 14, 2020
10/13/2006 - 5/13/2020Tom my loving Nino, boy is the house quieter without you but I am glad that you are no longer suffering, your fur sisters miss you already as you were the “captain” of this ship but they also knew you didn’t feel well. I will miss you terribly but I am so happy that I got some awesome years with you. You helped me through a big move, raising the kiddos, illness and even a divorce. You will never be forgotten, mommy and the family appreciate and love you always ❤️Cathelyn MartinezTampa, FloridaMay 14, 2020
5/5/2020Our dear sweet girl, Senga, we'll miss you so much.Irene NiemeierSAINT LOUIS, MissouriMay 14, 2020
1/22/2006 - 5/8/2020My little Dolly was the sweetest companion for 14 beautiful years. In that time she survived dealing with me during my pre-teen years, high school, long nights of studying in college and various trips across the country for my internships. We had a lot of fun along the way visiting the beautiful Rockies of Colorado every weekend and the sunny beaches of South Carolina. She was always ready to go on a walk "afuera" or excited to eat some "pollo". My little bilingual Dolly was so smart and always active. We enjoyed many long walks along the Mississippi river when we lived in Tennessee and random midnight strolls through College Station, Texas while I was still in college. She even got to join me on my work trips post college and flew across the country a few times. She indulged in fancy corporate dinner leftovers (filet mignon wrapped in bacon) and was always happy to munch of some Chik-fil-A nuggets. Dolly had a beautiful life and I'm so happy I was chosen to take care of her for all those years. She was there for me in pivotal moments of my life and taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. I miss you little one.Citlalli GomezColumbia, South CarolinaMay 14, 2020
2/23/2005 - 5/12/2020Her coat was patterned like a Saint Bernard and her fur was forever soft. She was mixed breed, St Bernard, German Shepard, beagle, something else and whatever jumped the fence. Rascal loved to be petted and would snuggle as long as you were actively petting. Once the petting was done, she was down. And if ever she needed a petting she would nudge under your hand to make it happen. As much as she loved her freedom her preference was to be with her family. And when a stranger came near she warned them with her bark. Only calmed when told it was okay, but even then she kept herself between her family and that stranger. Her protective nature came in handy when little Skamp would run off. Rascal would always follow and help us find him! Even just recently when our cat first was exploring the yard, Rascal would herd her gently back towards the house. Though it seems a lifetime ago, there was a time would Rascal would run and play. Though her old caught up to her and slowed her down for several years, she would perk up when time called for it to (attempt) to chase a squirrel. Rascal was true to her name, learning to opening trash can lids and manipulate us into giving her a treat (even though she just got one from someone else!) Rascal will always be our baby girl. She was spoiled at times,. But she was worth it. She had this look about her that was so beautiful it was majestic. She ruled the house. Once she ‘yelled’ at my dad and his dog for roughhousing! She kept order in her kingdom, her presence is missed fiercely. Every walkway is empty (she had a knack for laying right in the middle of the way like she wouldn’t have us ignore her. But she could never be ignored. She was our Ra-Ra. Our Rascal.Trisha KingMilford, OhioMay 14, 2020
12/17/2010 - 4/29/2020Luna was the sweetest, most loving spirit you would ever meet. She would love you instantly upon meeting you, always wanting to play with other dogs on the street and provide comfort and hugs when you needed it the most. Her soul was put here to share love with as many people as she could, and that’s what she did. Luna had so many people who loved her and has left so many memories with those she’s touched during her lifetime. Luna lived the husky dream of prancing around snow filled winters in Kentucky before moving south and living the retired life under the sun and palm trees in Florida. She saw many adventures in her lifetime, and had her fair share of doggy scares - but through it all Luna was always Luna; a loving, strong-willed sassy fighter. She fought to the very end but sadly her love and spirit was needed somewhere else and her wings were ready to take her there. Luna, you will always live on in our hearts and souls and we know you walk beside us silently everyday. You were the best dog and best friend we could ever ask for. Thank you for loving us and being you, the sweetest, prettiest girl we’ve ever met.

Until we meet again Luna, you’ll be forever in our hearts.
Janine BajnauthBradenton, FloridaMay 14, 2020
12/24/2003 - 5/9/2020Cindy and Elyse. May 09 2020, was hard day for our family as we sent Shepp of into eternal rest. I have resisted for a long while playing God in this matter, I struggled with over the past several months playing God with the taking of life I did not create, I'd had hoped in a small way God would take Shepp in his sleep since God is the source of all living, by his Breath we became alive, Genesis. Elyse, had such compassion for us during this time for our family, looking upon her as she shared with us in our grief, I had wondered how many times she had taken up this mantel of compassion for families she has never met, and just blended in as a family member and made our loss her loss. She has a good heart and it must be a little tough on her to do this sort of work but hats off to her and your staff, glad my vet, Dr Silverstone put me in touch with you folks. Thank You, once again for your time with us and the mementos that you offered us, with a lock of his hair and paw print, did not expect that. Take care and much strength in what you do for families. Alex van den Ende & FamilyAlex van den EndeVirginia Beach, VirginiaMay 13, 2020
6/15/2015 - 5/11/2020Kyle, I miss you so so much. You deserved a much longer and happier life. Though our time together was cut far too short, the bond we had will stay forever. You were my best friend and always knew how to comfort me when I was down. The day we said goodbye, you knew how upset I was and laid on my chest for hours. You’ve helped me through so much and I don’t know yet how to live without you by my side. However, I know you are in a better place now, cancer free and meowing like crazy. I’ll always love you my angel kitty, and I can’t wait to see you again some day.Zoë WillsonRochester, New YorkMay 13, 2020