Pet Memorials
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5/5/2005 - 3/20/2020My sweet girl was all I had and all I ever wanted. There are no words...HoLee RolfKC, KansasMarch 30, 2020
12/25/2005 - 3/28/2020This little girl was with me since I was 25. She was my little side kick for the last 15+ years. She was with me while I was single living in an apartment alone, when I met my husband, moved into our first home and brought home both our children. She was always there and always so loved. She loved playing fetch with her toys, taking long walks, snuggling with her humans and just being with you. She was the best little pup in the world and is going to be missed more than ever. I'm glad she is no longer suffering and is hopefully running an playing with her buddy Maximus on the other side.Nicole GronauHartland, MichiganMarch 30, 2020
6/14/2006 - 3/25/2020Harley was a faithful companion for 14 years to me and my family. He gave me many years of laughter and love and had to leave this earth much earlier than I was ready to let him go. Harley may have been small; however, he had a large presence. No matter where he went, he was always making friends with humans because Harley thought he was a human. Harley was always a fighter and he showed much courage when it was time to let him go. He waited for me to accept the fact that he wasn't physically going to be here to comfort me. I miss his little bark and nips when I was doing something he didn't like. I miss his running around on the bed at night and wanting to play right before bedtime. I know that he is a peace now and is in pain no more.Rita GableAtlanta, GeorgiaMarch 30, 2020
1/25/2006 - 3/27/2020Toby was the most amazing loyal best friend that any one can ask for. He was so active, energetic and loved to be in water. Especially going out on the boat to Silver Glen. He was co captain on the boat, standing at the bow with his nose held high as his cheeks flopped In the wind and his slobber landing on everyone behind him. He was always such a happy boy. Always loved to be pet and ALWAYS with a tennis ball in his mouth. He’d always bring it someone whether it’d be by the pool, in the yard, big body of water and even in the house lol wherever you threw it, he’d be the first one to go get it. Toby was so loved by all of his family and fur friends. He was a very special dog in so many ways to each and every one of us. He was always such a happy playful boy. Chasing tennis balls in heaven now with out any pain, Toby will forever be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. RIP Toby boy, we will see you again! <3Brittney PenaLongwood, FloridaMarch 30, 2020
7/1/2003 - 3/27/2020On Friday, 3/27/2020, our beloved Skylar made that long journey to pet heaven to join her nephew Obi Wan Kenobi, and her doggie pals, Sancia, Cookie and Athena. We were blessed to have her with us from 6 weeks age to over 16 years and we have many, many memories of her.

She would come up to say goodbye to me every morning when I left for work and greet me every night when I got home. She will be missed by her daddy too, especially since she acted more like a dog than a cat with him, including following him around and coming when he called her!

We know she is now hanging with her buddies and no longer suffering or in pain, but that first night without her it was so strange to not see her sleeping in our room, or wake up in the morning to see her sleeping in her little bed downstairs.

We will miss you Skylar, very much, but we know how happy you are to be reunited with your buddies and that you are back to you're healthy, pain free self forever because that is how we will remember you!
Terrie BarbarossaRiverview, FloridaMarch 29, 2020
12/12/2006 - 3/27/2020We said goodbye to Kaiser - the "perfect puppy" and a member of our family for almost 14 years. Kaiser was always ready to snuggle, always wanted to be right next to you, and other than his food each day, he wanted your love. We will miss him so much but are grateful for the many memories we have of him and with him. The house feels empty now and our hearts ache, but with time we know we won't feel quite so bad as we do right now. In some ways things won't ever be the same, but we can always hold those memories close in our hearts. Thank you, Kaiser, for being so wonderful...we miss you little snuggle puppy!Steve DykemaNewport News, VirginiaMarch 29, 2020
Charlie Wing
6/25/2007 - 3/28/2020Charlie boy never had one bad day. Always wagging his tail and smiling.

Always following you, where ever you went. He never wanted to be left alone or he never wanted us to be left alone.
Mark WingOrlando, FloridaMarch 29, 2020
3/7/2007 - 2/1/2020Chestnut, aka “Beester” was such a lovable big teddy bear who gave the best spoons and cuddles! I was so lucky to have him in my life for 12 ½ years. He was a mommy’s boy who was always forcing me to rest because he demanded cuddles. His purrs always came with cuddling, and many times I would find him sleeping with his belly in the air. His purr meows were the best and always made me smile. If I was on the laptop, he would sit on my arms and purr to cuddle with me while working. Chestnut was always here for me. He was very loving and caring, always wanting mommy to feel good. When I was sad, he made me feel loved. I miss so much the way he made me feel. Every vet office he went into he was praised for his handsome looks and laidback personality (yet really it was just because he was scared/anxious!)

Since a baby Chestnut was a so good at playing fetch with his mice! He was very vocal when it was feeding time. He loved playing with his tennis balls and entertain us during dinner. I enjoyed hearing his “in the wild” night calls after I went to bed. I loved his head butts to show me affection. At night he would nose bop me to wake me up. He loved to be brushed and requested it by sitting on the cat tower. He enjoyed tearing into presents on birthdays and Christmas.

Chestnut thank you for being the best friend I needed. I was so lucky to have you in my life. You are missed more than you know. My life is not the same without you. Have fun with Almond over the rainbow bridge. Love you lots, buddy.
Amy YarlettpSpringfield, PA, PennsylvaniaMarch 29, 2020
Bella Noche
11/27/2006 - 3/27/2020Letter to My Family,

My Dear Family,

Today I am as I was meant to be: young, energetic, full of life, and able to explore everything around me. My legs work perfectly, there is no more pain, and I can run, jump, and play with all my friends. Most of all, there is no regret, no aging, and no confusion.

I ask that you not grieve for the loss of what we shared but rejoice in the fact that we lived and loved each other with unconditional adoration. One touch or kiss from you, one pat on the head, one favorite treat, was all that was needed for a lifetime of unwavering commitment from me to love you and cherish you until my time had come. I am grateful and thankful that our lives merged and we were able to share such special moments together.

I will await your arrival as we are always meant to be together. Please do not hold onto the love that you shared with me, but share it with another so that I may live on forever in your heart. Remember, to have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all.

With Unconditional Love,

Your Angel (Bella)

Written by Dr. Dani McVety
Jordan JesmerTampa, FloridaMarch 29, 2020
8/5/2007 - 3/22/2020My favorite memory of my boy is always when the sun was shining and he was running happily, sometimes towards me, in a park. Hair flying, tongue flopping, all 6 lbs of him bouncing across in joy. His life was joy, he was pure love and joy. I will miss him every day.

Kingston Nick names: Jamaica, Baby, King Kong, Little Foot, Happy Feet.

Kingston liked: Feta cheese, hiking, any person at all, his sister, his brother, his papa, his mema, FROGS, twirling, snow (for about the first week), taking pictures, chatting sociably, running under your foot when you were cooking, babies, cutting his own nails, following his sister wherever she went, asking his dad for chest rubs, his best friend long deceased Peppy, and being on watch in the window on top of the couch.

Kingston hated: Vets, cats.
Audrianna OliveiraMalden, MassachusettsMarch 29, 2020