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5/20/2002 - 2/24/2020Sunshine, or as I use to call you, "my littly Sunny Bunny", saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I ever did. But that was only because you filled my life with so much love and joy for the past 17 years. You will always have a special spot in my heart. Right now the ache I feel is huge, the house is too quiet and too empty without you. I miss having you cuddled up to me in my bed and your soft little wimpers when you wanted to eat. There is no one sitting under the table waiting for leftovers after dinner.

This past year was a rough year when you had ruptured corneas and you endured three months of eyedrop treatments and several trips to the vets but eventhough you lost your sight you perservered and fought to recover. Over these last several months when you lost the use of your hind legs and eventually bladder control you still remained steadfast in your love and companionship. Your willingness to continue to endure made the decision to say goodbye so hard but I wanted to give back to you all the love you always gave me and set you free to join all of your doggie buddies in heaven and be able to once again see, walk, run and play with them.

It feels like I will never stop shedding tears. I love you with all of my heart and one day we will meet again in heaven where I can once again snuggle up with your furry little body. Rest in peace my "Little Sunny Bunny", you were the Sunshine of my life. The tears in my eyes will continue for a while with a heavy heart but that's only because I was so fortunate to have God share you with me and fill my heart with so much love. You were a true angel from heaven. Sending hugs and kisses!
Cheryl MooreBradenton, FloridaFebruary 28, 2020
8/12/2001 - 2/11/2020As God is my witness, I will never love a pet again, the same way that I love Bingo. He was such a funny, wonderful, and kind little boy and my family and I miss him so, so, so much. He was such a huge and important part of our lives that his loss his really hard to bear. I feel honored to have met you, my little boy, Bingo, and you will be in my heart and thoughts always. Love you little guy.Nika O'SheaCary, North CarolinaFebruary 28, 2020
8/1/2004 - 2/26/2020I hope you are back to being your mighty moth hunter self on the other side, still demanding someone's filtered water, having the 3 am zoomies, and putting your paws up on someone's leg when you want up. Letting you go was the hardest thing I've had to do, but it was the only way to stop your suffering.Jaime GerardiBuffalo, New YorkFebruary 28, 2020
1/14/2009 - 2/24/2020Penne, from the day Uncle Fred brought you and your brother to our family when you were only two months old, you have been the love and joy of our life. You are truly missed and our house feels real empty without you. We know you fought real hard to overcome your illness. We know you are in a better place and not suffering. We will always love you and miss youRUDY ESPOSITOMOORPARK, CaliforniaFebruary 28, 2020
11/5/2005 - 2/16/2020Our dearest Leo, we miss you terribly and will love and remember you always. I hope that you rest in peace and know how loved you were during your 14+ years with us.Heather CammarataPeoria, ArizonaFebruary 28, 2020
7/4/2020 - 2/27/2020Be at peace our perfect princess. We all miss you 💗Christine PaparoCenter Valley, PennsylvaniaFebruary 28, 2020
2/26/2020Dr Lynch came yesterday to end my cats misery. It is always hard to know when put I believe you need to listen to their needs instead of your. Sam is the 5th cat I have had to let go. He was the sweetest, kindest, bravest cat all the way to the moment he died. This is the poem we read when we buried him.

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there,
I love you so…
‘Twas heaven here with you!
MJ MedvedBoston, MassachusettsFebruary 27, 2020
1/1/2006 - 3/10/2019I love you Tab. You came into my life when I needed something new, I know Mom sent you to my house to help me. If I could add up the minutes I spent looking out my windows for you, searching thru the neighborhood for you, or just watching you, it would probably add up to a full year. It is hard to describe the love I feel for someone I could never even touch. Everyone in the neighborhood knew you and enjoyed you, but I always knew you were "mine". I am so grateful for the year you spent finally inside after all those years outside. I am so sorry I did not bring you in sooner, I will never forgive myself for not bringing you in when Oliver came in. You loved him so very much. Seeing you trot thru the house, cuddle on the furniture with Oliver, lay in your soft heated cup or hang out on the scratcher waiting for mealtime warmed my heart immensely. You were so small, yet took up so much space in our lives. I will never forget you, and will always love you Tab.Teri EhrichWest Reading, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2020
4/1/2004 - 2/24/2020We love you, Max!Tyler WeanARLINGTON, VirginiaFebruary 27, 2020
1/27/2010 - 2/26/2020I will always miss you more than words can say. My heart feels like it will never heal. I see you in every corner of the house, and I break down all over again. You brought so much joy to my life, and I will love and miss you forever. Seeing your tail wag every time you were around not just me but anyone that came to the door. Always happy. Watching you fight the animals on the television thinking you were protecting the house.
Watching you decline over the years with your illnesses has been the hardest part of my life. However, I wouldn't have traded you for the world, and would do it all again. You never lost your ability to wag your tail no matter how sick you were. I will try to live with the happy memories, and I will see you again one day, my sweet boy.
Marie TibaldiEaston, PennsylvaniaFebruary 27, 2020
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