Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/19/2001 - 11/17/2013Our love for you lives on forever more.Lou Ann DeversNorwood, North CarolinaNovember 18, 2013
8/11/2000 - 11/12/2013You are resting peacefully now with your "big" sis Josie. I miss my daily huggies and our walks. Your devotion and love helped us during this difficult year, and you will never be forgotten, Peachie Pie.
Mommy and Daddy
Natalie BreauxDunedin, FloridaNovember 18, 2013
I miss him so much the pain hurts badly. This, I know, will pass with time but the empty space will always be there. I hear him still in our house and so does my husband. Seems like he drops in from time to time to check on us! Deezle, I hope you hear my prayers and hopes for you. I still and always will love you! Wait there with Duke and Cassie till Dad and I get there. Make sure to welcome Sydd and be patient my puppy. I will sing to you as much as you want when we are together again.Diane KehlerDouglassville, PennsylvaniaNovember 18, 2013
11/4/2013We lost our "golden girl", Lucy the brave and feisty and loving orange tabby kitty, to CRF (kidney failure) on November 4. Here she is pictured as the curious and charming kitten she was when she entered our world. She was a much loved companion for the past 12+ years, and our family, including her sibling Simon, miss her very much, but we wouldn't have missed her in our lives for anything.Carrboro, North CarolinaNovember 17, 2013
Kimo Guild
7/1/2001 - 11/17/2013Kimo was amazinginly joyful. He loved his life. He was famous for his happy dog routines, fitting all his toys/babies in his mouth, and going on holidays to Southern Village park. He exuded happiness and gratefulness in his daily routines and provided our family with fierce devotion, loyalty, and friendship for 12 years.Kathie GuildChapel Hill, North CarolinaNovember 17, 2013
1/11/2003 - 11/14/2013No words can describe the depth of my heartache at the thought of never seeing your sweet face again. I know you would have clung to life forever just to please me if you could have. There was never a kinder, gentler or more loving dog on this earth and I'm so happy that you were mine. I'll miss you forever my sweet, sweet boy.Sharon PriorChantilly, VirginiaNovember 17, 2013
9/11/2000 - 11/15/2013My sweet Tessie was such a wonderful pet and companion. She loved it when company would come over. Her tail would wag a mile a minute. I loved it when she would rest her head on my lap as I would pet and rub her. She had a saucy demanding personality that always made me laugh. I miss her terribly but know I will see her again someday. For now she is playing with Shelby and Darby being looked after by my Grandmother until I get there with them.Brenda WhiteClarence, New YorkNovember 16, 2013
Vincent was honestly the sweetest cat in the world. All he ever wanted was to sit in someone's lap. His purr was loud and soothing and his affection never ended. We are lucky he found us.Michelle SauerSt. Louis, MissouriNovember 16, 2013
Zoe Grace
9/15/1999 - 11/14/2013The most gentle loving goofy hound ever.Despite her hound dog instinct and boundless energy she was truly a joy in our lives.Gentle as a lamb to a fault to everyone she met,her personality will never be forgotten.Charles RobertsMonmouth Beach, New JerseyNovember 16, 2013
11/13/2013We love you so much Tika! We know you are running and jumping in heaven now. Forever in our hearts!Rachel LevesqueApex, North CarolinaNovember 13, 2013