Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/12/2006 - 12/3/2015Fiona, from the first day I saw you behind that glass, I knew you were the one. So tiny and yet so full of personality ... you grew into the best dog a person could ask for. Always by my side or Baba's side, you were the little protector and so full of attitude. You will truly be missed and always loved.Ronda SandicElk Grove Village, IllinoisDecember 4, 2015
6/27/2002 - 12/2/2015We miss you Scouty. The house isn't the same without you but we take comfort in knowing that you are in heaven, chasing rabbits, running with your buddies and getting into mischief. We love you.Fort Lauderdale, FloridaDecember 3, 2015
Thomas Moonshadow
11/30/2001 - 11/1/2015Mr. Thomas, you gave us unconditional love, kindness, and sensitivity for 10 wonderful years. We were so lucky to have you! Rest easy now, and run free with with all your buddies that crossed the bridge before you. We miss you terribly, but you will always be in our hearts!Vicki SmithSt Louis, MissouriDecember 3, 2015
Winston Angevine
6/14/2003 - 11/30/2015I lost my best friend two days ago, my cavalier Winston. He is so missed right now. He was a rescue dog and i fell in love with him at first sight. He brought me such joy and i loved walking with him. He lived to a good age but the murmur wouldn't let him. I will always remember him and the good times we had together. Love daddy.gerald angevinebelleville il, IllinoisDecember 3, 2015
Grey Sister
7/30/1998 - 11/29/2015Grey Sister was the kind of cat people who don't like cats, love. She was kind to every creature she ever met, people, other cats, dogs, even possums and raccoons. She did not have a mean bone in her body. Grey Sister provided friendship to those in need, and had an everlasting amount of love to give. She purred up until the very end, because that's just the kind of sweet cat she was.

Her real name was Princess Beautiful, but she was definitely more of a Grey Sister. Although being an extremely gorgeous cat, she was more of a tomboy, and loved to play and frisk with our puppy TJ. Our neighbors dog, Katie, who has never befriended a cat in her 11 years on this earth, befriended Grey Sister!

I think I have made my point to all about how sweet this lovely feline was. We all miss you Grey Sister, and are blessed for the time we had with you. Give all of our furry friends hugs and kisses that are frisking up there with you, out of their earthly pain and suffering.

Tennessee Jed aka TJ, wants me to add this, from him. Thank you so much Grey Sister for welcoming me to the family, and being my friend. I miss you so much, and will never forget how much you loved milk!!! I hope I can be as sweet and kind as you, and bring Russ and Kasie as much love and happiness as you did. Oh, I will never forget that morning Kasie was bringing us our breakfast, and she tripped and fell (clumsy humans!!), and we managed to eat each other's food!! Thanks for being my buddy, Grey Sister. Love you always!
Russ BrownCharlotte, North CarolinaDecember 2, 2015
2/9/2002 - 11/16/2015Sparky, it has been two weeks since you left us. My heart is still hurting. You were the most loyal and fun pet. The house will never be the same without your spunky spirit. Every day I look at pictures of you and try to remember the good times. Give our love to Cinnamon, Frasier and Spenser. We will see you when it's our turn to cross over. Daddy and I asked Jesus to take good care of you. Be a good boy. We love you so much.

Mommy & Daddy
Gail DixonBaton Rouge, LouisianaDecember 1, 2015
2/14/1998 - 11/22/2015Tobey will never be forgotten. His legacy will live forever. Tobey was a blessing. He fought courageously for nearly a year after suffering a debilitating stroke. He remained on palliative care and was pain free until his little body just couldn't take any more. Tobey is free now and at peace.James StanleyAugusta, GeorgiaNovember 30, 2015
4/5/2001 - 11/22/2015A week ago today, we said a sad good-bye to our faithful companion, Buddy. Through the last 14 years, we formed a bond held together with smiles, laughter, and more love than this sad man could have ever expected...or wished to have. We miss him terribly, but know that he no longer has the pain of this world.

Run free, BudMan! I hope that Heaven has a replica of your favorite trail along the Campoolong Creek! We will see you there again someday!
Alan MooreCharlotte, North CarolinaNovember 29, 2015
Daisy May
10/9/2001 - 11/23/2015Daisy is the perfect dog.Michelle ShaferBloomfield, MichiganNovember 29, 2015
1/23/2002 - 11/26/2015Sophie the day we adopted you from the pound, the lady who worked the dog runs told us that if she didn't already have a full house of animals, that she would take you home. She said you were the "best dog" there. We always teased ourselves that she probably said that to all prospective adopters about each and every dog, but we learned from living with you for the last eleven years that it really was true.
Sophie, you were my girl. You followed me everywhere. You were in the garden with me. You were under my feet while I cooked dinner. At the door waging your tail, so happy to see me when I got home. When I rocked Max to sleep at night I could see the tuffs of the black hair on your paws poking through under the door. You were always close by. It feels empty here without you. Sophie you were Tychos best friend. We would say on Saturday mornings pre-kids, "do you want to go to the dog park" and you both would spring to your feet. You loved to run through the park like a wild dog. We would just get through the gate and let you off your leash and you would take off like a flash! You were so outgoing, ready to run with which ever dogs wanted to join a pack and run like wild. We would tease each other when we would see you bolt off in the distance. "There she goes" we would laugh and then eventually you would catch up with us and join Tycho for a swim and a walk through the woods. You were so smart and sweet. You loved us so unconditionally. It feels empty here without you, espically when I look out back and expect to see you. Our hearts are broken but we still feel your love. You will be missed. Sophie you made it to one more Thanksgiving and your last bites to eat were turkey. Well played girl, well played. Love you Sophie girl!
Andrea EnglandOcoee, FloridaNovember 28, 2015