Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Hunter Queener
5/17/2011 - 4/7/2021Hunter was one of a kind He had the craziest personality and he was addicted to the craziest Things And I miss this so much my house is so empty and lonely without him but he was the best dog ever and he knows he was loved he was spoiled we did so much for him everything we could we love you buddy you will always be in our hearts mommy loves you forever and ever💔😢Dawn QueenerRoseville mi., MichiganApril 8, 2021
4/14/2007 - 4/5/2021My Sweet Nikko (Nikky), my heart is shattered. Your love, loyalty, & companionship was the one constant in my life. No matter what life threw our way, as long as we were the end of the day...we were ok. I will NEVER forget you loving stare, and I will Always miss seeing you sitting there waiting when I open a door.. I love you as much as you love me, which is why I couldn't see you uncomfortable & in pain. Though, it shattered my heart into a million pieces, You my Sweet angel must Always come first. The way you stared into my eyes until your last breath is imprinted in my soul. Thank you, so very much for being my one & only true friend. Your love was pure & unconditional, as was mine for you.The void you left in my heart...In my life is immeasurable. Forever, I'll love & miss you...You play with Gigi & Daisy Until we're together again. I'll love & miss you always.Ana D'AngiolellaHialeah, FloridaApril 8, 2021
Prince Caspian
2/8/2005 - 4/6/2021Caspian was a handful when we adopted him at only eight weeks. What a character! Part Greyhound and part Yellow Lab, he was full of energy and curiosity, so he gave us plenty of fun challenges. He never tired of running, getting hugs, or scratches, even when he became an elderly dog. He was God's wonderful, loving creation sent to us and we are grateful he spent his life with us.Stephen and Cynthia StaffordWESTFIELD, IndianaApril 8, 2021
Maggie Smith
1/18/2006 - 4/6/2021On Tuesday, April 6 we had a vet come into our home so Maggie could go to sleep in her mom’s arms and then take her very last breath laying on her favorite bed in our living room while surrounded by her human and furry family. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully where we will see her again some day.

Right now, my heart is shattered. Even though she was over fifteen years old, I still thought we had at least another year (or a few more) left. I can’t put into words how much Maggie has meant to me and taught me over the years. Especially this last year. I was able to work from home with Maggie almost every day which was the biggest blessing I could have ever wished for. She needed a lot of meds and eye drops every day and bc of Covid I was able to give them to her. I’m forever grateful for that.

I miss you so much, Maggie. I see you everywhere in the house - the puppy pads that we had all over, the carpet shampooer always on standby, your bed right next to my bed, the cubes of ham in the fridge I cut up to hide your pills in, the six prescription eye drops you were on, the five medications that you took (that I had to put in a pill organizer to keep straight), your new arthritis chews (bc you decided the old ones weren’t tasty enough anymore.) If love could have given you more years you would have lived forever. We are going to miss you barking the longest out of all of the dogs. And watching you walk down the hallway to bed each night with your cute little mafia dog trot. We love you so much, Maggie. We will miss you every day of the rest of our lives.
Michelle SmithGrand Rapids, MichiganApril 8, 2021
6/16/2004 - 4/6/2021To my Best-friend, I know you are in a better place but that does not make things any easier. I think the hardest part is learning to live my life without you physically here. I have no idea what my life was like before you because I was only 4 years old when i got you. You were my light in my dark days and my parade during my happy days. Nights are the hardest especially knowing I wont have you to take out at midnight or snuggle up with makes me sadder then I am willing to admit but I know you are living your best life with your Best-friend blue and you two are watching over us. you are and always will be the best boy I could have ever had. It was such an honor to be apart of your life. till we meet again my dear Best friend I love you infinity.Brianna FranklinColumbus, OhioApril 8, 2021
5/25/2021 - 4/3/2021To my sweet Kato girl, I miss you so much. There will always be a void in my heart and a piece of me missing. You brought so much love and joy to our family. This house is empty and not the same without you. I cannot wait until the day I can hold on you and love on you again and see your smile.Anthony VarnerChesapeake, VirginiaApril 8, 2021
4/6/2006 - 4/2/2021Darcy was very close to my late husband so it's comforting to know that, in this case, she is the one who met welcoming arms at Rainbow Bridge. I'm so grateful to Dr Olivia for making her crossing over so peaceful and that my other pets (canine Monty, felines Henry & Millie) also were able to see that she had passed and were able to say goodbye. Things are very quiet without Darcy and we miss her very much.Marie TaylorLevel Green, PennsylvaniaApril 8, 2021
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
1/19/2004 - 4/4/2021Sweet Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, over the last 17 1/2 years, you gave this family more love, kisses, and funny moments then we ever deserved. The 1st day we brought you home, you were playing with Casey on the deck and you ran face first into the sliding glass door and you stopped and shook it off as if you were Scooby Doo in a cartoon. After we saw that you were ok, we laughed until we couldn't stand anymore. Watching Casey and you chasing each other around the dining room table like 2 little kids were some of the funniest moments of my life. I would say we loved you more than you could ever know, but somehow, I'm sure you knew. Dealing with a family member, person or pet, with dementia is devastating, and not something I would wish upon my worst enemy. I'm not really sure how to deal with this type of pain and sadness, so if anybody has a suggestion, please let me know. I'm so happy that God blessed us by making you part of this family, I hope we gave you everything you gave us and you had the best life possible. I love you Reeses, then, now, and forever! Now go find The Casey Dog in heaven, I'm sure God has a dining room table for you two!STEVEN HELFTNorth Bellmore, New YorkApril 8, 2021
Saks Fu Lin
11/24/2009 - 1/31/2021Saks, our pretty boy, we miss you every day. You were so special and so sweet. Our house is not the same without you. Sailor is so sad without you. She keeps looking for you to return. No one will ever take your place. You will forever be in our hearts because we ❤️ love you so much. Your Loving FamilyDR FELICIA JOHNSONRIDGELAND, MississippiApril 7, 2021
8/8/2009 - 4/5/2021CeCe was the sweetest dog. Any opportunity to give her humans a kiss was used. She was an English Springer Spaniel and showed the best characteristics of her breed. She loved people, dogs and treats maybe not in that order.Carol GormleyQuincy, MassachusettsApril 7, 2021