Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/31/2006 - 4/2/2020Bella was my first dog. I picked her up in Indiana when she was 10 weeks old. As we were driving back to Chicago, I realized I had no crate. No collar. Not even a leash. I was not prepared. I did not realize what I was getting myself into. I quickly fell in love with the little creature and spent all of my free time with her. She was with me when I got married, had 2 babies and moved 3 times. She was a city dog most her life and loved the lake and festivals. She was the center of attention. As she grew older and slowed down, she spent a lot of time sleeping and became a sort of fixture in my home. We would all stop and pet her and love on her. I will miss her everyday for the rest of my life. My sweet Bella girl.Jessica NunziataPark Ridge, IllinoisApril 3, 2020
9/26/2006 - 4/2/2020My special China. My first Dog. I told her often that this was her world and we were just living in it, and she knew it! She knew she ran the house. All she ever wanted to do was cuddle all day every day. True definition of a lap dog because that’s where she was her happiest. She also had a special talent where her selective hearing only worked when she heard a food wrapper! She was such a diva and everyone knew it. Down to her pink fur coat and her striped flower dresses.Alexus LemonBaltimore, MarylandApril 3, 2020
Little Diva
3/1/2005 - 3/29/2020Little Diva also known as “The Little One” was amazing. She was 15 years old, 7 lbs. and ruled the playground. She called the shots and you knew it. She wasn’t afraid of anything. I had less than 5 days from diagnosis to her passing. She was a feral cat and when I moved, I wouldn’t leave her or her brother, so I brought them to the new house. When people say you can’t domesticate feral cats, that is not always the case. It took less than a week for Little Diva to adjust to life inside the house. She sat every morning on her bench and watched the kids walk to the bus stop. She waited for the buses to go by and knew like clockwork when the buses were going to start coming. The rest of the day she lounged in the window soaking up the sun and keeping me company in my home office. I miss her but I am glad that she will forever be in my life through pictures and memories. She is and always will be a Diva. Long may she reign in Heaven.Candace HillFishers, IndianaApril 3, 2020
4/1/2010 - 4/1/2020oh baby Finn
Here was such a lug, all 110 pounds of him. Stella pup misses him terribly, as do I.
Here loved to chew, everything. Here was raised by our kitty Xena, as Stella didn't want anything to do with a new pup.
As a result I think he thought he was a little dog. Here was afraid of other big dogs, but loved little things like babies, puppies and dachshunds.
The house is empty without you Finn, but I know you're in a better, pain free place.
Jo Ann PabstCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 3, 2020
2/20/2006 - 3/30/2020 MorganoRockville Centre, New YorkApril 3, 2020
10/7/2005 - 3/30/2020From the minute I saw your stunning blue eyes I knew you belonged in our family. And your sweet kiss on my face sealed the deal, you were ours to love. You quickly made friends with the girls (not so much with the cat) and many memories were made. We were so lucky to have you with us for over 14 years. You were the best pup anyone could ask for. There is a huge void in this now quiet house without you but you will never be forgotten. We all love you so much and will forever! Rest well sweet Yukon, until we meet at the rainbow bridge...Heather HerringtonHigganum, ConnecticutApril 3, 2020
7/16/2005 - 3/7/2020Jose was "The Best Dog Ever" and I told him that everyday. He was loyal, incredibly kind, loving and his only goal in life was to please his human family. He owned a huge part of our hearts and honestly, always will. He had the most beautiful, soulful eyes. It was his eyes that stole my heart from the first day I held him. Jose taught us how to handle life's challenges and difficulties with courage, determination and grace and to live every day to the fullest. Jose, you will be missed but never forgotten and forever loved. There will never be another one like you, buddy, Until we meet again, our Angel Man.Vera GaspariniWinter Springs, FloridaApril 2, 2020
1/31/2009 - 3/21/2020Sherman was our sweet, happy man. He was always so full of life and joy. I hope and pray he is once again running free across the Rainbow Bridge now.Fran ShermanMaryland Heights, MissouriApril 2, 2020
12/30/2003 - 4/1/2020My beatiful and feisty Chino went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 1, 2020. She was a very adventurous and daring girl who traveled far and wide. One of her favorite things was eating boudain in Louisiana. She ruled and schooled the bigger dogs that she lived with. She was very independent as well. We will miss her very much, more than words can say. Rest in paradise my sweet girl! Will love you furever!Mar DeeseSanta Fe, TexasApril 2, 2020
10/13/2018 - 4/5/2019R.I.P. My Boy

You came into my life one day,so happy & so smart
My constant companion loyal @ loving from the start
You bought such love @ laughter into our happy home
With you sitting by my side,I never felt alone
Now you have left me is more than I can bear
The life seems so empty without you standing there
You no longer wait to greet me as I walk through the door
You're not there to make me smile & laugh anymore
Though some might say " it's just a dog"
I know, I've lost my faithful friend
You were a great companion,so playful,loving and true
My heart will always wear the paw prints left by you

Love you SIMBA
Ankit SethiGurgaon, AlaskaApril 2, 2020