Pet Memorials
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3/25/2021 - 3/31/2021You were a wonderful dog that knew exactly what to do to make my life better. The bravest dog I have ever known, he would even growl at snowmen in the dark if they looked like they were a threat. Scotty was a wonderful companion to both myself and Scarlett my other English shepherd. He loved to play and wrestle with Scarlett but he was mostly serious about his job as my guardian. I will miss you so much. The house feels empty now that you are gone.Dina VeldmanLexington, KentuckyApril 5, 2021
7/4/2007Andrew was a very intelligent, faithful and loyal fur baby. He was my shadow for almost 14 years. He had a very sassy way about himself, determined and only loved a few people close to him. He was not a very trusting dog as his first few moments of life weren’t very favorable. However that all changed the day I brought him home in his baby blanket with me ticking “ clock sounds into his ears” to comfort him to think he was still with his birth mother. Andrew and I bonded instantly. He won’t go on walks with anyone but me. When others tried to take him he would try to go back home. Once he got outside with his brother but he didn’t run off. He ran back to the door to be with me, his mother. We were very similiar in personality and I am broke her hearted without him, but I’m so happy he isn’t in any more pain.Kimberly HopfAllison Park, PennsylvaniaApril 5, 2021
10/10/2009 - 4/4/2021Mishka was my best friend, my protector, my soulmate. My love for her was unconditional; she filled my heart with happiness and was always by my side. She was my rock in times of hardship, and my sweet silly girl. She was always showing off how cute and silly she could be flipping back and forth, smiling, and demanding belly rugs. She was such a beautiful majestic girl with a loving personality. She loved her parents and wanted nothing more than to be with and spend time with us. She has left paw prints on my heart that can never be replaced. To say she was family would be an understatement, she was my daughter and I would have done anything for her. Our hearts are forever broken, our home is empty and silent - We will miss you so very much my sweet baby girl.

Thank you Mishka for allowing me to be your Mommy and for being such a wonderful companion, listener, and guardian angel. It was a privilege to take care of you sweetheart and I would do it all over again.

You are free now my sweet girl, free of pain, free of limitations and free to be the happy hoppy girl you were just a few years ago. Go find your sister so you two can run, jump, play, catch balls, fetch sticks, and roll around like crazy dogs! We will be together again baby, I will call your name and when I see you I will smother you with kisses and hugs, and I won't let go!
Donna KnowlesLithia, FloridaApril 5, 2021
11/4/2021 - 3/30/2021I love my Twister girl
,You are the best girl in the world
So soft to touch and so cuddly too
I just love you so very much
You lift me up when I feel blue
I love my Twister girl 💜✨🌈
Noel MartinFalls Church, VirginiaApril 5, 2021
Emma Bear
3/2/2021 - 3/17/2021"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie The PoohHannah JohandesTampa, FloridaApril 5, 2021
1/1/2008 - 4/4/2021I don't think people in the US freely speak enough about the depth of grief we feel when we lose a pet. The loss is profound because it's not only a beloved family member who is with you day in and day out, but it's a little life that we care for, and tend, from start to finish. But, they tend to us too. Yesterday I lost my beloved Niko, my familiar. He followed me everywhere I went and was such a huge source of comfort & joy for my family and I for nearly 2 decades. I am so grateful to him for how wonderful he was with our children, how gentle he was with the hens, and how fiercely he loved our beautiful Tilly. I hope he's with Tilly now and that they're running and playing and doing all the things they couldn't do here on Earth towards the end. I just cannot believe that I won't get his greeting at the door anymore or hear his nails clicking on the floor. I won't get to feel his soft fur or play with his floppy ears anymore. I feel heartbroken right now but I know Niko held on for so long for us. Now his spirit, which was all joy, love, and goodness, can rejoin the world as he has been released from the suffering of his aging body. Hug your loved ones tight guys.Audrey LongsonSaint Augustine, FloridaApril 5, 2021
9/1/2009 - 4/2/2021You are the love of my lifeRebecca CiurczakMilford, New JerseyApril 5, 2021
8/11/2006 - 3/8/2021Penny had a great run. She was our daily walking and running partner. She would always get excited when you asked if she wanted to go for a run. Penny was fortunate to spend 4 years in Germany where she could wander off leash through the forests of Holzgerlingen where she chased rabbits, deer, and the occasional wild boar! Penny loved to eat. She would love to be in the kitchen whenever we cooked in hopes of a chopped vegetable landing on the floor. She was a fierce opponent of the mailman and would notify us of his arrival daily. She was terrified of thunder and fireworks, but felt comfortable in Dad's closet with her thunder shirt on! We miss her everyday but are thankful for the 14 years we had her by our side. Rest now Sweet Penny!Jodi LynchAnnapolis, MarylandApril 5, 2021
11/8/2012 - 4/2/2021Cesar, Happy Easter baby boy!!!

You are the best dog any one can ever ask for. You are loving, caring and great brother for Michael. We will always love you and remember how sweet you were. We miss you and you will always have a special place in our hearts.
San Diego, CaliforniaApril 5, 2021
4/4/2005 - 1/15/2021Today would have been Floyd's 16th birthday and it feels like right time to celebrate his memory. Floyd was my best-good-friend for 15 years and I miss him every single day. His goofy personality was larger than life and he brought me so much joy. His playfulness and idiosyncrasies would instantly make me laugh and just being around him brought a smile to my face.

He was always excited and happy to see me when I would come home from work, flopping down purring and waiting for scratches. He had the best purr in all the land- so loud and fiercely happy! He loved the smell of seafood and especially loved eating shrimp. He was talkative and always looked out for me, never wanting me to be far from his sight. He traveled with me across the country and moved with me to ten homes and was my constant adventure buddy. As much as I love travel, the best part of returning home from a long trip was knowing he would be waiting for me.

Floyd's purr was unmatched, he was on what I called "perma-purr" which meant that he was permanently purring when I was nearby. His purr could calm me down in moments of stress and his snuggles would brighten up even the hardest of days. Floyd was purring until the end, trying his hardest to enjoy every moment he had with us.

He was with me through the most important years of my life, through college, relationships, jobs, travels and marriage. I loved the bond he developed with my husband and I am so grateful for the years the three of us had together. Floyd taught me so much about life and so much about myself, I can't imagine who I would be without him. There is a Floyd-sized hole in my heart that will never be filled... and I am so, so grateful we had we each other for as long we we did. I love you Floyd-Floyd.
Mary LeedySeattle, WashingtonApril 5, 2021