Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/14/2003 - 11/24/2019Buckley, Mr. Buck, or Buckoo as often called by loving family, extended family, friends, and all who were fortunate to have played with you for over 16 years. We were blessed to bring you home when you were only 6 weeks old, and even more grateful to have celebrated your BIG-16 last month. You helped us to learn more about ourselves, raising Saheli and Aanya, being a guardian and big brother, and a true companion. We loved sharing our sleeping beds with you, and enjoyed the warmth you brought to each of us over the years. Your pattering feet on the wooden floors, and excitement when food was near, will always ring in our ears and your excitement to see us walk thru the door every day will always warm our hearts. We are so fortunate to have shared such a long life with you. We miss you dearly but we also know that you are now over the rainbow, and enjoying your favorite treats while living your best at the youthful age you so enjoy.Sheetal DavittBLOOMFIELD, New JerseyDecember 2, 2019
9/30/2009 - 11/30/2019Our dear Miley, you were the bestest girl. We miss you so much and can't bear that you are gone, but are comforted to know that you are now in heaven and at peace. These last few weeks were tough. You were my first smile in the morning and my last smile at night. You were the first to greet me at the door or the first to notice when I walked into a room with your tail thumps. You loved your daddy and little brother so much. You were stingy with kisses, but gave them just when they were needed. You were so soft, with ears made of silk. You loved treats, chewing super hard bones, squeaky balls and barking at the fedex delivery truck (or anyone else who dare to stop by your home unannounced). You also loved staying near me all day and napping by my feet as I worked from home. My days are not as bright since you left me. You will never be forgotten.Kristina PicaMidlothian, VirginiaDecember 2, 2019
7/10/2007 - 11/25/2019Roxy, you were such a blessing in our lives. You were so intelligent and caught on to learning tricks and obedience skills with ease. We loved your calm demeanor and willingness to cuddle. It always put a smile on our faces when you would “talk” to us. I’m glad we could go on adventures together. You were the best hiking buddy and you loved camping. You will always be in our hearts and our happy memories. We miss you and love you. I hope you are at peace in Heaven, lounging around in a sunny field eating all of your favorite treats.Vanessa BayerAurora, ColoradoDecember 2, 2019
8/18/2019 - 11/29/2019Roxanne, sadly we only got to spend a year with you. That year has easily been one of the most emotionally difficult to date. You offered so much love and joy, but watching your body decline so quickly was heartbreaking. We are so grateful for every second we had with you and can only hope that you knew how much you were loved. Thank you so much sweet girl!Annie CallaghanPhoenix, ArizonaDecember 2, 2019
Precious Maya
12/15/2006Golden Precious Maya will forever have a huge place in my soul and that of my family. She was kind, gentle, looking bing, naughty, and stubborn! She was my best friend for 13 years and loved and spoiled by all the young people I work with.Marjorie BallentineStudio City, CaliforniaDecember 1, 2019
Morley Aka Puppy
11/19/2006 - 11/30/2019To my sweet boy! I will miss you every day! You chose me and I chose you! You made us laugh way too often even when you became an old man. Your brother misses you and baby girl does too. We will meet again and play in the snow, run in the yard and feast on things we shouldn’t. To my bestest boy! We love you!Stacey OliverHowell, MichiganDecember 1, 2019
2/11/2013 - 11/29/2019Titus, you were the perfect dog for me. Your came to me when you needed a new home and I needed a companion. Your personality changed to match me after you arrived. You were my guard, my friend, my companion, my goofball. You loved the car and the back seat was YOURS! I miss you terribly. I miss using you as a pillow to watch TV. I miss you on your dog bed in my office. I miss you leaning on me for attention and side rubs. I miss your sad eyes that had such love in them. I miss your "comma" dance and wiggle. You brought me such joy when I came home -- it's so empty now. I know you are running, ready to play with your head low and your bottom wiggling in the air, wagging your nub of a tail. Yours was a life that was cut way too short. Keep playing in heaven until I hold you again. You will never be forgotten.Wendi ShortWaterloo, IllinoisDecember 1, 2019
Bear Brave
4/9/2010 - 12/1/2019Bear, Babaganoosh, Poncho, Samuel L. Whitwiki, Bernie, Little boy, Bruno, Barry, Gus, Bubba, those are only some of your ridiculous nicknames. People used to say, you shouldn’t use different names because it confuses your dog, but what they don’t know is your not just a dog, you’re one of us. I would argue you are smarter than most of us. You knew exactly what to do if we were upset or if we were angry and you even knew how to turn bad days into good days. You taught us what was important. That spending quality time with loved ones and pigging out once in awhile made for a pretty darn good life. You lived the best life, always in the moment and always loving us unconditionally. You never complained, even in these final days you were trying to console us by licking our tears and snuggling up with your big, heavy head. Not a day will go by where we will not miss you. Not a day will go by we don’t think about you and those big brown eyes and little brown eyebrows. You have imprinted our hearts with your brave spirit and although we will go on without you physically here, your spirit will guide us through life’s journey and we will never forget you. Mom always says Dog is God spelled backwards. I never really believed that a dog could be so pure as God until you came into our lives. You are and will be the best teacher we have ever had. The greatest lesson you taught us is “it’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matter. Until we meet again, we love you and will miss you more than we can express into words.

I want to personally thank you for loving my brother more than he loves himself. For lifting him in his darkest moments and for being the best friend he could ever ask for. You were with him through the good and bad. I know you kept him alive when he didn’t want to live. Watching you care for him, love him and dedicate your life to making him feel your love is something I’m grateful to have been able to see and something I’ll never forget. You left an indelible mark on my heart. I love you.
April MarslandJupiter, FloridaDecember 1, 2019
Nelly Popescu
5/1/2004 - 11/15/2019Nelly -

We loved you from the first time we met you! You and Jake were best buds. I will always remember and miss you....till I see you again over the Rainbow Bridge.

DIANN MCBEEClemmons, North CarolinaDecember 1, 2019
8/15/2004 - 11/29/2019Damien aka "Fluffy Pants" was my best friend for the past 12 years. I adopted him as a kitten when I was a 23 year old second year law student. He had a beautiful, fluffy coat and a mane that made him look like a little lion. He was a cuddle bug who would follow me around the house and sit on me and purr whenever possible. In his prime, he loved to be brushed, play with his toys and his "brother" Jinx. He would sleep right on my chest with his head near my chin almost every night. I miss that the most.
He lived with me in at least 5 different apartments over the years. Four years ago, we moved into our house and had our two daughters . To be honest, he wasn't a huge fan of the kiddos, but would begrudgingly let them pet him when he couldn't avoid it. He never swatted or hissed at them even though he probably wanted to. He was mostly calm and lazy but turned into a complete beast whenever it was time to cut his nails. We would have to wrap him in a towel and take one arm out at a time - even then it usually took multiple attempts to get the job done. One time when I took him to the vet for a check up, they asked if I wanted his nails cut and I warned them that he absolutely hated it. The vet tech looked at me and said not to worry because they do it all the time. He came back 15 minutes later and said it had taken 3 people to hold him down to do it. They never offered to cut his nails again.
My poor boy had lost a lot of weight and it became clear several months ago that he wasn't feeling well. The vet felt a mass in his abdomen and we confirmed that he had lymphoma. We gave him the best care we could until the end, when he just wasn't himself anymore and I knew his time had come. His loss have left a permanent hole in my heart. To say I miss him would be a huge understatement. He was my first baby and I loved him so dearly.
Jennifer GlanzbergOssining, New YorkDecember 1, 2019