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Peanut Butter
8/1/2005 - 1/24/2020It is with broken hearts that we had to say goodbye to our sweet Peanut Butter. He comforted us when times were tough and we did the same for him. He was the best boy, and for 15 years he was our loyal companion. We miss you very much. You will always be in our hearts.Bonnie WarnerOverland Park, KansasJanuary 28, 2020
6/21/2014 - 1/24/2020Dec 16,2014 was my lucky day as I selected this frightened, traumatized, hairless, neglected homeless refugee from the SPCA, Wheatfield NY Niagara County. "Jasmine," 6 months of age must have had a very rough first 6months and transitioned into a beautiful, chatty, congenial, comforting Himalayan companion/best friend. Her life was too short, but I treasured every moment of the 5 years we had together. We were a most happy ,compatible couple!!
Jasmine was seriously addicted to the telephone and was always on every call chatting away. She made herself invisible to all guests except the one who hated cats.!!!!! (She knew!!!) She was also addicted to the internet,(loved scrolling) so this is the first time in 5 years that she has not been sitting on my lap or on the keyboard helping me write a message. (I always attributed the typo errors to Jasmine!!!) So... this is JASMINE'S STORY.. a much loved ,much missed and a most loving friend.
Patricia ScreminNiagara Falls, New YorkJanuary 28, 2020
6/25/2016 - 1/27/2020I was the only human Barry loved. And a human has never loved a kitty more than I. Barry, you’re missed so much from me and your brother’s lives already. I hate that you had to leave this world and I’m sorry that I failed you as your Momma and couldn’t do more to save you. You’re pain free now and can catch all the mice in Heaven. I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge buddy.Shawn JonesTampa, FloridaJanuary 28, 2020
Lucy And Sofia
10/2/2009 - 1/26/2020My babies Lucy and Sofia went to rainbow bridge on January 26. There is a hole in my heart. I chose to have them both go at the same time. They were both elders but they had been sisters since day 1. They would not go anywhere without the other and when one was gone (either grooming or vet), the other would wait by the door until the other came home. Coming home to an empty space has been so difficult. I can still see them both wagging their tails and showing me so much love. I miss them.Christine ColonFairport, New YorkJanuary 28, 2020
1/5/2005 - 1/26/2020You were an adorable little fuzzball and you constantly proved that you were tiny but fierce. We had a good 14 year run together.Patrick MaesWoodburn, OregonJanuary 28, 2020
12/3/2020 - 1/24/2020My beautiful boy crossed the rainbow bridge as I held him so tight. I wake up everyday with everything and anything reminding me of him. I am completely and utterly devastated. I am just so sad without him and I look for him in places he used to be and I cry cause he’s not there. He was so loyal, he would stand in the rain and wait for me to come home. He was so gentle and sweet, he loved all children, young and older. Always kind and loving to strangers. He was the anti-chihuahua.Connie PardiniHayward, CaliforniaJanuary 28, 2020
3/1/2005 - 1/12/2020In memory of my sweet Porter. He was a gentle dog who rarely barked or asked for much, and gave us lots of love over the 15 years of his life.Kate BeggPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJanuary 28, 2020
8/20/2006 - 1/25/2020Our sweet crazy Daisy doodle! You protected us to no end and loved us even further. As much as it hurts, we know that you are not suffering any more. We will miss sharing our lunches with you, all the snuggles, our walks in the farm park and our getting froyo when the boys went to fire school. Thank you Daisy for being the best friend anyone could ask for and mostly all the unconditional love. Hopefully you and Casper have reunited and are running over that Rainbow Bridge together. We love you sweet girl ~ until we meet again <3The Brodoski FamilyEast Norriton, PennsylvaniaJanuary 27, 2020
5/18/2004 - 1/26/2020In memory of our sweet Shadow, who drew her last breath in my arms, Sunday, January 26th, 2020. She is at peace and no longer in pain. She has left an enormous hole in our family fabric that we will never fill again. She was so unique and quirky and beloved by all of us.Jodi RanninSt Augustine, FloridaJanuary 27, 2020
7/4/2006 - 12/31/2019My sweet angel ariel,
My heart is so heart broken without you.
I keep thinking it is a bad dream and when I wake
up you will be there. I miss your sweet face and morning
meows. Yet mostly our night time cuddles . You will
never be for gotten you will live in my heart forever.
Darlene BetancourtBrockton, MassachusettsJanuary 27, 2020
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