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9/13/2005 - 12/27/2019Having spent 14 years with this sweet boy's unwavering love, charismatic personality, and deep loyalty has impacted my life in the best way and left me with a profound feeling of gratitude. We were the best of friends and shared a true spiritual connection. He helped me through so much and brought instant sunshine to my world every single time we were together and every time I think of him. The unconditional love of our pets is a beautiful thing to experience in life, and I am so blessed to have had Guinness by my side.Rose BeeBaltimore, MarylandDecember 29, 2019
9/10/2005 - 12/28/2019Rebel “The King” as we called him was the best yellow American Labrador I ever met. Rebel was obedient, loyal, lovable. He loved to run and sometimes that would cause him to break through our electric fence barrier and run to the 13 acres behind us. And he would be gone for hours. When he decided to return he would be black and covered in mud but had the best time of his life. Rebel at a healthy weight was 99-103 lbs. at his last vet appt Thursday he was 88lbs. You see the past 2 years he started going blind. His hearing was going, his sense of smell and taste diminished. His hips were in pain to where he had trouble getting up and down and walking the steps outside he would sometimes fall. The vet confirmed it was time to give Rebel his permanent rest and that is when they told Me about Lap of love. I called them immediately. They were so caring and understanding. They were able to give us an appt that was perfect for my family and friends to be here for Rebel. Dr Elyse Persico was amazing when she arrived. She informed us of everything she was going to and how Rebel would respond. He crossed over peacefully knowing he did a great job here on earth, and he was a good boy and we love him so much. Forever in our hearts you will be my sweet boy Rebel.Laura TempletonChesapeake, VirginiaDecember 29, 2019
Tala "The Terrible Lambchop" Owens
9/11/2019 - 12/21/2019In memorium of Princess Tala "The Terrible Lambchop" my talkative, opinionated, beautiful, regal she-Wolf of a pup. You were a sweet pea and the best friend I could've ever asked for you will always be loved with the whole of my heart.

I have no pictures in Jpg form. Hopefully I can return to this and add pictures of my breathtakingly pretty baby.
Sam OwensNorman, OklahomaDecember 29, 2019
4/20/2013 - 12/27/2019Our hearts are breaking and we are devastated that you had to leave us so soon. Seems so unjust that you were only 6 years old. You left us with such wonderful memories sweet girl and we know in our hearts you are in a better place. You will be forever missed! We are so thankful for the time we spent with you and we love and miss you Lola!Tracie KudlaTampa, FloridaDecember 29, 2019
3/10/2005 - 12/28/2019Abby was a great hound dog, she worked cats and bears early in her life with her first owner. My husband got her when she was around 2 years old with the intention of continuing to run her. After awhile Abby turned into a porch hound. I came in the picture 9 years ago when I met my now husband. Abby was such a character back then! She reminded me of an animated dog in cartoons. She was so bouncy and talkative. She was an amazing dog and is already greatly missed in our home.Jamie WeilEagle creek, OregonDecember 29, 2019
Lady Loba
7/12/2009 - 12/28/2019 CainLand o lakes, FloridaDecember 29, 2019
9/1/2002 - 12/27/2019I miss you so much Oreo❤️It’s only been a couple of days, your blanket is still on the couch. We Love you Oreo. Forever in my heart❤️❤️❤️😪Thank You Dr. Hannah Maloney for the comfort you provided us.Jacqueline MyersRenton, WashingtonDecember 29, 2019
11/11/2005 - 12/27/2019Frampton you are terribly missed
We did not rescue you
You rescued all of us
Thank you for 14 years of memories
Being there for all of us
Loving and protecting Michela and Cristian
Filling our lives with unconditional love every day
It is an honor to be your forever family
Valeria SiemanTampa, FloridaDecember 29, 2019
6/20/2004 - 12/23/2019Peanut, you are my everything. I am lost without you. But I’m a better person because of you. You were the brightest light through the darkest of times. You are so loved by so many. Including many all over the world through your IG page. I tried my hardest to give you everything I possibly could. You will forever be my world and I hope that I get to be with you again someday. We all love and miss you so very much. Thank you for being there for us, carrying us through tough times and for loving us so much. You’re everything I hoped for You’re everything I need You are so beautiful to me. Love, MamaShauna CBoston, MassachusettsDecember 29, 2019
8/4/2006 - 12/27/2019Yesterday I said goodbye to my sweet boy Radley.

I adopted Radley and his sister Atticus when I was 28. I was engaged at the time and my then-fiancé was working out of the country for a year. I was a Dog Person and he was a Cat Person. I wanted to get a dog for company while he was gone, but that didn’t make sense for our tiny place without a yard in Cambridge. So we decided to get a cat. Then the fiancé told me we should probably get two cats so they could keep each other company.

