Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
3/1/2008 - 7/27/2020We lost our beloved Gracie on Monday July 27. Our hearts are broken. Anyone that has met Gracie knows how special she was, our Gentle Giant. Twelve years doesn’t seem long enough, but it is more years than we ever expected. Gracie had so many issues since she was 2 years old with seizures and hip dysplasia. Later years she had thyroid issues and torn her ACL twice. We did everything in our power her whole life to treat her and make her comfortable so she could have the best quality of life. She was the best dog, she never stop fighting and would get up as hard as it was at the end to greet her family and visitors. She was so loved by so many. There is a huge hole in our life without her, and we miss her tremendously. We are a blessed family to have had her for as long as we did. Our Gracie Is now at peace with no more pain. We love and miss you babies, you will be in our hearts always and forever.
Love, Daddy, Mommy, Bubba and sissy💔
Donna DiMercurioEl Dorado Hills, CaliforniaJuly 29, 2020
Remington (Remi)
1/9/2006Remi was a beloved friend and companion to our husband and six children. He married two of them off and was watching over the others. Faithful, sweet, and loyal to the end. We love you sweet, sweet boy. Find your buddies at the bridge, we will see you there.Carole FlodinSt Johns, FloridaJuly 29, 2020
Princess Lopez
6/14/2015 - 7/28/2020Dear babygirl,
I love and miss you so much, I miss you waiting for me to get home, hugging you and just spend our day together.. we were inseparable. You will always be my baby .. you were loved by so many.. you won everyone who met you.. spoiled you 💕 you were my best friend, daughter, and soulmate.. you were the best thing that ever happened to me. Where ever you are my liddo fur baby, just know mommy loves you!
Janet LopezAustin, TexasJuly 29, 2020
1/1/2001 - 7/24/2020Stinkerbell got her wings in the sunshine, breeze and grass in the yard she chose to be her home after blessing us for almost all of her 19 years. Dr. Lisa Rodin made her send-off absolutely perfect.Melissa MouldNewalla, OklahomaJuly 29, 2020
11/5/2005 - 7/26/2020My beloved ruby was a sweet girl I belive in my heart she was ready the house seems so empty without her here she was the start of our family and now she is at piece and she is no longer in pain we will always miss her she was a great dog and was with me all the time she has kissed every tear I shed for 14 years I love u my baby girl rubyJessica GlendyeREADING, PennsylvaniaJuly 29, 2020
2/10/2006 - 7/27/2020My sweet pup was the most devoted and caring dog one could imagine. Chico was at mom's side when she suffered he stroke in 2009. He came home with us to our Costa Mesa apartment. Suddenly steep outdoor stairs and no yard was his world. He adjusted to walks in the complex and nearby park. In May 2012, we bought our home in Costa Mesa. In August 2013, Chico stayed at Michael's side when he passed away from cancer. In July 2014, he once again had a full-time companion upon my retirement. For the next six years, he was able to enjoy his house, his yard, and his multiple places of rest despite blindness due to PRA and increasing mobility issues as he aged. While he could no longer leap to the top of the window seat to bark at the gardeners or atop the bed to hide under the pillows, he remained a proud and fiercely protective pup who was beloved by all of my family and friends. His passing causes me endless sadness, but I can only hope that he is reunited with Michael and mom, no longer afflicted with blindness and mobility issues, again able to enjoy the treats he so richly deserved.Richard BowerCosta Mesa, CaliforniaJuly 28, 2020
3/1/2020 - 7/23/2020To our sweet Luckie girl:Valerie PetersonSelden, New YorkJuly 28, 2020
2/1/2011 - 6/20/2020Ferlie Ann "Peanut" Jones,

Some time has passed since you left us, but not a day goes by that I don't think of you.

When I lie down at night, I imagine you hopping up on the bed, slinking over to curl up in my arms or sleep on my side. When I'm working in the basement, I picture you following me around with your poofy tail, smashing into my legs demanding affection. I expect to see you in your usual sleeps spots–for me to wake up and have your loss be a bad dream.

But reality sets in. Your little body couldn't fight anymore.

There's an emptiness I feel and will likely always feel without you around. We had a bond unlike anything I've ever known. We truly loved and understood one another. Even when you were being extra naughty, I forgave you the second you'd curl up in my arms and press your nose into my neck, purring oh so loudly. I'd give anything to experience it one more time.

For now, I'll remember you fondly. Laugh about how you'd lick the walls for hours, driving your dad and I insane. Remember your quirks and sweetness. There will never be another you, and I'll carry that love with me for the rest of my days.

I love you, sweet girl. Rest easy.
Marlie RifeHighland Park, IllinoisJuly 28, 2020
7/23/2020On Thursday, July 23, 2020, our family had to say good bye to our faithful feline companion, our little Bogey. For 18 years, Bogey was a faithful companion, a feline comedian, lover of laser toys, a devoted and sometimes bothersome brother, and simply a pure joy to love and cuddle with. The family loved watching you climb our poster bed and hang from the rafters. You embraced our two children and gave them so much joy. Cancer took away our joy, but it didn't break your spirit. We imagine you are chasing laser lights all over kitty heaven right now.
Amy Sedaris was spot on when she said this about cats: "Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because in the case of the pet, you were not pretending to love it."
And oh, how I loved him.
Dawn EaglesonCharlotte, North CarolinaJuly 28, 2020
10/31/2005 - 7/18/2020My heart has been broken for over a week. Karma was full of spunk, charm and heart. She was the sweetest girl and made an impression on anyone who met her. I was blessed to be her mama for almost 15 years. From someone whining at the tv to the click of her nails on the floor, there is a void in our house and hearts. She was always there for me, and loved in her own unique, stubborn way.Traci DuncanAURORA, ColoradoJuly 28, 2020