Pet Memorials
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Sixteen years ago a precious little Lhasa Apso puppy, just ten weeks old, joined our family. We named her Maggie. She truly loved us unconditionally and was such a blessing.

On October 11, 2011 we had to have our beloved Maggie put to sleep. It was one of the hardest things we have ever done. We knew we wanted Maggie to die peacefully in her own home and began the search for someone who could provide that service. God led us to Dr. Laura Bacon with Lap of Love. She came to our home and was one of the most compassionate and sympathetic people we have ever known. She even planted a few kisses (as did we) on little Maggie before we laid her to rest. Dr. Laura has corresponded with us by e-mail several times as well as sending us a very nice heartfelt card expressing her care and concern for us. Lap of Love provides a wonderful service for people who love their pets.

We loved and miss our Maggie so much but know that God has her in His care. Today, November 11, 2011, would have been her sixteenth birthday. One day we'll meet our sweet Maggie at Rainbow Bridge and cross over together.
Julian and Betty Ann W.Knoxville, TennesseeNovember 19, 2012
My Milo adk Fuzz Face was my whole heart....from the minute I first saw him 17 years ago and forever more. Never sick a day in his little 8 lb life until this past month and God was ready to have him come home. It was bittersweet that is was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever done in my life having in put to sleep. God bless Dr. Cherie and Lap of Love for my emergency call on Friday and coming to my house so my angel didn't suffer through the long weekend. God Bless!

He offered me his heart which I accepted with a smile, for his love will last a lifetime - which is such a little whiles. He was a faithful friend ever by my side. He loved me just for me, he could see inside my soul. He comforted me when I was sad and kissed away each tear. He woke me each morning with a purr in my ear. A new star will shine in Heaven as bright as his blue eyes. It will be a reminder in the midnight sky. When I glace up I will hear him say "I'm glad you were my mom, we'll meet again some day." RIP little one - 9/2/11
Clearwater, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
No boots
(The first picture of No Boots is from when he was a young whipper-snapper). His brother had boots, but No Boots didn't thus the name. He was very shy, but a real charmer with the ladies. He had two official girlfriends here at Feline Friends, Baby Spice, and her sister, Scary Spice. They had been together for more than a decade and their devotion to each other was inspiring! The Spice Girls both passed away this last year. Since No Boots was quite the lady's man, we all pretended to overlook his indiscretions with Reese, Pepper, Nila, etc... He joined his beloved Spice Girls last week and probably lived a life any "Tom Cat" could have inspire to. You go, No Boots! We were proud to have known you!Beth at Feline FriendsDeerfield Beach, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Saying goodbye to Olivia was difficult beyond description. It was genuine joy to have her in our lives. She was the prettiest, nicest, and silliest girl. We often called her Snuggle Puppy, and that pretty much describes her as accurately as anything could. We miss her profoundly and will always cherish our memories of her. We will forever be lucky to have known the contentment of having our sweet girl snuggled against our hearts.

Many thanks to Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne for her service. She made the awful goodbye as painless and peaceful for Olivia, and for us, as could ever be hoped for.
Kirk and Amy GCharlotte, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
Otis will always be known as Love in our home. We will miss everyday not having him greet us at the door or anxiously awaiting his next meal or cookie! He will be always in our hearts.Patricia .Miami, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
In loving memory of Ozzy, who gave us 13 years of unconditional love & sweet memories. Although it was almost impossible to say goodbye to The World's GREATEST Dog, we know you are free now to run & play again. Our hearts are broken and not a second goes by that we don't miss you, but we know we will see you again. Have fun chasing squirrels Ozzy!

Thank you to Lap of Love & Dr. Michelle Bellville who made his transition peaceful & comforting for us all.
Shane and Denise MillsOrlando, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
My sweet boy, Oreo, left us on February 27, 2012. I brought you home when you were just 9 weeks old, and you loved me unconditionally from the very first moment. Oreo, I miss you terribly, and the pain of losing you is sometimes hard to bear. You were the best "puppy" anyones could ever ask for and your spirit will live in my heart forever. Bambi wanders the house looking for you and I know that she too is heartbroken. You will always be my "puppy" and I will always love you, as you loved me for the 10 years that we were together.

Daddy, Christopher, and Katy miss you too and we all send our love to you in Doggie Heaven.
Love, Mommy.
West Palm Beach, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Princess (aka dinky)
15 years ago I found my sweet little Dinky in the street. She brought our family so much love, joy and companionship, and she will be missed every day. Our hearts are broken, but we are glad that she is at peace.Lisa .Coconut Creek, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
My thirteenth birthday present, Penny was my faithful companion for eleven years. Even when I was away at college and didn't come home for long periods of time, she would welcome me back with no resentment, and I missed her greatly while I was gone. She greeted me at the door every time I left and came back home, would comfort me when I was upset, and would follow me around the house wherever I went. I don't think I've ever known a more unconditional form of love as Penny has given me, and I always loved her even when the "Pee Monster" came out. She will be remembered as a loving friend, and I will miss her always.Jennifer .Hyattsville, MarylandNovember 19, 2012
Purrcey has been the dainty little lady of our house for 16 years. We will miss her bright eyes and pleasurable purr and her constant companionship as she perched on our desks and snuggled in our laps.Robyn .Sarasota, FloridaNovember 19, 2012