I found a couple of stupidly cute black kitten siblings to adopt, but was still a bit unsure. I mean, did cats even have personalities? For the first couple of days, when those two tiny mouse-sized fur balls lived under my bed (and ate under my bed and slept under my bed), I remained a bit dubious. Then, a couple of nights after I brought them home, I was awoken by the loudest, most disorienting sound. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that one of those tiny, mouse-sized creatures had hopped on top of me in the dark and was purring with the vigor of a Mack truck. How could something so small make such a big noise?! That was the day I fell in love with Radley. From that moment on, it was clear that, yup! Cats sure do have personality. A whole lot of personality. And Radley’s personality was so obvious from that moment onward: My Sweet Boy Radley Bear, all heart.

I broke off the engagement soon after Atticus and Radley arrived, so suddenly this engaged Dog Person was a 30-year-old single Cat Lady. I joked about my inadvertently cliche status a lot, but thank god the three of us found each other when we did. All those years I spent single and living “alone,” never once did I actually feel alone, because I wasn’t. It was the three of us. Me, Atticus, and Radley.

Atticus was like a wild trapeze artist, and she got herself in weird, really bad, very perilous situations all of the time. It is literally a miracle that she lived past age five. I really didn’t think she would. Each time Atticus got herself in her latest pickle, it was Radley who alerted me that there was trouble. He would come running up to me and stand there with a certain note of panic and urgency like, “Come on, Mom!” to ensure I followed as he led me to Atticus. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but it did again as recently as a couple of months ago. Never once has Radley failed to get his message across. He is a great communicator. For the first time ever, they switched roles last night, and Atticus did the same thing with Radley. She alerted me, then stood guard.

While Atticus was crazy, Radley was always solid and chill, ready to throw himself into a limp, purring slinky on my lap at any moment. He thuds when he walks, which is hilariously uncatlike. Radley is all heart. He has spent his whole life oozing love. I have said it all of these years because it’s true: I feel like Radley and Atticus single-handedly (paw-edly?) healed me after my brother Nick died. When I was despondent, they would throw themselves on me and purr with all their might, like they were trying to tether me down to the Earth. It worked.

I have spent a lot of time worrying about the people and creatures around me. With one consistently noteworthy exception: Radley. He’s always been healthy, solid. I never stopped to consider that it wouldn’t be him and me in the end.

But it turns out I was wrong. On Christmas Eve, it became apparent he wasn’t okay. And it was a rapid descent from there. But, for as painful as it has been these past couple of days, I’m so grateful I got to tell him thank you. That I am so grateful for him. That he will always be my sweet boy.
A few times over the years, I have thought with some measure of panic that the worst part of being single must be grappling with both the logistics and emotions of losing a pet solo. It turns out, that is pretty accurate. I haven’t done everything right the past couple of days. A couple of times, I have really dropped the ball. But, for as much as it has sucked, it also feels appropriate that, in the end, it was me and him and Atticus.

It hurts so bad to lose him. So much more than I imagined. Although, I guess that’s the thing: I never really imagined losing him. It was easy to take Radley for granted. But I keep reminding myself that all of this pain I’m feeling right now is love. So much love.

Radley gave me two final gifts in the end, to cap off the many he gave me throughout his life. As I saw him through to the end, he reminded me that I am strong enough to do and feel things that I am really scared of. That love can power me through. And he also gave me a reminder. A reminder that, even when we know better, it’s so easy to take the creatures and people around us for granted. To allow ourselves to believe it will be “right now” forever.

So much has changed in the fourteen years Radley, Atticus, and I have been together. And there have been a few really difficult times; times I am so happy to have in my rear view mirror. I think the worst moments of my life have occurred in their lifespan. But what I have thought over and over again in the past 36 hours, as I have gone back to the image of those tiny little kittens under my bed in Cambridge and then marching around the house behind me like clumsy little ducklings, is that I would go through all of the hard times again just to be able to relive the last fourteen years with this sweet boy. Yes, for a cat. Because love apparently is not bound by species. Only, this time, I would live those fourteen years with a little more presence and appreciation.

But, of course, I can’t have a do-over. So I will instead do my best to keep this final gift from Radley close to my heart—for real this time, and in the normal day-to-day moments when it matters the most: love might live forever, but creatures and people do not. That goes even for the the most seemingly indestructible and permanent among us. Love should never, ever be taken for granted. Nor should time.

Thank you, Radley.

Radley Bear Van Noy
August 2006 - December 27, 2019
Loved through his last breath and beyond.
Nikki Van NoySacramento, CaliforniaDecember 28, 2019