Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Agnes Marigold
1/1/2008 - 4/1/2021You were so loved and will be forever in our hearts.Phil and Carol RyanOklahoma City, OklahomaApril 2, 2021
6/1/2007 - 4/1/2021My sweet Coco, Dominic, Christopher and I love you very much. You brought us so much joy and laughter into our lives. The house is empty without you and the living room lays bare without you. However, we have over 10 years of great memories with you and know we will meet again.Renee MumfordBurke, VirginiaApril 2, 2021
5/16/2012Sherbert, you were such a sweet boy! A loving companion. Never complained, always happy.
You will forever live on in my heart although, my life will forever have an
Empty hole that cannot be filled, for there was only one you that
Fit that space so perfectly. I miss how you were there when It was
Bedtime. How you'd zoom through the house the moment you heard me land on the bed. And how your head butting hugs would wake me
Every morning. You fought a good fight. I know that was because you loved me too.
Roberta KelleyCarlisle, KentuckyApril 2, 2021
Scuba Steve
7/10/2011 - 3/16/2021Dear Scuba Steve,

My whole world shattered when you took your last breath.
You fought so hard for so many years and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t fight this cancer for you.
You were my best friend and now I somehow have to learn to live without you by my side.

Thank you.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for always protecting me.
Thank you for being my best friend through it all.

Most of all thank you for letting me be your momma.

I will miss you everyday and I love you more than you will ever know.

Until I see you again my little man.
Allison WallaceBelmont, North CarolinaApril 2, 2021
6/5/2007 - 3/28/2021My sweet baby girl Daisy Mae, you’ll always be in our hearts. Now you can be an angel in heaven with MansonMary ParksBoynton Beach, FloridaApril 2, 2021
9/28/2008 - 3/28/2021Lily, if ever there was a perfect pet and companion, it was you! Bill and I cherished you since you were 8 weeks old, and for the past 5 years you've been my best bud. Being together practically non stop for the pandemic year was a blessing in disguise. How you followed me throughout the house!
You were so smart. You once showed my neighbor who was caring for you where the treats were kept by nudging the cabinet door when I forgot to make them readily available.
Another friend was caring for you at her house and while she was outside you jumped against the storm door, bumping the lock and locking her out. During the same visit you were chewed through your leash in order to get to a sunny spot while you were on her deck.
More recently, I had cut one of our walks short, much to your dismay. Shortly thereafter you moved your bed on my bedroom floor so that your back would be to me, showing me you weren't happy with me.
Your friends at Beechnut Kennels treasured you also, and you they had many names for you - Lillian, Lilykins, Lilbean - to me you were my sweet Lily Girl.
Sharon PoetEDGEWATER, MarylandApril 2, 2021
12/3/2006 - 3/26/2021Princess was my best friend for the past 14 years, we grew up together. It was hard to come to terms that one day my sweet best friend would be out of my life for good. She was the most purest, sweetest, Pitt bull I have ever met. Everyone always tells me that Princess is the most kindest dog ever, and it’s true. She was always full of energy and never complained about anything except for the bathroom! She was such a strong dog and held on til the end for her family, through her pain and suffering she always wanted what was best for us and we can’t thank her anymore for that. I love Princess with all my heart and she will never be forgotten or replaced. I hope Princess rests easy, and continues to watch over us. I love her til the end, rest in love my dearest Princess.Mya RishworthVallejo, CaliforniaApril 2, 2021
2/22/2002 - 3/10/2021Bean,

You were a great companion and loyal friend who didn't ask for much but gave much in return. The 19 years you lived with us went by too quickly. You were "family" and when a family member is gone, there's an emptiness that clouds the heart. We keep hoping to hear your loud "meows" in the morning when you wanted to be fed..... but they're no longer there. We didn't even mind that you had to have ice cubes in your water bowl. We like ice cubes too! Most of all, we miss the mutual companionship that was evident in our home; you were our pet and we were your family. We still look for you peering out the window to welcome us back home. We miss you Bean.
John & Martha BiotyAlexandria, VirginiaApril 1, 2021
2/14/2009 - 3/31/2021Our dear sweet Zoe passed away yesterday. She was so beloved by her mom, dad, aunts, uncles, little cousin Indy and countless human and furry friends! We are so heartbroken and raw from her absence. We knew she was ready, and couldn’t let her suffer. She passed away so peacefully. Dr. Spitzer was so kind and patient with us. It was a beautiful experience.

We love you to the moon and back dear Zoe. We will see you again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love from mommy and daddy
Richelle HooverThousand Oaks, CaliforniaApril 1, 2021
10/5/2007 - 3/29/2021Bailey was loved by so many. His loss has shattered our hearts. He was part of our family and the emptiness we feel without him is overwhelming. When we opened Emanar Cellars 7+ years ago, Bailey was there from the beginning. Bailey was our host and was the companion of our patrons. Customers and friends came to celebrate Bailey's birthdays and the release of our special Bailey's Blend red wine. With the release of Bailey's Blend we also designed special Bailey's Blend T-shirts. Bailey's usual resting spot at Emanar was behind the bar in the corner. Several years ago we designed an Emanar shirt that had a picture of Bailey and we called it Bailey's Corner. Bailey's spirit will live forever with Mar and Richard and he will always live with all of us at Emanar Cellars.Richard MeyerhoeferBattle Ground, WashingtonApril 1, 2021