Pet Memorials
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3/9/2005 - 2/9/2020It's ok
Close your eyes puppy
Time to take a nap
Dream of you and me, on car ride to go swimming
Daddy is right here
When the time comes
Open your eyes and wake
It's time to find daddy
I will be waiting
Mark ConcannonSewickley, PennsylvaniaFebruary 12, 2020
11/17/2007 - 2/5/202012 years: 7 addresses, 6+ jobs, 2 dogs, a couple breakups, a college graduation, a husband, a baby. I’ve been her cat mom/cat lady pretty much my entire adult life and she’s been by my side through it all. Saying goodbye was heartbreaking. I’ll miss you forever, Kitty/Elle/KP/Fatty.Rochester, New YorkFebruary 12, 2020
3/1/2003 - 2/7/2020She was a piece of me that I never knew I would miss this much. Her paw left an imprint on my heart I will never forget.Madi StillHatfield, PennsylvaniaFebruary 12, 2020
2/14/2017 - 1/23/2019The best of the best. She went way to early.Cristina ElkinsBaytown, TexasFebruary 12, 2020
Jazmine Marie Storm
3/11/2015Our dear jazmine.marie storm. our house is now so empty n alone without you here by our side...we love you so much you will never leave our thoughts ..hearts.. and memorys.. zues... is so alone without you here..he lays right in your daddy is so sad that you are not here to greet him at the door from Work... and wakes up crying g for you in The middle of the night....and Marcus told his teacher all about you to...and khloe looks and calls out your name to feed you her food in the morning..and jr is all alone with no to play with and get all rould.up....n most of all mommy misses you not stealing the bread off the Counter. Or the left over food I leave on the stove and following me all around the house when I'm cooking waiting on your scraps.... And don't worry...zues will scare billy for both of you when he comes I. The door at and still the same little brat chewing up everything when our backs but don't worry you will always be queen jazzy. .around will never be forgotten. Mommy and daddy promise you that...oh and even Adam was sad you are no longer here with us ...he loved you so Much to....Willie McclellandWeeki wachee, FloridaFebruary 12, 2020
11/8/2004 - 2/10/2020Maggie was adopted from the NSAL in Port Washington back in January 2005 she was a puppy when she came into George’s life! The memories of her as a little pot belly pup she grew quickly to become a wonderful companion to George Russell we would take her fishing but on the boat that was an experience she went swimming and was not the best swimmer even though she was a lab Russell would take her to the Guggenheim school after work she looked so forward to those walks in the woods! When Russell’s mom became elderly and was unable to care for herself Russell had to care for his mom with the help of Maggie right there by Russell’s side through thick and thin since his mom needed personal care! Maggie comforters Russell for 10 years! After his mom’s death he bought a house up in Pennsylvania the Poconos a 3 acre property with a lake and creek! Maggie spent many a days running in from of the golf cart as we tried to keep up with Maggie as she ran in the countryside! She lived and loved the country ! Maggie had a wonderful life she was cared for with the it most love and tender care! She managed to make it to 16 years old and counting!Sandra SienkiewiczPort Washington, New YorkFebruary 11, 2020
2/14/2002 - 2/10/2020Jarvis has been with me my whole adult life. He comforted me through my hardest times. I’ll always miss his chirping meow. Waking up today, I thought I heard his sweet morning serenade, but he has passed into his next adventure. I always miss that distinct voice of his. The last year of Jarvis’s life was filled with love, wonder, daily conversations with his best buddy Jon, loads of pets and more love than he ever imagined. I'm so glad that Jarvis is not in pain anymore. I know he had good days but the bad ones really took a toll. Jarvis can now knock over all the water glasses off any night stand, eat all the bacon grease, turn the faucet on full blast and get all the drinks his thirsty heart desires. Jarvis always loved being the big boy on the block when he was younger, he turned into a old gentle old man that loved spending time with the ladies and curling up on bed, begging for love. He also loved to sit on the tub and take in all the steam while you showered. He loved demanding pets while you were on the toilet. I’ll miss him beyond measure. He was so sweet, so inquisitive and just wanted to be near. I love you sweet buddy. Thanks for making me who I am and supporting me through an incredible time in my life. You are my harvest, my Jarvquic, my baby gorilla, little man, jar jar, and most of all our sweet buddy. We love you!!! I know Jon was your favorite person and it tickled my heart to always see you together. We love you again and again.Ruby JohnsonSalt Lake City, UtahFebruary 11, 2020
8/12/2004 - 2/10/2020Thank you for the wonderful memories you gave us.Brant BeemHenderson, NevadaFebruary 11, 2020
8/1/2020 - 2/8/2020Our hearts were filled with pure joy everyday in having you. We love and miss you from every corner of our being. Our strong man, our teddy bear. Our Pugs, Pugz. Our Snook Snooks, our Rapheal.Damon MohrleRingwood, New JerseyFebruary 11, 2020
2/4/2015 - 2/10/2020You were my sunshine and the only thing that kept me going. When I rescued you, I was apprehensive about my other cat Ashley getting to know you. When she had to leave this earth, you were there to carry me through tuff times. Whoever gave you up when you were 10 missed out on what a joy you were. I hope you are with my other deceased animals that had to leave. Like all of them your paw prints are imprinted on my heart and soul. I hope I was a good fur baby mom to you, because you were my last fur baby.Shirley FishwickWheaton, IllinoisFebruary 11, 2020