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4/16/2007 - 12/12/2019Goodbye, Minerva Belle. You came to me somewhat unexpectedly and you left the same way. I’ll miss your super loud purrs and chasing you around the house so you could flop over for petting and attacking my hand. The house is emptier without you.Elizabeth CaskeyGeorgetown, KentuckyDecember 14, 2019
7/8/2017 - 12/5/2019Millie was my 24/7 companion as I stay at home now. Just like everyone else on here, I am devastated. Putting her down was gut wrenching.Michele KruegerVilla Rica, GeorgiaDecember 13, 2019
Sophie Rose
1/12/2010 - 12/12/2019Sophie Rose; she was as lovely as her name. The most gentle, snuggly, goofball of pure sunlight, Sophie Rose made everyone she met feel happy. The most gentle of souls, Sophie would always greet us with her "baby" stuffies and a million kisses. Our most precious girl that filled our lives with sunshine and warmth. The sun is a little bit dimmer now, but our lives are forever changed because of her. We will miss her dearly, every single day, knowing that there is no replacing her, but grateful that just her being with us made our lives so much better. Sophie, our girl, we love you.Nancy and Rebecca HollowaySaint Petersburg, FloridaDecember 13, 2019
1/1/2002 - 12/10/2019How lucky we were to spend fifteen loving years with our magnificent Sophie. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. Sophie will be forever missed by her family.Scott and ShellyHenderson, NevadaDecember 13, 2019
6/1/2001 - 12/12/2019Cali will be truly missed. She was my baby girl for 18 years. From the moment she entered my life, I was in love with her. She was a faithful companion and friend. She was my "Skinny Minny" and my "Purr Machine". She liked to play a game called hide and seek, where she was always the hider and I was always the seeker. Whenever I left my home or had not seen her for a few hours I would get worried and would have to lay my eyes on her to make sure she was safe. Well, she loved to hide and not come out no matter how many times I called her name or shook her treats to entice her. I would search every crook and cranny and she was nowhere to be found, well then out of the blue she would just be sitting in the middle of the living room and I would have no idea where she came from. Of course, I would pick her up and give her lots of love at this point. What a silly girl!! She was always there for me with her cuddles, purrs, and licks. I love her so much.Erin TOUSLEYDenver, ColoradoDecember 13, 2019
1/1/2011 - 12/12/2019Chippie-Mommy & Daddy will forever be grateful for the unconditional love you shared with us both. You were the perfect little companion to our little girl, Addy, for the couple years that you got to spend together. We only wish we had more time with you.

We'll miss you cleaning up every spill in the kitchen and smelling your stinky paws, Chip! xoxoxo
Brandon EbyFishers, IndianaDecember 13, 2019
6/11/2019To our beloved King. You will be in our hearts till we meet again.Cheryl BrooksWarminster, PennsylvaniaDecember 13, 2019
12/9/2019Lots of tears in our household. We are thankful that we had the last couple of days to love on him and spoil him. He's at peace now and we're thankful to be his people these past 16 years. We are grateful that he was able to pass away at home, unstressed and well loved. It seems strange to go downstairs and not see him, see his tail wag, see him snoozing or sniffing for treats. He was a great dog and he will be greatly missed. We love our Beau dog.Richard GrayShawnee, KansasDecember 13, 2019
11/5/2004 - 12/4/2019Milo truly was the best. We loved and lived life together for over 15 years, and now it just doesn’t feel the same without him. He taught me so much. We miss him and I would give anything to have him back, but I know that he is at peace, pain free, running around some where beautiful with my Dad.

We love you forever and always, Milo.
Derrick & Tiana BrandtDelray Beach, FloridaDecember 12, 2019
Miss Nina
1/1/2000 - 11/15/2019R.I.P. Miss NinaChicago, IllinoisDecember 12, 2019
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