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8/1/2009 - 1/23/2021Leeloo was an anxious dog who had an ax to grind against just about everything. Cats, other dogs, squirrels, skateboards, laughter, motorcycles, birds, and most people. But she loved us. And, honestly, I will have never received a higher honor.Amanda HuaSeattle, WashingtonJanuary 25, 2021
11/23/2009 - 1/22/2021Roxy was our one of a kind best friend. She did everything with us, and was always happy to be where we were. She had her fair share of challenges in life, including an auto immune disorder that we thought she would not recover from. The odds were definitely against her, but she pulled through. She bounced back and was a happy girl again for many years after, enjoying all the bark boxes, walks and naps that she could.

She got diagnosed with a massive liver tumor less than a month ago, and unfortunately it was too late and had progressed too far for us to consider surgery. It would have been too much for her at her age to recover from, and it wouldn’t have been fair. I hope she knows we did everything we could do to make her comfortable, safe and loved. Our hearts are broken and I don’t know if they will ever be complete again. There will never be another dog like Roxy, and it will take us a long time to heal from her leaving us. We will see her again one day and until then I hope she is watching over us and knows how much love we have for her and how much she impacted our lives, and everyone’s lives who knew her.
Sarah DavisWoodville, OhioJanuary 25, 2021
10/5/2006 - 1/20/2021Jasper, when I realized what I had to do to make you not suffer anymore, my heart broke. I still get stick to my stomach thinking of our last moments together. You didn't know what would come next in those moments and what happened next was because of the decision I had to make. A day after you were gone I gathered the strength to look at old pictures of you. I quickly realized that in your last weeks on Earth were not a reflection of the beautiful cat you once were. Seeing how sick you truly were I made my decision a little less painful, but the pain is still there. While the past few years haven't been as filled with cuddles like our first few years together, I still loved you so much. I hope that you had a good life here with me, I hope you were happy, and felt the love we all had for you. I am sorry I had to make this decision for you and I hope you know I made it out of love. If love could have healed you you would be running, catching mice, stretching out on your favorite spot on the couch, and scratching at your scratching post. But love could not do everything I wanted it to do for you. I will miss you dearly, sweet, beautiful boy. You were always so handsome and regal. That is how I will always remember you.Anna StidhamNorthbrook, IllinoisJanuary 25, 2021
10/31/2006 - 1/13/2021Our sweet Hunter boy , we miss you more than anything in this world. Things sure aren’t the same without you by our sides , but we know in our hearts you are with us always . You had the most gentle soul and were the best boy . We were truly so lucky and blessed to have you in our lives , and we know one day we will meet again . You are always in our hearts . We love you ❤️
Love Mom , Dad , Eric , Hailey and Maddie
Chicago, IllinoisJanuary 25, 2021
11/1/2010 - 1/20/2021Tucker was absolutely the best dog we ever had. He spent the first year of life living in a cage at a puppy mill. The mill was shut down and he ended up at the local SPCA. He was a big boy and no one wanted to take him home. My wife saw him and fell in love immediately. We remember the first day when we fed him, he was wagging his tail so hard his whole body was moving and he kept looking over to us smiling. We had to teach him to play which took a while but he got it eventually. He did like to run, but being confined for a year he never had long endurance. Like most dogs, he loved his walks and looked forward to them up to his last day. They became much shorter but it didn't matter. He had the closest bond to my wife, but I was his protector and he came to me whenever he was scared or didn't feel well. He would lay in whatever room we were in at nigh and just stare at me. He was such a good big furry slobbery boy and we loved him. He tried so hard to please us and we will miss him for a very long time.Edward LuczakGilbertsville, PennsylvaniaJanuary 25, 2021
5/25/2006 - 1/21/2021Junebug was a one in a lifetime dog. Her spirit was gentle, gracious and always generous. She had a large extended family of friends and neighbors both two and four legged. Her life was very full of joy and love. She will be greatly missed.

Below is a poem that captures our journey with Junebug.


Start with finding
something to love

say, a dog

teach her how to walk
on a leash
pee and poo outside the house
swim to you in a pond
like a child
till she grabs and scratches
your chest
in deep water

teach her how to play
with friends in the park
run in sloppy circles
drool hanging in a wet whip
off her tongue

encourage her
to trust neighbors
and family friends —
sleepovers with softer beds
and boiled chicken
in pedestal bowls

guide her
as she learns how
to walk up a ramp
into the car
when her back legs

and realize
she is now teaching you
to slow down on walks
because there are ducks
behind fences
cats under cars
raccoon scat in the grass
to roll in

be there
when she can no longer
stand up
eat or drink
and fails to bark
at the mailman
or wag
when you come home

lay one hand
on her soft bony head
the other
on her chest
as it rises and falls

when the vet asks
if you are ready

and the shine in her eyes
and her chest doesn’t rise

Scott WatersOakland, CaliforniaJanuary 24, 2021
7/26/2006 - 1/22/2021Hunny, you brought us so much joy and happiness you will be forever in our hearts.. Your unconditional love and barking will be truly be missed by all.❤️Tony DallarisNorth Bellmore, New YorkJanuary 24, 2021
1/1/2012 - 1/13/2021When Amber entered my life, I didn't know the huge impact she would have on it. She was my constant companion. Even more so since covid. That extra time not having to commute was spent playing her favorite games. She was the whole package - beauty, intelligence, personality, and filled with overflowing love. She had so many ways of showing that love. Sadly, pancreatic cancer took her young life. As painful as her passing has been, I can honestly agree with the saying, "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Even though my heart is crushed, I truly believe in God's promises that we will be reunited. He creates all things out of love and nothing can separate us from that love through His son, Jesus. I pray that everyone who has lost any loved family member find peace and comfort. I miss you and love you, baby girl.Warrenton, VirginiaJanuary 24, 2021
Shystee Louise “doodle” Nickerson
9/26/2010Shystee you are my heart. You came to me when I needed you most in the world. Thank you for the decade of unconditional love and endless memories. Saving you from uncertainty undeniably saved me from the same. Love always, your papa.Sean NickersonNaples, FloridaJanuary 24, 2021
Leonard "Honkers" Meckman
11/16/2007 - 1/9/2021We miss you so much, my sweet boy. We still hear your footsteps, your honking, and we still see your shadows. Rest well, dear boy.Steve MeckmanCary, North CarolinaJanuary 24, 2021
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