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12/28/2008 - 3/7/2021My dearest Howard,

Thank you for a beautiful 13 years. I had no idea the gift I gave myself when I bought you from a breeder on a whim for $400. You were the only remaining puppy and you came home with me at 12 weeks old. How lucky I am that the puppy the breeder nicknamed “Whine-o” turned out to be the true gem and pick of the litter. I named you “Frank” for one day and it just didn’t fit. Then the most perfect name came to me and you forever became My Howard.

We’ve been through a lot together, me and you. We’ve lived in two states, six different homes, shared countless silly moments and cuddled more than I ever thought possible. You were there when I graduated college the first time, helped me through the end of my first engagement, the death of my father, moving out of state away from my only family, the hell of nursing school, and you were there to welcome all three of my babies home. If David and I had gotten married in America you would have undoubtedly been there, too.

I’m doing a disservice to our bond and the love between us by not finding the right words to adequately describe what we shared. You are part of my soul. You cuddled and wiggled yourself into the deepest parts of my heart and left your mark. I know time will fade the grief I’m feeling so acutely right now, but I know a Howard size hole will be forever present. I’m so thankful you shared your life with me. It’s just tragic the best things in life get taken too soon. I hope the last week you felt surrounded by comfort and love. I pray to the universe your pain wasn’t too great. I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix you.

I hope you are at peace now and pain free. If souls stick around I hope you stay with me. I hope your spirit is running through meadows filled with wildflowers and warm sunshine.

I will love you forever my sweet boy. Forever and ever.

My Howard
Sarah BranamRuskin, FloridaMarch 8, 2021
5/27/2009 - 3/2/2021Guy and I love and miss our boy so much. We feel his spirit, and hopefully as good memories fill in the hole his absence leaves, we will feel comfort more than the pain of his loss. You were my gentle fluffy boy, my Buster. We love you.Leigh BarrettChicago, IllinoisMarch 8, 2021
3/18/2020 - 2/17/2021Bernie was such a sweet kitten. He was playful and fun and brought us so much joy . We only had him with us for 8 months but we were
still very blessed to have him as part of our family. He was so full of love and we miss his beautiful face everyday. Rest in peace my little Bernie boy . May you be eating all the treats and tuna you want ! May you be well again and happy and know we loved you and still do forever and always ...We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge my little sweetie, my beautiful black and white boy . I think of you every day . xoxo
Mom, Dad, Sarah, Brian, Patrick, and Tessie , your dog pal
Teresa LoughlinLindenhurst, New YorkMarch 8, 2021
1/1/2006 - 3/5/2021My baby boy passed away after 15 years of being my baby. We spent half my life together and I am struggling with what has happened. I wish he was here still. Still fluffy, asking for pets, getting excited for treats and potty time, still sleeping at the edge of my bed, waking me up with his nose in my face, greeting me when I get home from work, still laying at my feet while I'm sitting in a chair or on the couch. Still here for me to love on, to watch him, and to talk to him.Erin DPortland, OregonMarch 8, 2021
9/27/2007 - 3/6/2021Yesterday we said goodbye to one of our dearest treasures – Miss Hannah Laird. Hannah was 13 ½ years old, still beautiful, but Hannah suffered from dementia. The past year was especially challenging for her and for us, as she continued down the path of what is sometimes called “the long goodbye.”

Hannah chose David when she was only 8 weeks old, grabbing him around his arm with both front feet as he took her out of her cage at the shelter. She refused to let go, making her statement that she wanted to leave with us. So she did.
Hannah was David’s constant companion throughout his career change and his master’s program. He was her person and she was truly this man’s best friend. When we welcomed Hank into our home, she was gracious, willing to share everything, including David.

Both dogs had their annual exams a few weeks ago, and we had a lengthy conversation with our vet, who acknowledged that a decision for Hannah would have to be made by us – no trauma or disease process would help make it easier or more definitive. A dear friend of mine from work told us about Lap of Love – hospice veterinarians, who would come to our home and help us say goodbye.

After many tears, we made the decision on Wednesday evening that Saturday would be the day. Then we cried even more. Friday night she had turkey – a favorite. Saturday, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Rotisserie chicken for her last dinner right before Dr. Jo arrived. Dr. Jo described what she would be doing, and how Hannah would respond. We had prepared her favorite spot.

David held Hannah, and Hank held David – one front leg on David’s leg and the other on Dr. Jo’s arm. After a while, David and Dr. Jo put Hannah on a stretcher and carried her out. David wanted to do that – he said, “I carried you into this place and the least I can do is carry you out.”

We are especially grateful to Martha Groseth Fennell for coming over to help us with Hank. We weren’t sure how he would be. That is a lot to ask of a friend, but she came and cried with us. Dr. Joe was amazed at how Hank honored Hannah – he was quiet, stayed put until it was over.

We miss her. For those of you who have not had a special pet, you may think this would be easier. But it is not. We are grieving and we will do so for a while. She was our witness for 13 ½ years.
Susan LairdDECATUR, GeorgiaMarch 7, 2021
6/8/2011 - 3/8/2021I will remember you in your youth, an adult and in the end, my senior “puppy”. I’m so lucky to have experienced life with you by my side. Give your big brother a hug for me and maybe one day, I’ll see you all again. So long “bubba”...
“ You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you’re my love.”-W
Kaylan McComasSt. Petersburg, FloridaMarch 7, 2021
You were the most wonderful and special dog I could ever have. Dinner isn't the same without you big slobbery face looking to share, nor walking into a room you were in and having to step over your 157 lbs stretched out over the floor. Miss you so much.

Tracy DormanWethersfield, ConnecticutMarch 7, 2021
10/13/2021Dr.Amara was such an angel to us during this difficult time.. She was so kind, loving and patient with us.. She made the experience peaceful ... I couldn’t have ask for a better person to take care of my Leo.. Thankful for her..Kellie LunsfordAtlanta, GeorgiaMarch 7, 2021
10/31/2005 - 3/5/2021Friday, March 5 we let our precious Lucy move on. I love all my fur babies with ferocity, but Lucy was my one. She was my 'ride or die' for 14 years. She was my one true soulmate on this planet. It was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever done, but I'm forever grateful she will know no suffering, she will not be in pain, and she is reunited with some of her best friends of all-time.Lora HallWatauga, TexasMarch 7, 2021
2/12/2010 - 3/6/2021Junior was with us every day of his life, from the day Dan delivered him to the day he passed with his head in Dan’s lap. He was at our sides through every joy or sadness providing love and companionship. Junior never met a person he didn’t love. His joy in life and his love of people spread to a point that people wanted a dog “just like Junior.” He made dog lovers of people who never considered a dog. He always was there with his goofy grin and wagging tail. He was happiest when he could just lay next to you with his head in your lap and your hand just touching him. He loved to chance bunnies and toads. He hated to be dirty. He was the true family dog / brother. The house is empty without you Junior.Daun WilcoxGeorgetown, TexasMarch 7, 2021
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